Warbot - WB003 - Assaulter - by Fansproject by FansProject TFsourcecode: FANSWB03/64CM

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This custom figure from fansproject is a great fully transformable figure that has three modes! Figure has zinc alloy die-cast parts and stands nearly 8 inches (19.5cm) tall! Note: Pictures are of a prototype figure, actual product may vary.

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Warbot - WB003 - Assaulter - by Fansproject
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Warbot - WB003 - Assaulter - by Fansproject

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March 06, 2013

"Holy S...."

This is freaking awesome. Get it now. The weight is incredible! The weight is in the legs, so he is never falling over. Tight joints. Good construction. Fine details. All 3 modes are great. Definitely one of my favorites out of hundreds. Must have if you love Transformers.

December 10, 2012




November 21, 2012

"Love this figure, but it has its flaws"

I love this figure first off, the metal parts are in the right places and the heft of the figure feels nice. However when transforming to the carrier form I found that the pegs didn't want to fit well into the slots. I almost though I was going to break the pegs trying to secure them. The jet form is nice, but really wide, so those without space will not be able to display this form easily. The robot form I have somewhat of a hard time standing because his feet are not flat and they want to swivel around. Mine also came with his left elbow joint loose, which kind of bums me out, but not a turn off for the figure, just won't be able to pose his left arm well. Overall, I am happy with it and if you have the other warbots, definitely pick it up.

November 20, 2012
TNT (Transform and Transcend)

"Another good installment from Fansproject"

As always Fansproject has done a good job in giving us their version of a fairly weak toy. All the joints are pretty tight which a good thing for a figure this size. He is about the size of an ultra class toy from the older lines. Transformation into cruiser mode is like the others have said in which you turn on his belly and change some panels around to make it look like something else so at least one mode suffered. Going into jet mode is easier and also a bit fun but once again those tight joints make it tricky to get it done.

Compared to the 1st Warbot Defender i honestly think that Fansproject has given us another great homage to a toy that always been kinda crap and breathed new life into it. With only the Steel Core figure missing to around out my Warbot collection i'm looking forward to what Fansproject has to offer for the new year with the reissue of the Crossfire 02 and their next combiner.

I honestly hope that anyone who buys this figure will share their experience with him and give an honest opinion.

November 19, 2012
Chadwick Lamb


I bought my Warbot Assaulter looking forward to my second purchase from Fansproject (my first being the Bruticus add-on) and I was not disappointed in the least. This guy is big and sturdy with much of the thanks going towards his die-cast legs. His transformation is satisfying and very clean in my opinion. His "secret mode" is a nice addition as well, though I don't care for his secondary face the alternate legs look much nicer in my opinion. My only complaint is through a mistake of my own, make sure you turn the fins on his legs the right way. I thought they could go 360 degrees and loosened one a tad from it, I easily fixed it though. I can't recommend this guy enough if you are a fan of the wreckers or just love his design and the Fansproject ascetic. MUST HAVE

November 18, 2012

"Nice figure but feels rushed"

First of all the figure itself is very heavy. Its not heavy all around, just in feet where it doesn't effect the pose-ability much but it feels very back heavy in both cruiser and jet modes. The transformation from robot to cruiser is very simple its pretty much lying the figure down and using some clever panels to hide some part but going to jet mode is a little more pleasantly complicated. The cruiser mode isn't terrible and makes for a cool carrier at certain angles. The jet mode is a little too wide and too short but it isn't all that bad. The robot mode is what most people are going to keep it as and it excels at it. There is a fourth "secret" mode which looks the best and adds for more options.

But some of the major outlying problems is that the figure doesn't peg together well and doesn't have a solid connection when transforming it from one mode to the next. But the microscopic figures that come with the Warbot are a great way to show just how large the figure is in carrier mode. Having a micro sized Warbot Defender is just plain awesome. And its small details like a flip up visor and a revolving canopy to hide the cockpit and guns that turn into battle axes that really help save this figure from being a full on pass.

If you have the other Warbot figures then this one is a no brainer. But if you are new to Fansproject and their Warbot line, I would look into some of their other entries or wait for some fixes for the problems that mar this figure.

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