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Unique Toys - Mania King - Messiah

by Unique Toys TFsource code: UTMESSIA/50BM
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Product Specs

Manufacturer Unique Toys
Packaging MISB (Mint in Sealed Box), Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case
Out of Stock
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Unique Toys - Mania King - Messiah
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Unique Toys - Mania King - Messiah

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Product Details

Stands 18.6CM / 7.3 inches tall and is compatible with Classics Prime (sold separately). Note this is a 3rd party figure not associated with Hasbro or Takara/Tomy. Other figures sold separately and just shown for scale/size.

Customer Reviews

5 stars based on 17 reviews Write a Customer Review
5 out of 5 stars
Super cool
By Grimsteam on October 12, 2015
This is a really great figure. In honesty, I haven't transformed it since I purchased it, so I can't judge if the transformation is easy, pleasurable or whatever, but that's cool. I got it because it's "not-Galvatron", wink-wink. And it's an excellent rendition of the G1 certain someone whose name I won't mention, wink-wink.
mania(maniac) king
By Chris Jouglard on July 25, 2015
GALVATRON! I never thought I would see the day they would make a galvatron that looks like he stepped off the screen! hes perfect in every way. transformation, fun and interesting. paint Is beautiful, quality is better than hastak. perfect size for classics. articulation is amazing(screw the wrist swivel) I wish I had got the vintage color scheme for the orange carrot cannon but after adding the reprolabels I cant deny this is what perfect looks like...just fenominal. I cant see anyone making a better galvatron honestly I don't think its even possible
Galvatron...the emperor
By Nathan Whitecomb on December 13, 2014
Very eager to get this guy and add him to my army. However I do hate instructions with small pics very hard to figure out what is what. Both modes are nicely done. Well played Unique toys, Well played indeed
By Murdering Wheelie on October 28, 2014
Very solid piece. Canon needs a slight repaint, but that is easy. The redeco limited blue-er version is also spot on to those episodes. The purple here is more for me and like other episodes. Solid sturdy figure. Brilliant engineering here. Price can't be beat at TFSOURCE.
behold, Galvatron!
By rupert valero on June 11, 2014
this is a fabulous figure. very articulated and a great representation of the movie version. there are a few gripes, but they are easily overlooked. the wrists not rotating and the gun barrel not being orange are the only cons. figure comes in a nice box and really makes a killer impression. I highly recommend this figure!
By Danette Studebaker on March 26, 2014
very nice Galvatron figure very pleased to have it Ordered the sharkticons and blaster figures
Got fast shipping excellent customer service.
Boxed in foam stunningly best transformer I have right on par with the scale of the voyager class.
A must have blows any other Galvatron mass produced away.
Perfect CHUG Galvatron
By LegoSpaceGuy on February 08, 2014
I wasn't wowed by Unique Toy's Predaking, so I was delightfull surprised to see how nice this figure is. I have the Universe Galvatron released by Hasbro, but this figure really fits in my collection as a true Galvatron figure. The transformation isn't simple but also doesn't take half an hour. Displayed next to my Fansproject Rodimus Prime, I feel like Rodimus needs an upgrade to be on par with the classic feel of this figure. I will definitely be paying more attention to Unique toys in the future.
Good bye
By rb2004 on February 02, 2014

1) The overall plastic and fit/finish isn't Maketoys/Fansproject quality; it is closer to iGear's level. The plastic seems to be softer/lighter, perhaps on the brittle side. The purple parts have metallic flakes mixed in, pretty nice. But some painting had bleeding issues. My gun also had slight mold issues, a small piece was missing on the orange part. Very minor tho.
2. I had a really hard time snapping the back round "disc" into the hip assembly. It took a good 5 mins and I was really scared of breaking something. I don't think this connection needs to be this tight, a simple peg would have sufficed.
3. In the alt mode, some "appendages" just kind of stick out of the cannon body and don't really peg into anything, like the feet, the side skirt, the crotch cover plate.
4. Although the box is sturdy, it is very difficult to open it. The lid is too tight so it creates a vacuum when closed.

1) This toy is true to the design in both robot and alt mode with attention to details and has good proportion throughout. Instead of copying the original toy's transformation schematics, Unique toys put some great design into the toy. Really love the concept, even if the fit/finish isn't perfect.
2. Tho not shown correctly in the instructions, the back support in cannon mode can actually be pulled out all the way, to almost straight. The pin joins are tight, so just do it carefully. When extended fully, it does allow the cannon to point up slightly, and this improves the stance tremendously.

But I think this toy is unique and executed well enough to be worth picking up.
Awesome and Unique Figure!
By acefighter11 on February 01, 2014
Completely awesome and unique figure. Well developed and designed. You can transform this figure without feeling like you might break the pieces.
Great for all ages.
Unique design of a cannon and fierce looking robot.
Easy, but exciting transformation.

I cannot really call this a con, but at one point during the transformation, you need to snap in two parts which was difficult to do. But, now it is an easier snap.
Amazing, FINALLY a great modern Fig!
By Frankie Viturello on January 30, 2014
This figure is well made, is very solid, has a transformation that's not as complicated or fragile as some other 3rd party offerings, is wonderfully sculpted to absolutely embody the look and feel of G1 Galvatron and it's a wonderful height in comparison to a lot of other 3rd party and Generations releases. If I have one singular gripe about the figure (and it's not even one that takes away from the figure's 5 star status) it's that his blaster is paint-deco and not clear plastic resin like the classic G1 toy (and test shot mold). Now, with that said, that portion of his blaster is fully removable, so it's feasible that ANOTHER 3rd party company can do an upgrade weapon set ... so, hopefully one does and puts the crowning touch on an otherwise perfect figure. Don't hesitate on buying this one, to do so would be bad comedy.
Hail to the (Mania) King!!!
By Shadowrun on January 29, 2014
All I can say after all the hype is WHOA!!! This is a SERIOUS figure... one truly living up to it's inspiration. I was impressed by the detail, the scale, ... where was this thing years ago? A truly magnificent offering. Unique toys nailed it out of the park
A part's missing.
By Albert Florendo on January 29, 2014
An excellent toy. But there is a panel in the back that is missing. The purple wing that covers the barrel on top. It only has one wing. Can anyone help me regarding this? Where can I request for spare parts or do I return this?
By Lo Cooper on January 28, 2014
About time somebody did this. And I love this guy, Unique Toy is off to a good humble start. The issue with the knee is not on mine. However I am gentle with him when I transform him. Which brings to this Messiah should've had sturdy plastic on some parts of the figure itself. Particular the legs clamps and plastic on the legs. Other than that all of his joints are tight and he can hold a lot of poses...Overall I think UT is going for quality figure. The only thing they have to do here is work on making some parts that will see the most use more sturdy and durable. For example look at the hardy plastic on MMC. If Unique toy goes that route for their next figures they'll get the brass ring.
Oh yeah
By Nemesis on January 26, 2014
this figure is just amazing i love it and can not recomened it enough i hope unique toys keeps this up.
What a welcome treat
By Peacock Angel on January 25, 2014
This is a fantastic figure, probably my new favorite. The plastic is very sturdy, the figure is really quite articulate despite the lack of wrist swivels. Size wise, comparable to a Voyager class. A wonderful figure worth every penny. And wonderful packaging!
Had this in Hand
By chonosmoon on November 10, 2013
I got to hold this figure in my hands @ nycc 2013. The design of the figure is well done and a true tribute to G1 Galvatron.
Unique Toys - Mania King - Messiah!
By Christopher Adams on October 29, 2013
ready for it to come already really nice figure
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