Guilty - G-04 Hunger - Classics Seeker Weapon Upgrade Kit by Other TFsourcecode: G04HUNGR/47CR

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Product Details

This great add-on kit includes all of the air-to-air missiles for Henkei/Classics version of Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp. Perfectly colored to match each figure, this is a 3rd party add-on set not associated with Hasbro or Takara.

  • Arm-mounted laser rifle *2 (Starscream)
  • Air-to-air missiles group *2 (Starscream)
  • Arm-mounted laser rifle *2 (Skywarp)
  • Air-to-air missiles group *2 (Skywarp)
  • Arm-mounted laser rifle *2 (Acid Storm)
  • Air-to-air missiles group *2 (Acid Storm)
  • Arm-mounted laser rifle *2 (Thundercracker)
  • Air-to-air missiles group *2 (Thundercracker)
  • Arm-mounted laser rifle *2 (Ramjet)
  • Arm-mounted laser rifle *2 (Thrust)
  • Arm-mounted laser rifle *2 (Dirge)
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August 09, 2013
Eric Peterson

"Guilty pleasure for the seekers"

When I got word of this set, I preordered on TFsource right away. I was originally planning to get more sets of an upgrade kit I got for Starscream to repaint for the rest of my seekers.

This set changed all those plans and saved me a ton of cash.

Having missiles for the jet mode and new seeker blasters for the robot mode for all seven of my seekers on my classics shelf is a great upgrade for a fantastic price!
The paint is solid and the plastic is strong and sturdy. All pieces fit tightly into the shoulders and show no signs of falling out on their own.

This set is totally worth it! 5 Stars.

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