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CA-03 - Causality - Thundershred - by Fansproject

by FansProject TFsource code: CA03THUN/J2
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Verified authentic vintage product by the TFSource vintage department.  Ships from the TFSource Vintage Department.

Product Specs

TFSource Vintage TFSource Vintage Department
Manufacturer FansProject
Packaging MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)
Out of Stock
CA-03 - Causality - Thundershred - by Fansproject
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CA-03 - Causality - Thundershred - by Fansproject

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Product Details

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THUNDERSHRED---A wounded outer space warrior, was converted and recovered. Also learned Ninja jutsu and able to control over the power of "air" in godai. Having the ability to transform into a stag beetle. Carrying 4 sickles which can compose into a manji shaken, and a set of gauntlets attach with 4 blades (* they can be stored on the back of shoulders). Multiplex combinations to switch different forms of weaponry. High quality and superior posability as always.

Figure's height: 11.5cm

Single package's size: 17 x 17 x 8.5 cm

Customer Reviews

5 stars based on 6 reviews Write a Customer Review
5 out of 5 stars
Brilliant scuplt, amazing figure
By SinisterRobot on August 22, 2011
This was my first order from TFSource and my first non-Hasbro TF purchase and, good people, was I pleased. The pics do not do it justice, this fig is highly recommended. I can't wait for the other two to come out. Do yourself a favor and jump on this before it sells out.
this IS an real Insecticon
By Ron Schmeck on August 15, 2011
G1 Homage at it's best! Wow, hell yeah I'm really impressed of FansProject. This is my first Custom 3rd Party Transformer and I love it. Much more than the original Hasbro Stuff. You can bring this Figure in so much badass cool positions. A+++
Epic beginning to a trilogy!
By Captain Clueless on August 05, 2011
This is the first of the 3 figures which are commonly known around the forums as "not insecticons" But in my opinion, these are the best versions of the insecticons yet. Articulation up the wazoo, awesome color, a general look of badassedness, and some awesome weapons. This was definitely worth the price, and I can't wait for the other ones to come out to complete the set.
The bugs are back!
By Tristan Polly on August 02, 2011
This guy just arrived today and i am floored by him. there's a ridiculous amount of articulation, weapon choices, and his transformation is simple yet amazing. Can't wait for the other two to come out :)
Fansprojects does it again
By Jason The X on August 02, 2011
Thundershred is simply one awesome figure. It truly showcases fansprojects progression from some of their earlier offerings. The ninja elements of the figure really shine as does the classic Insecticon color scheme.

Robot mode: Out of the box the figure seems rather bulky but once you start to move it around you can see quite a bit of poseablity. A lot of ball joints are used and the shoulders have a unique split down the middle that allows for a very good looking shoulder joint that doesn't look like a gap left where a ball joint would normally be. The weapons can be used in a variety of different ways which gives it some welcome variants. It's hard to figure out which I like better. Take some time to look at the intricate molding if you get it in hand.

Insect mode: Transforming Thundershred to insect mode has a simplicity that we haven't seen with fansprojects and really feels like my G1 Insecticons. The legs don't have a lot of poseability but they are very sturdy and maintain their positioning very well. Looking at it you see the influences of those old Diaclone vehicles looking like bugs. My only complaint is that you can see the hands sticking out from the back but since they are the same black plastic as the surrounding area it blends nicely.

Is this figure worth it, simply put yes. By itself this is one outstanding addition to any collection and I love how he fits in with my classics. I can not wait till the other two are available so you can complete this awesome looking team.

Also TFSource got this figure to me at light speed and for that kudos to the team over there. You certainly made this a pleasant buying experience.
What a treat!!!
By TNT (Transform and Transcend) on August 02, 2011
As always Fansproject has outdone themselves. This time bringing us probably one of the best versions of the insecticons how they should have been. Of course just like the last two Causality figures Thundershred comes pack in his robot mode. Of course there is no comic with this guy just a brief story like the last two and his instructions into his insect mode. Thundershred has a really good range of poseability thanks to the numerous hinges and ball joints through him.

1st time transforming him into insect form was quite an interesting experience since i never owned the original insecticons when they came out. Thundershred is a bit bigger than Warcry and Flameblast but not by much. He also packs on bit more mass than the other two as well thanks to broader shoulders and even the insect mode makes the other two seem kinda puny next to him. His weapons include a pair of gauntlets and also a nice little disc that store the remainder of the blades to make a pretty nasty throwing star. The weapons offer quite a nice range of options for showing off and also storage when not in use.
All together i say pick this guy up and add him to your collection along with the other two figures from Casuality. I can't wait to complete the insect set and proudly say the insecticons are back and ready to kick some fenders in or just completely munch metal!!
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