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Transform Dream Wave - TCW-08 - Abominus - Add-on-Kit

by Transform Dream Wave TFsource code: TCW08ABOM
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Product Specs

Manufacturer Transform Dream Wave
Packaging Condition

MISB (Mint in Sealed Box), Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case

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Product Details

TCW-08 Abominus add-on kit from Transform Dream Wave includes everything needed to upgrade your POTP Abominus Combiner! figures are sold separately.

Includes the following:
2 x Hand
2 x Feet
1 x Breastplate
1 x Waist Plate
1 x Thigh Upgrade Kit
1 x Body Modification
1 x Gun
1 x Replacement Head
First Release Bonus: Alternate Screaming Face Plate and Bonus Chest Plate Wings!
Other parts & accessories as shown, Volcanicus Sold Separately

Frequently Bought Together

Price for both : $164.98!

Customer Reviews

3 stars based on 22 reviews Write a Customer Review
3 out of 5 stars
By Troy Haughn on July 30, 2019
So I was very excited to see a company put out a kit to fix a disappointing Hasbro combiner. Love the Terrorcons as their beasts but the combined mode is meh. I have had great luck in the past with the Perfect Effects kits. Thought I d give this company a try. This has to be one of the most frustrating kits I've ever assembled. My God. The foot pads were a nightmare to get on. One I had to sand down to get it into the peg hole. The dragon heads pop off if you try moving or posing the figure. The head is too small and prefer the Hasbro head but cant use it with the set. It's just a great idea that was not well executed. The foot pads also have little stability. Perhaps buying the PE foot pads would fix this. But I'm not tossing anymore money at this set. If this set was like $20 I probably wouldn't feel so dooped. Cannot recommend this set.
Horrible poseability
By Kenneth Meye on May 09, 2019
Check list of faults:
1) Head - TOO small
2) Chestpiece- nightmare to get attached and possible breaking at attachment points.
3) Leg armor - pop off if you breathe on them
4) Hands - Smaller than scale
5) Feet - Flimsy, They fall apart without much pressure. Pegs don't fit well so they either fall off or don't go on at all without some sand paper help.
6) Poseability- You can't do much movement in the hips because the leg armor impedes movement (front/back). At which point moving the legs in any sense also causes the armor to pop off for a little outing of it's own.
7) As much as it LOOKS good.. it's a piece of rubbish should you wish to do anything more then just have it stand in a corner.

Buy it if you like fiddly stuff. Otherwise just use PE's feet/hand upgrade.
Great kit super glue needed
By Grimlockfan55 on April 02, 2019
great kit def needs super glue for the thighs tho.
Great enhancement but not without its flaws.
By Robert Cantu on March 23, 2019
DreamWave's additions do a great job at adding much needed heft to this combiner. With this kit Abominus has those intimidating proportions worthy of any gestalt team. Love the clawed hands, massive feet and the chest plate is gloriously huge! I believe these 1st edition kits also come with the alternative face, and chest pieces which are also noteworthy additions.

With all of these praiseworthy features let's not ignore the obvious concerns. While I was lucky enough to receive a set that fit my POTP figures snug, I have read reports of folks needing to sand down parts to properly fit each piece in place (As similar to my experience with the Bruticus set.). Firstly, there are no proper snap-on components. Each part simply juts into a slot from a peg or slat. If you can get 'em in there you should have no problem, however. The chest assembly is somewhat of a bear to properly set in place, so be warned. Lastly, he's not the most stable of dudes once you get his feet in. Because of the modular feature of the feet pieces, they become unhinged along the sides and the front toe piece will completely come off if given enough tension. Yup, it's pretty frustrating.

