Fansproject - Causality CA-12 Last Chance by FansProject TFsourcecode: FPCA212LC/78BM

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Part of a five piece Causality combiner set that individually transform and merge together to form one mighty Causality Robot!

Other causality figures are each sold separately.

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Strict limit of 2 pieces per customer

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November 01, 2014
Bruticus Sigma

"Verry nice figure"

I've ordered this figure all the way from the Netherlands. It was delivered in 1 week, so that's really fast!!

The figure looks amazing and now I can't wait to order Car Crash and Down Force!

December 11, 2013

"Super Slick Speedster!"

Having all 4 of the FansProject cars I can say that they are all absolutely worth a purchase. Last Chance, however, might just be your best bet for a stand-alone piece if you are not in the market for the whole crew.

While many complained of the smallish size for the FP Brut Max add-on kit figures, it was a necessity - due to the size that Hasbro designed their intended integrated pieces. Last Chance will stand a good 1-1.5 inches above the Humvee/Shuttle figures in the aforementioned sets, giving it a much more flexible posture.

That extra length is mainly provided through the upper thighs which fold out/collapse into the lower half of the leg during transformation. This is nothing groundbreaking; we have seen it before it many TFs. The difference here is the accompanying folding panels which will cover the hollow lower leg halves in bot mode.

Really Slick colors, super articulation, gorgeous head! If you need just one of these guys, snag Last Chance! You won't be disappointed!

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