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Madblender is the next of 6 figures by TFC toys, that combine together to form the mighty Hercules! When all combined, these six figures will present one of the most impressive combiners to date! Note: This is the second edition of this figure, and will ship in the grey packaging.

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TFC Toys - Hercules - Madblender
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TFC Toys - Hercules - Madblender

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February 03, 2012
Eric Peterson

"One bot army completes Hercules!"

First off, I'm very pleased that TFC got the last 2 figures for Hercules out earlier than expected. Great timing to start off the new year.

As far as Madblender goes, here's my break down of everything.
Robot mode: Very sturdy and some very good articulation. The whole look reminds me of the original Mixmaster from the cartoon. Take apart the mixing barrel and you instantly get a one bot army! Cannons galore for this bot. Since he can fit all 8 weapon attachments on him I give kudos to the figure.

Vehicle mode: Also very accurate to the original toy and modernized. The foot joint for combined mode makes for a realistic turn like on an actual truck, but that's just an added bonus. The vehicle mode is well put together and the mixing barrel won't come apart on you.

Hercules mode: When fully combined I can truly appreciate all 6 figures at their greatest. As far as the loose knee joint, it was a very easy fix so no worries there. Both legs hold Hercules up with no problem. It seems no combiner would be too big to hold up.

My only issue with Madblender (and this is just with mine) was it came missing a front wheel. However TFsource is making true to their 5 Star customer service and is working on replacement parts as we speak.

TFC has made a wonderful set all around! Can't wait for your next project! And Tfsource as always is my first choice for Transformer shopping, you guys provide a wonderful experience as always!

January 30, 2012
Adam Lazo

"Great Figure and 6 star review of the finished Hercules!"

First off I will state I think there are some QC issues with this figure but since I dont have to wait 2 more months I'm over looking it.

quick Mad Blender review

Robot mode: He is a mix of Dr Krank and Structor which are two of my favorite bots. he has alot of good going on in robot form The head sculpt is pretty good not the best but the transform is great. Definately love the additional weapons. Would have liked the drum to hang on the back too and also the purple overhead blaster would be more mixmaster-ish if it were more forward. Overall very nice, very G1.

Vehicle mode. Truly surprised how much I love this mode. I thought it looked too blocky and boring in photos but in hand totally different feel. I was not a MB fan but he honestly has one of the better Vehicle modes. Absolutely huge is one way to put it :)

Hercules Mode: his transform is easy as expected and does the trick. You cant beat a classic. Mine was very sturdy even with the looser knee joint.


Ok what can you say about a figure that is easily one of the most ICONIC in Transformers history. AWESOME!! Finally the Not-Constructicons get a mold that makes you just feel like you got what you have been waiting for since 1984. Pictures CAN NOT do it justice. In hand the fully assembled Hercules is hefty massive and amazing solid. If you can find the cash for the whole figure you will feel like you under paid for it.

Color : Pictures almost always look blue and neon green but in hand its nearly perfect, matching the cartoon.

Homage : The look evokes G1 especially with the chest shield. The head sculpt even somehow feels like Devy even though its closer in resemblance to the original toy. The Visor adds a nice touch but be careful very thin plastic. Overall amazing!

Build : While its been said its blocky and not as detailed I disagree. My favorite thing that TFC has done is 0 loose parts that sit aside while you have it in one mode or another. The forearm and hands show how much TFC wanted to incorporate everything into the form and its easily one of my favorite parts about their design. Hell even their guns form one big gun which was a stroke of genius.

Finally my favorite combiner has finally been done justice!!!!!!! 6 Star ;)

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