Transformers Generations Japan - TG23 Fall of Cybertron - Metroplex by Takara/Tomy TFsourcecode: TG23METR

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Rumored to be the largest Transformer ever, Metroplex will tower over even the great Fortress Maximus! This is the Japanese Generations version of Metroplex, he features chromed leg joints and more attention to detail with his paint apps and detailing than the Hasbro version. The Transformers Generations line continues where the classics line left off, bringing forth more modern versions of legendary bots from the G1 days. Each figure is reminiscent of the Generation bot from the same name, with a more modern styling and a great likeness to the heritage of each figure.

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Transformers Generations Japan - TG23 Fall of Cybertron - Metroplex
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Transformers Generations Japan - TG23 Fall of Cybertron - Metroplex

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December 22, 2013

"Impressive figure, but this exclusive is only for the diehard collector"

I own both the US retail version and the Japanese exclusive. This set adds what the US version severely lacks - paint apps and the little details.

The second gun is nice, but not worth the extra you pay for the set. The alt mode in my opinion is better on the US retail version as opposed to this one. I wish you could take the some aspects of one to put in the other.

Robot mode looks vastly better on this set than on the US version - The US version is just too plain and just begs for someone to paint it. A simple wash or some panel lining would do wonders!

Again, if you're not a diehard fan or big collector the US version for the price is a better buy.

However, If you were to take repro labels, the upgrades that are going to be coming out, and the time to paint some simple panel lines, the costs would probably be the same!

So of you're not into purchasing a $35 repro label set, spending $44 on an upgraded head with a chrome face, and the vast third party weapons upgrades coming soon...then I suggest this set would be the best for you. All the upgrades and colors, without the hassles of doing it yourself.

This is a wonderful figure all the same and happy to see Hasbro/Takara still know how to make a great figure! I recommend this set, evwn with the high price. Loses a star for price...Hopefully the price will drop in the future.

Also, I suggest anyone who buys either set look into the "hip fix" to help stiffen the ratchet joints.

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