Encore #22 - Twincast by Takara/Tomy TFsourcecode: EN22TWIN/NONE

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Next up in the popular encore reissue series: Twincast! One of the most sought after G1 vintage Japanese exclusives, Soundblaster will include two all new tape characters: Stripes and Nighstalker! The original piece used to command a huge premium on the secondary market, but you can now own the reissue/encore series version now for a fraction of the original vintage piece price!

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Encore #22 - Twincast
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Encore #22 - Twincast

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August 29, 2012
Peter H

"Peter H"

Excellent re-issue of twincast a must have for any G-1 fan
you can't beat the packaging of TFSource so be sure to buy it here!

March 26, 2012
Michael P

"Its worth it."

I did my best to resist ANOTHER reissue of Twincast, but I finally broke down because of the cassettes. The two reissue cassettes alone are worth the price of admission ... they are that cool. The actual twincast bot falls short in my opinion but does have a neat head sculpt with the new colors. There are no decals which is a step down since everything has been lasered on. I wish I wasn't such a sucker for repaints of the cassettes, but they pulled me in and did not disappoint.

March 24, 2012
Matt M.

"A Superb Toy...With One Exception"

First the good news about this toy: As usual TFsource's packaging was insanely great. The outer box of mine looked like it had been through a rugby match, but I could not find any damage to Twincast's box. The color choices and paint are truly amazing. Nightstalker and Stripes look especially striking.
The bad news about this toy, and it pains me to have to say this: my Nightstalker has an extremely loose front shoulder. This does not affect my ability to display him, but I do not dare transform him too many times. I hope mine is the exception to the rule.

March 05, 2012
Andrew T

"A perfect coupling to Encore 21!"

I'll be honest, I bought Twincast for his cassettes and boy howdy, I'm glad I did! TWO NEW AUTOBOT CASSETTES?? AWESOME! Stripes is brilliantly colored in Orange with black tiger stripes and features gold plated winged cannons. He is a striking little addition to any cassette fan's collection. Night Stalker, who according to the fiction - was originally Ravage's partner before the war, so he sports very similar, and I mean VERY similar coloring to Ravage, which is awesome because he uses Steeljaw's mold...and he's an AUTOBOT! Awesome.

As for Twincast, well, he's exactly what you'd expect from the Encore line. A perfect representation of his original, and super pricy mold from Japan. His white and blue stand out great compared to Blaster's more muted yellow and red. If you picked up Encore 21 Soundblaster, definitely pick up Twincast and complete your set!

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