Transformers Generations 2013 Voyager Class - Wave 03 - Springer & Blitzwing Set of 2 by Hasbro TFsourcecode: 2013V3S2/27BM

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Transformers Generations continues with two legendary figures!

1 x Springer
1 x Blitzwing

Note: Pictures are of prototypes actual product may vary.

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July 07, 2013
Lo Cooper

"The reason why i give 2 stars"

Perhaps one of top ten favorite G1 transformers of all time along with his distinct personality adjoins his spectacular three transformation makes him one of my favorites... Thanks to Engineer who smoked some meth making a complete train wreck of qc issues on Blitzwing has taken the fun out of it for me. I had to buy a second Blitzwing because the panels on his "chest" were too small to latch on too, also the damn trunk of Blitzwing is too damn thick...Word advice you have to sand both sides down a few millimeters to get the shoulders to lock into place. Warning sand too far down you have to buy another Blitzwing...Honestly they should do a call back on Blitzwing altogether and get this figured out...I forgot bug business does not believe in honesty anymore, just be skeptical of buying anything anniversary on Hasbro from this day forth.

Forget the fansproject version of springer this springer is way better looking, taller and sturdier. Also the little bonus they added to this figure makes it most have to all collectors. I bought Blitzwing and springer together. At least springer is a knock out and Blitzwing is total buzz kill.

July 04, 2013
Shawn Smith

"Sweet and Sour triple changers..."

to start with...the sweet. Springer is so near to perfect that the only way he could be better is Masterpiece Springer. I have extremely fond memories of the original Springer toy, I have him in storage, and he just looks neat... this is SO MUCH BETTER. articulation, 10 out of 10, transformation, 8 out of 10. the copter mode is a little weak in my opinion. the copter blade into sword tho, is fan(wait for it)TASTIC! cannon is iffy for me, but I am not a fan of missile firing weapons.
now the sour-ish: Blitzwing is about 80% good engineering-an d by 80%, I mean everything from his feet to about right below his shoulders. from the shoulders on up, we have good ideas not well executed; the shoulders do not lock well into place without help, and while I haevr never changed the face changing gimmick...there are stories( I like the G1 face) surprisingly after my comment about missile firing weapons, his cannon is just fine with me. there are several shoulder fixes out there, and I used a variation of one on mine to make him "lovable" and not cause me pain and frustration with non-locking shoulders
Springer- 9 out of 10 overall
Blitzwing 6.5 out of 10

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