Despite these failings I would recommend this add-on kit if you're an Abominus fan as the Plain-Jane POTP is an absolute joke and this one does look impressive.
Looks may be deceiving
By Dustin Bredice on March 10, 2019
While once you get all of the pieces that don't really fit together well after it continually falling apart, it displays great. Otherwise, it's trash. The leg additions (all of them) fall off or apart if you breathe on them wrong. as well as a foot that falls off if I pick the figure up. No one should have to glue the toy together in order for it to stay together, especially if i'm going to pay $50 for something I've already spent $$ on. It better hold together well. The Predaking add on from DNA was fantastic. Came together without hassle and doesn't fall apart if you move it around.
Nice add on to fill out the figure
By MrNastybutler on February 27, 2019
I've gotten Dreamwave addons before and they continue to display nicely on my figures. Much easier set up as it just clamps on to the figure this time. I did have to apply some superglue to hold pieces in place though.
By John on February 25, 2019
i had high expectations, and it seems like they only half delivered the leg armors are just trash they don't stay on if you move it even a little heck the hip add on pops off the leg armor because there's not enough clearance , had to sand the pegs of the feet because they were to big for the peg holes, everything else fit fine...... if you just want a display piece go for it otherwise stay away unless it goes on sale
The head is too small
By happy on February 22, 2019
Overall this is a nice set and it sufficiently adds bulk to Abominus. There are some troubles though. The feet pegs are too big and need to be sanded and I am disappointed that there is so much parts forming that is needed in order for the new chest plate to go on Hun-Gurr. The main problem however is that the new head is too small and it is needed with the new chest piece. The images do not seem to use the same head that comes with this set.
Great set to have for displaying
By WhittanyBrittanyBskt on February 20, 2019
Bulks up Abominus really well. Feet don't plug in too well at first but with some sanding to the posts, they fit perfectly, Sure this set has its flaws, but I still really like it. I'm glad I bought it. I even have Cutthroat in usual combiner mode position on mine.
Looks great, frustrating to use
By Tafftrooper on February 19, 2019
Set looks great but has a few issues.
The feet separate into ‘weapons’ of sort, the intention was great but this makes the feet fragile and prone to falling apart.
My hands were fine with no issues, the leg covers are prone to popping off and not secure.
It’s a shame the set looks good but fails in its implementation.
I feel like a whole or at least partial refund is in order.
By SaTaNabusJones on February 16, 2019
This kit looks great in the pictures, but it's a nightmare in reality. The hands and feet are better than the Perfect Effect hands and feet, but only to a point; as many people have already mentioned, the pegs on the feet are too big to plug into the legs and the hands are a pain to plug into the arms because the pegs are so loose they shift or the hand starts coming apart when you try to achieve a firm enough grip on it to keep the peg from moving. The chest plate is fine, but I don't like how loose the swivels on the shoulders are; it's hard to get the arms to stay in any desired position. I do not like that the chest plate makes the upper body too heavy and off balances the figure. The head is smaller than the original and you must use it with the chest plate in place. The antennae on the head are held on by flimsy pegs and they feel like they're just waiting to break off. The thigh and hip covers are the worst part about this kit; they could have utilized them to increase the stability of the figure, given that the chest plate upgrade makes it top heavy, but they did not so it's a floppy mess unless you find a sweet spot and never touch it again. To add insult to injury, the hip covers do not secure with anything resembling snugness and slide off easily, and the thigh covers just straight up fall off if you look at them wrong. There are also clearance issues with the thigh covers if you are using alternate arrangements of the figures on the body; they barely like Cutthroat being a leg as it is. This kit should be avoided unless you can find it for $10 or $15 so you can at least get the hands and feet; which you will have to adjust to fit. I am extremely disappointed with this kit and the price I paid for the aforementioned disappointment I am experiencing.
I'd stay away from this upgrade....
By SImplyZaph on February 13, 2019
I have own many upgrade kids for my combiner toys and this one in particular is just over engineered and made with poor materials. The upper right flap while placing the the (Exclusive gift) spiky side chest flaps, and I did this as carefully as I could and it snapped off with out any effort... The leg armor is a pain in the rear and pops off even while breathing on it. The hands were very loose and I applied some floor polish to stiffen them up and are fine now.. The feet look just fine and the figure does stand with a slight wobble, the figure fully assembled looks great, but I had to use a tad of hot glue to hold the leg armor together. This whole kit felt rushed though I waited quite a while for it... And it already has stress marks on certain joints.. If left just to be posed, it looks fantastic... but if i knew this kit was this messed up, I would of waited until the next batch...
OK but can do without or wait for a lower price
By WC77 on February 12, 2019
Been waiting like the rest for this upgrade kit and,,,,not impressed but more frustrated....

