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TFC Toys - Hercules - Neck Breaker by TFC Toys TFsourcecode: TFCHNBRK

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Product Details

Neck Breaker is the next of 6 figures by TFC toys, that combine together to form the mighty Hercules! When all combined, these six figures will present one of the most impressive combiners to date! Note: This is the second edition figure in the grey packaging.

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TFC Toys - Hercules - Neck Breaker
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TFC Toys - Hercules - Neck Breaker

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January 24, 2012

"Very proud!"

Neck Breaker is quite a character. Over all I give it 5 stars but here are the details.

Vehicle mode: Very complex as far as transformation goes. The actual vehicle mode is very solid except foe the front shovel part which can come apart easily. But it goes back together just as easily.

Robot Mode: As said before that transformation is more complex than I expected but it's still a nice compliment to the set as a whole. Robot mode features very well though out articulation and proportions. This bot fits in very well with the rest.

Combined mode: As the left arm of Hercules, he is very proportional to Exgraver so it's a nice compliment. The transformation took a few tries to get used to but it's easy to memorize.

In summery: Very good figure! Can't wait for Med Blender. After this set is complete my Classics/Generations collection will have a proper Devastator. Thank you TFC Toys for making them, and thank you TFsource for making my shopping experience for these guys that much easier. :)

January 23, 2012
Adam Lazo

"Confused but Awesome"

Ok first off I have been waiting for this figure as one of my top wants of all the 6. Im glad I waited abit before posting this review because it would have been a low four stars. However after some simple work on the figure some key issues are resolved.

I posted a fix for the shovel popping apart on tfc toys facebook page which helped quite a bit on the figure. Over all I really like this figure especially in contrast to exgraver. Vehicle mode does lack some completeness but I ll break it down like usual.

Robot mode.
Very cool Robot model really am in love with it and the shovel feet is the only way to go in my eyes. The head does somewhat remind you of bonecrusher but it seems just a bit too off. Transformation is more complex than I was expecting and the black shovel is pretty nice actually. Still would like a bit more G1 though.

Vehicle mode: What a pain it was to transform initially but after some alterations and finishing the smoothing of some burs on the bot the vehicle mode is much nicer to transform. The shovel does not stay together perfectly but you set it and forget it. The hand as the BackRake can be made to look very good if you transform it differantly than the photos. Mine almost doesnt even look like a hand the way it is. Do not like the head being visible from the sides wish it was more covered up.

Hercules mode: Love this mode absolutely to me the coolest so far because its similar to exgraver but very differant with nice accents like the forearm shovel. I keep the shovel expanded to look like the G1 bulldozer in this mode but once again the head is completely visible from the side. The last negative is the crane on the shoulder really doesnt allow much movement but its enough to be happy.

Visor btw is never coming off of Herc looks way better

Overall. Love this figure even though it has some big shortcoming. I forgive it for not being perfect cause this one is great.

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