Make Toys - Manga Mech Series - Trash-Talk & Cogwheel - Set of 2 Figures by Make Toys TFsourcecode: MKTYTTCW/51BR

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This set includes both Trash-Talk and Cog-Wheel figures, as well as guns and, two alternate faces, and a drink tray! Figures stand approximately 4" tall.

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May 25, 2015
Chipman Starratt


Swerve deserved a great representation, and this is poetry in plastic. If I'm being honest, I paid for Trash-Talk, and got Cogwheel for free :P

It's impressive, how much personality they managed to cram into such a small package. Trash-Talk's big grin is epic, and I almost want to believe 'body language' was a topic of discussion during the early stage of their design. Pose options are among the most life-like I've seen so far.

I counted 20 points of articulation, including a ball jointed waist, and some interesting engineering in the shoulder joints. Cogwheel is slightly less balanced, due to a difference in his vehicle modes design. His feet don't stand as flat from heel to toe, so weight distribution is hindered. It isn't bad, but you can definitely get away with wilder poses in Trash-Talk.

Transformation is really simple, but still clever. It's refreshing to have figures you can transform in just a few seconds, without feeling like it was dumbed down. There's something really fun about it.

The drink tray was an incredible addition, and the "Shoomer" even has a clear plastic bead set in the optic to give it a lens look. Make Toys really went the extra mile. I'm always nervous with any 3rd party company the first time I try them, but this is high quality stuff. Thick sturdy plastics, with really rich color. Flawless paint apps, and excellent designing. Easily MP quality, if not better.

April 07, 2014

"Can't Trash Talk These Guys"

I was VERY impressed with these figures right out of the box. Joints were very tight and paint apps were flawless. Trash-Talk's accessories are awesome as well and it will make fans of the comic even more happy. Transformation is pretty simple which is a given due to the size of the figures which is about scout size. Still, they aren't as simple as any scout put of by Hasbro. In fact, locking the wrists into place was downright difficult but once you succeed it gives you a well deserved, locking "click". I would highly recommend these figures to anyone, especially as a replacement for the Hasbro versions.

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