Pros: Looks better than the stock combiner. Bigger
and looks imposing. Really cool gun concept.

Cons. Everything...They fall apart easily. One foot is loose, the other is tight, Thighs break apart if moved or bumped. Hands are ok but kinda small. The headpiece, both ears have stress marks and falls apart easily. Have I mentioned that it falls apart....
More upgrades than hands and feet
By DUC NGO on February 12, 2019
Not only do you get hands and feet, you get a new head (two faces if you order early), new chest/shoulder/back, new hips, thighs and a big fat gun. There are some caveats as I go through each part:

HEAD - you need to unscrew it and use a snap-on neck, since the chest plate takes so much space. Neck is a little loose so you can't articulate well. The antennae are individually pegged so they are very loose. Early orders get an extra screaming face.

CHEST/SHOULDER/BACK - chest covers the whole front and is stabilized by the new shoulders and back piece. Pegs are a little tight at first but once they're in they are locked in stone. Early orders get another set of side chest pieces.

HANDS - they used cross pegs instead so they fit fine now. Just like Volcanicus hands but pink.

FEET - pegs are still too big so you need to sand them down.

HIP/THIGHS - hated how they turned the arms to legs and the legs into the shoulders. This fixes it very well. They all slide on so it's not super stable but still posable. Also, the dragon heads only work with blot and sinnertwin as the legs.

Overall, lots of upgrades and make the legs look like the G1 legs.
By Cj Davis on February 09, 2019
As of me typing this out I had just put this set on my figure(s) and I got to say it wasn't what I expected. Firstly compared to the new chest the head seams a little on the small side, I think if you could still use the old head with this set it would look fine. Second putting the new chest part on, was a bit of a struggle for me to get things lined up but once I got the new chest set up it looks wonderful. The new leg armor didn't go on how I expected and can pop off when moving the legs. The new hands are smaller then what I thought they would be from the pictures, and my left hand does not stay together because I think one of the pegs is a bit to thick.

And a lastly what everyone talks about, the legs. The feet pegs are either to loose (with my Blot) or to tight to fit in (with my Sinnertwin). And the feet them selves don't seam to want to stay together.

Over all the new look is wonderful and a improvement over the base look, just the set it's self has issues that after being pushed back for months one would think would have been worked out. If your not going to move your Abominus around a lot(or at all) then this is not a bad set. But if you do tend to move figures around or even have a unstable area then you might want to wait to see if they make improvements.

Maybe if they didn't try to make the upgrade parts also act as weapons for the robots this set would be a full 5/5 but with for now i'm being nice and giving it a 3/5. Like I said maybe after some time they make some slight changes to improve these issues but this first wave is something to be careful with.
All style, no substance
By Aaron Dennis on February 08, 2019
From looks, Abominus looks amazing, if you can even get him to stand. This kit is riddled with bad paint, cheap plastic,unnecessary engineering, and overall bad qc. I even found hair stuck in the paint. This mess of unstable parts is unacceptable for its price and it's a shame that this was my first kit from them. Goes to show that TDW would've been better off making an entirely new Hun-Grr figure instead.
Very flawed set
By Harrison Barber on February 08, 2019
This upgrade set has quite a few issues that one should be aware of before purchase. For one is that lots of the connections on Hun-Grrr are not secured and will fall off if not handled with care another albeit minor is the very very sharp edges on this kit particularly the hands and the shins which I recommend using care while handling. The knee pieces don't play well with certain figures like Ripper Snapper as they don't provide enough vertical clearance for his leg mode. The pegs on the ankles don't not fit in Sinnertwin or Cutthroat and probably will never without modification while the connection to Ripper Snapper is somewhat loose. The ability to use the combiner pieces as weapons or armor is a nice touch but I feel it's very hit or miss and a feature I could've lived without if it meant the actual combined form functioned better. Additionally in my opinion the new puffed out chest makes Abominus's head and neck look like its set very far back except at certain angles. Lastly depending on the strength of the ratchet's on your Abominus the added weight around the legs and hips exacerbates the looseness that a lot of Abominus sets already had to an extreme.

