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This cartoon accurate version stands an impressive 12" / 31 CM tall and includes die-cast parts! Note: Just 1 Kronos figure is sold per set.

Please Note: This figure is known for the possibility of having a few QC issues. These issues may include loose joints, or paint application defects. TFSource is unable to replace or accept a return of this figure if your purchase is affected with these QC issues.

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DaCa-ToYs - Kronos
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August 26, 2014

"Great “Looking” figure marred by too many issues"

I should know by now that when something is over hyped, chances are greater that I’ll be let down, even if my expectations are met. In this case, my expectations were definitely not met. On the outside in robot mode, this guy looks GREAT! He’s big and the head sculpt is simply amazing! That alone would start the review off on the right foot with a full 5 stars! Unfortunately, that is the high point. The articulation is pretty good, with nice ratches in the arms and legs (which you will probably have to tighten a bit it some seem loose). The hip joint is a little loose, as is the bicep swivel, but all in all, his articulation is pretty good (not perfect, but another plus).
So at first glance this guy is a winner! I’ve had this guy long enough where I’ve gone through stages: At first I was in awe of how big and chunky he is, and how great the head sculpt is. Then 15 min into inspecting him, I noticed how the plastic reminded me of a KO figure, and not a good KO figure, like some of the recent Masterpiece cars. I noticed some sloppy paint apps and some parts that didn’t fit together flush, but I discounted all of that, and felt that I actually got a pretty good figure. Then I started to see other reviews of the figure where people were complaining about items that I had discounted as being nitpicks, and my opinion of the figure regressed. Mine has a lot of the mentioned issues! Then I read about how much of a nightmare it is to try transforming him, and after buying some lubricant and lubricating the ankles, I attempted it, and I WILL NEVER TRANSFORM HIM AGAIN!!! Scariest transformation I have ever attempted! Add to that the fact that while for the most part he looks like the animated jet mode, the back panel just sort of sits there with the sides flailing at the sides, and you can see his head even more that “Transformers Prime Megatron”.
While I will say that a majority of the issues come from poor factory QC, I do not understand some of the design choices, especially in the arms and the feet. There are tiny tabs that are suppose to keep the arms locked in while in robot mode, that do the trick, but they are so tiny and thin that I don’t know how long they will last. His ankles just seem too fragile to last through multiple transformations, and I hate how fiddly he is while trying to transform him. I actually don’t mind the fact that he’s a parts former (the backpack, back panel and side vents have to be removed), but I really think that if he was not over hyped as much as he was prior to his release, that maybe I would have liked him more. As it is, he has gone from being a 4 star “Transformer” into a 2 star “Action Figure”.

August 18, 2014
Brad Williams

"Daca-Toys Kronos"

If you are a Gen 1 Jetfire/Skyfire fan then this is the figure for you. Daca Toys did an excellent job with this figure. It has to be hands down the most cartoon accurate Skyfire figure that has been released. And he scales very well with the Masterpiece line ups. The only negative thing I can say about this figure is some of the joints are a little loose. I had to tighten up the screws in his arms so he could raise his gun & hold it there without it sagging back down. Other than that I have no complaints whatsoever.

April 12, 2014
Jason Perez


This piece looks amazing. When can we get it?

November 20, 2013

"Skyfire 11'' cartoon accurate"

G1 cartoon accuracy is my top priority for my collection, and this figure looks perfect. one thing that really worries me though are the hands, don't know if that is the final mold, but it looks fragile and flimsy

October 29, 2013
Christopher Adams

"DaCa-ToYs - Kronos "

can't wait feel it get to my house nice figure

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