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The long wait is finally over: the Transformers Club has shipped out its first subscription service figure and they started it off with fan favorite: Scourge! Right before BotCon 2013 started, collectors began receiving surprises in the mail. It didn’t take a second look to realize the box contained the Transformers Subscription Service Scourge, the first of 6 figures due to hit collector’s mailboxes throughout the year.

Tamper proof stickers that also give away the big secret.

That’s a tight fit on top, whoops!

Just some minor scratching on the smokestacks, everything else is securely packed!

RID Scourge has always been a fan favorite ever since he first appeared on toy shelves and in the Robots In Disguise cartoon originally released in 2000. When the TFCC announced Scourge as a Subscription figure at BotCon 2012, the panel room nearly lost it with excitement. Many months of delays later we finally have him and the TFCC delivered!

Phenomenal artwork on Scourge’s bio card.

Alt mode:

Using the 2010 Reveal the Shield Optimus Prime mold, and updated G2 “Classics” toy, it’s no surprise Scourge was going to be “cloned” from a Prime mold. TFCC really took the best of the original RID/Black Convoy toy and delivered with a modern spin on the toy. The teal lines are spot on to the original, red windows truly pop, and the upside G2 Autobot symbol is a amazing nod to Black Convoy’s faction symbol. As mentioned, the only “QC” issues are slightly scratched smokestacks, but it’s easily fixed with a silver sharpie (and honestly it’s hardly noticeable to begin with).

For good measure you know you’re going to have to compare the TFSS Scourge to the toy that came before him! I have the RID version of the mold so unfortunately I don’t have those awesome upside down G2 faction symbols. The Club did a fantastic job at updating this toy into a “Classics” form.

Robot Mode:

If you have any version of the 2010 Optimus Prime mold, you’ll understand the figure can be somewhat finicky when transforming it back and forth. A few pegs don’t peg in the greatest, especially in his legs, and some tabs get in the way around his shoulders. If you can put those mold issues aside you’re still going to love this “Classics” Scourge on your shelf. The teal color carries over to robot mode extremely well and the red cab windows shine brilliantly to reveal the molded in Matrix of Leadership. There’s no new head mold on this figure, but that’s to be expected since Scourge is supposed to be a clone of Optimus Prime. Scourge also comes with his trademark red sword that he can wield in a lot of great poses. No QC issues with robot mode, Scourge is solid!

And again, some quick comparisons to the figure that came before this updated Scourge.


I am very happy with this figure. Scourge will always remain a favorite and iconic character; having him as a “Classics” toy on my shelf fulfills a small hole in my collection. The mold itself can be finicky at times and it’s small size can be troublesome when trying to keep it in scale with other figures (and you can see the height comparisons to the RID version), but I think this figure is worth tracking down since he’ll be one heck of a display piece on your Classics or Robots In Disguise shelves.

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