KM-03 Knight Morpher Cyclops - with Bonus Mini Sub by Mastermind Creations TFsourcecode: KM03CYCL/none

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The latest creation from Mastermind Creations is KM-03 Knight Morpher Cyclops! A great custom figure from Mastermind Creations. Note: Hardhead and Exgraver are sold separately, and just shown for size comparison.

Individual Package: 43cm x 15cm x 13cm / 800g
Bot mode height: 10”
Ship mode length: 15”
Each package will come with comic book and metal chain.

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KM-03 Knight Morpher Cyclops - with Bonus Mini Sub
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KM-03 Knight Morpher Cyclops - with Bonus Mini Sub

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July 30, 2014
Dallas Loghry

"In reference to the asinine review below"

Yep, tearing someone else a new one because they don't follow your one twue way of collecting makes you hardcore.
As to the figure, it is awesome. I don't have one yet, but a friend does and it is truly something to behold in person.

January 09, 2013
Sandra Horne

"in reference to the other reviews"

i have a source that gets these and pops em open....but i am a hardcore collector and whether or not you have problems with the design or your dumb ass breaks it because you didnt refer to a video thats on you....but wtf are you doing even unsealing and opening this? the box is as detailed and beautiful as it is so you can see everything w/o touchy touchy .....maybe you think im dumb but tell me that when mine has a value of 1000usd in 5 years and yours is snapped in half....oh yea and what you do is buy another one an not messing with him moron.

July 24, 2012

"Masterful Cyclops a"

After further review. Mastermind Creations
( although probably the scariest transformation I have ever attempted / and didn't break any tabs YES! ) Masterpiece Cyclops / Schockwave is FREAKING AMAZING. No questions asked that he remains in his Robot Mode. HE IS MASSIVE!!!! He towers over MP Grimlock and overall when posed right he is MENASING TO SAY THE LEAST....BEAUTIFUL. I have a Decepticon logo on his chest and right shoulder. He is without a doubt a must in a Hardcore collectors glass case. I give him a 9 out of 10 he is fragile no doubt and his left arm ( hand arm ) frustrates me becuase its not very articulated and has a very loose feel to it when extended. MasterMind Creations pulled off an engineering feat with Cyclops I would have liked for him to have been a little more rathety but once you have him transformed properly and find a nice pose he will hold and AGAIN IS MASSIVE.....he may not be as tall as the original MP01 but he sure does feel like it do to his mass.

July 13, 2012

"Pretty, but very flawed. "

The boat mode and robot mode do look good. The colors that were used are fantastic. Considering the toy's size, I'd say that it's pretty much worth the money.

This toy does have a severe flaw, though. What is that flaw? How the heck do you design a beast like this and then give it a single plastic peg to join the torso to the legs? My KM-03 is now broken in half, with no way to fix it. What the hell do I do now.

July 11, 2012
TNT (Transform and Transcend)

"IDW Hearts of Steel Shockwave Lives!!!"

Recently picked up Cyclops from here at the source and as always excellent customer support and great packing used. Arrived on Monday and been messing around with him a bit. Cyclops is based off an old coal driven iron side warship from the late 19th century. At 15 inches long this thing is simply huge compared to even the new Masterpiece Starscream in jet mode and even bigger than the Ultimate Optimus Prime from DOTM. Transformation is a bit of a pain in the butt esp. with the side panels of his ship mode. He does come a small sub stored in the bow or front section of the ship for those who don't know ship terms. The small sub is a very nice mini version of the robot mode. Once in robot mode this guy shines even better than in his ship mode. Interesting thing he does come with a comic that tells about the bond between the small sub and the bigger robot. The instructions are fairly easy to follow except for the side panels of the ship going onto his back. Also in the comic you see the 3 seekers in late 19th century airplane modes and not the sleek jets of the more modern times. Overall i would say pick this guy up since honestly Hasbro has never bothered to give us anything along the lines of comic book versions of characters except Drift & Blurr from the Generations line. Looking forward to seeing when the seekers come out and adding them to my collection. Highly recommended to pickup KM-03 Cyclops and best part is free shipping from the source on anything over $150 and this guy is $160 so go for it.

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