If you plan on setting your Abominus in a fixed pose and leaving him like that this isn't a terrible set for you, but if you enjoy playing with or otherwise simply moving your figures into different poses this set can be a much bigger hassle than its worth
Worse Kit Yet
By Timothy Gore on February 08, 2019
This is the worse kit Dream Wave has put out so far. The hip-covers and thigh covers come of with just a touch. Maybe of the pegs require sanding to fit. And they painted the kit on the plastic tray, then cut the parts off. There are white spur marks all over this kit and some are cut so poorly they will cut you. Speaking of cut you, the finger tips break skin. Do not buy!
over-engineered, bad qc, poor fit
By Lodril on February 07, 2019
Some pegs are too large, some too small, so some parts are hard to get into place, while others fall out of position with a slight nudge. The chestplate is so wide that any postion but shoulders-thrown-back requires the wings to be folded forward, the dragon-heads for the knees are both loose on mine, but I'm not sure how the one over Blot is even supposed to fit, since there's not enough space between Blot's monster head and where the knee-head should go.

The chestplate basically forms a box of accessories that goes all the way around a mis-transformed Hun-grr, so you lose all the neat pegging native to that toy, so his limbs just sort of hang loose on the back, weighting the toy backwards. Some may find that a worthwhile trade, but to me it seems like an over-engineered mess that, at least with my set, hasn't been very well executed. It does make the body a little taller, which is nice, but in my view the awkwardness associated with accomplishing that just isn't worth the hassle.

The hands and feet are nice, although one of the foot pegs was too wide, and I got two right hands and no left hand.

I love the idea of the transforming hands and feet, and the multipart rifle is a good idea, but in execution it's just ok, but not great.
extremely flawed, but makes a nice display piece
By Hyoumaru on February 07, 2019
Out of the box, this upgrade set has a lot of problems. To begin, the pegs used for the feet are simply too large to fit into any of the combiner ports (and will absolutely destroy the combiner port of POTP Rippersnapper) and require a minor amount of shaving to fit as they're supposed to. A number of parts also don't actually lock onto the POTP Hun-grrr figure, such as the hip-covers and thigh covers, causing them to slip off easily. Lastly, the ankle joints used in the new feet have a tendency to buckle under the weight of Abominus, though this can be offset through finding a good balance.

Not the final answer for fixing POTP Abominus, but good if you know how to fix the flaws the set has naturally.
The Abominus we deserve
By TheTimeIsNigh on February 07, 2019
This is my first 'Dream Wave' product & I am in awe. This addon set provides you with everything to give Abominus a more muscular/beefed up villainous appearance. What I really like is that the fingers have a wide range of motion & held together with pins, giving them extra rigidity. The only problem is on Hasbro's end & of course involves Hunn-Gurrr's hip ratcheting joints not being able to take the weight. Make sure you display him carefully if your Hunn-Gurrr has weak hips like mine.
Transform To Even Betterer Abominus
By Max Primal on February 06, 2019
TCW has out done themselves with this. It takes a 21/2 star figure and turn it to a 5 star figure. Awesome, feet, shoulders, legs and feet! I would say if you have PTOP Abominus this is a must have!!!
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