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Fansproject - Lost Exo Realm - LER-01 Columpio and Drepan

by FansProject TFsource code: FPLER01C/84A
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Product Specs

Manufacturer FansProject
Packaging Condition

MISB (Mint in Sealed Box), Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case

In Stock and Ready to Ship
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Product Details

Figure Size: Approximately 190MM/7.5" tall
The new Lost Exo Realm figures from Fansproject change from Dino to robot and back and features a mini warrior as shown!

Customer Reviews

5 stars based on 16 reviews Write a Customer Review
5 out of 5 stars
Great, but...
By Neuro on December 17, 2019
The look of the figure is great, the paint apps are famtastic...the plastic feels fantastic...but...the waist swivel is way too loose, the figure doesnt stand the best, the weird feet make it hard to pose and the body tabs/hplds together poorly in dinosaur mode unless legs are perfect...makes for an annoying transformation.
Great For the Price!
By M9-UROWN-BSNESS on December 14, 2019
Really needed a set of CHUG Dinobots, seeing as Hasbro gave us a bunch of deluxe ones that combine!? Yeah, no thanks! I love the Siege line and though I love my Mech-Fans Dinos., they just don't stack up like Fansproject does. I can't have a Opimus or Megatron that towers over my Grimlock and crew...Problem solved! Now if I can only find not-Snarl somewhere to complete the set.
Nice figure
By Tyler Prime on November 29, 2019
Got him for 30 bucks so im happy. Mine had a small issue with one of the feet, one side looks like it has a slight excess of material so it doesn't go into the cutout all the way but I may try and fix that with an exacto knife. its kind of annoying trying to get him to hold his weapons as he doesn't have anything to clip them onto or anything.
Great... for the most part.
By Zeramidas on November 08, 2019
The waist is extremely loose. The feet are weird, it makes posing difficult. Also, the back of the left hip falls off easily, it seems the type of superglue they used was bad. The instructions are slightly in correct for Drepan.
At the end of the day the dino mode is far better for display, imo
By Optitron on February 19, 2018
Columpio is one of the best Dinobot i have seen; FansProject made an awesome work. Nice transformation, the extra of the little guy who turn into a weapon (small but nice articulated), color scheme fantastic, basically everything. If You buy Volar, there's a replacement part for Columpio to make him more stiff. Anyway, it's worth purchase. 5/5 Stars.
By Debargegal on May 07, 2017
I love the dinobot essence presented with this collection, not trying to just enlarge the g1 toys but being creative in design, fun fun fun TForm, wheres my snarl?
Looks good but feels like it was made very cheap.
By Ivan Ruiz on January 24, 2015
The figure looks good but OMG is this thing loose and it's not just me a lot of people have the same complaint and the quality of the plastic feels botlag cheap. Same on you fans project. For that price I expected much better on the plastic.
By Grogg on January 16, 2015
Having bought Cubrar first seeing as he was my favorite Dinobot, getting Columpio was a given to finish the team, figure looks great only complaint I have is mine came with 2 left hands.
Lost Exo Realm
By Edd on January 10, 2015
Lost Exo Realm Dinobots are Outstanding, love the detail, I have both Cubrar and Columpo, I anxiously await Volar and his partner, plus there's LER -05 is a completely new Dinobot judging by its weapon it looks like an Ankylosaurus, I can't wait :)
By Josh on December 27, 2014
Outstanding! Simply outstanding!! Nuff said :)
One of the Best!
By Astraeamaric on December 16, 2014
Just love this ever since I saw the review. I would never want a combiner dinobot since they're originally a 5 bot team. Columpio is awesome, articulation, posability is amazing, one thing that I did was tighten some balljoints because it was loose, overall the figure was beyond my expectations. I will definitely collect all FP LER figures and satisfy my dinobot crave! :D
This is what epic looks like..
By Nathan Whitecomb on December 13, 2014
I was expecting a deluxe size transformer but wow this guy was big. And Hie weapon/partner was a nice add on i especially liked the fine details like the handle on Depan as a axe is a brontosaurus head. I was absolutely thrilled when i saw him. he neck was a little odd at first in dino mode but all in all he is good. Like another person on here stated "He doesnt combine". and Im cool with that since i prefer them to be as close to the original as possible. I bought star cats five dino team to fill that urge but for true purist intentions i will keep up on this line though i am interested who the fifth member in the line is since i can recoginze the other five as the original members of the team
Anothr great FP line
By Einhazard on October 19, 2014
With all the 3rd part Dinobots going around today, I was holding off until I found the right set. THIS IS THAT SET. Sure, it doesn't combine like some of the other dinobot sets out there, but it looks fantastic, feels great, and has the added bonus of a minicon weapon.
Overall solid figure. There are a couple loose balljoints, but nothing that hinders posability.
Transformation is surprisingly vanilla for a FP figure, but that can easily be overlooked for how slick this guy looks in both his modes.
Drepan's nice, too, with lots of different ways to configure his blades in weapon mode. His only downside is that his weapon mode handle basically just sticks straight out of the back of his head in bot mode and makes posability and balance a major hassle. Even so, I usually have him in weapon mode or riding Columpio, so it doesn't really hurt it that much.

Get this guy. Fansproject is awesome, this figure is awesome, and owning him is awesome.
good, not perfect
By Draco Primal on October 16, 2014
Aesthetics are really nice, love the articulated neck but quality is just a little less than expectedfrom FP, may be just mine but hips are way loose and he can barely grip his gun, it falls out of his hand often, I'm still down forCubrar but if it's similar in problems for these prices I may have to ditch these dinos
By exia32 on September 09, 2014
An epic rendition of the character by fansproject! Extremely detailed and even has some chrome. Amazing points of articulation to boot. Recommended to any fan of the Dino bots!
By Ronny Schneider on September 03, 2014
Fansproject has done it again!! Fantastic representation of this Dino! I look forward to the rest of the fabled Dinos!!! Highly recommended!!!
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