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Perfect Effect - PC-07 Perfect Combiner Upgrade Set

by Perfect Effect TFsource code: PC07DEVY
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Product Specs

Manufacturer Perfect Effect
Packaging MISB (Mint in Sealed Box), Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case
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Product Details

This great set from Perfect Effect includes everything needed to upgrade your combiner wars Devastator! Combiner wars figures are sold separately.

Includes the following:
4 x Elbow Replacement Set
6 x Guns
Made from ABS & POM - prototype picture is grey, final product will be full color.

Note: Perfect Effect says this kit will work with the Hasbro or Takara Combiner Wars Devastator. This is a 3rd party add on kit, not associated with Hasbro or Takara

Customer Reviews

5 stars based on 5 reviews Write a Customer Review
5 out of 5 stars
By Giezer on September 06, 2018
Came in on time and packaged very well.
Must Have for Hasbro Devastator!
By Nick on May 20, 2016
I ordered these to complement my Hasbro Combiner Wars Devastator. I felt like it was a compromise, because the image showed upgrades. However, it is far from a compromise. The perfectly matched bright green forearms are great! The hands rotate at the wrist, and they even have silver painted details. The guns are great too. They have the 5mm pegs, as well as 5mm holes and side pegs so you can attach the guns in vehicle mode, or use them for other Combiners. If you own the Hasbro version and don't want to pay the extra $70+ for the Takara version, this is the perfect (and very affordable) way to upgrade and feel great about your Constructicons.
Love It!
By Chipman Starratt on April 05, 2016
This is a great little kit, and I was really excited to finally order it.. despite the number of terrible reviews out there. This set has been treated so poorly, that I worry potential buyers are being misled. I want to insure PC-07 is getting fair representation, so I've adjusted my review format to directly address each of the trending complaints I've seen over and over, in other online reviews:

1) "Takara's version of Devastator kicks this kits A**!" ~ When stacked against Takara's superior version of Devastator, I completely understand why PC-07 may seem underwhelming.. but this wasn't meant for Takara's Devy. This kit was created for those of us who could only obtain the Hasbro version. And for that, I tip my hat to Perfect Effect.

2) "This kit is over priced!" ~ It really isn't.. How many of us have spent $15- $25 for just 1 or 2 guns? Here we're getting 6 for $30!.. $5 per gun... Quite comparable to any other 3rd party gun kit!... Add in 4 free elbow upgrades, and I'm a happy shopper.

3) "You can see Hook's hands now in his Alt mode!" ~ Valid complaint... but Hasbro and Takara do this kind of thing all the time, and we accept it. Perfect Effect gets a pass too.

4) "Hook's hands are backward!" ~ They actually aren't.. Hook's new forearms have an extra hinge that some are confusing for a reversed elbow. This was added to work with the transformation later.

5) "Scrapper's new arms pop out too easy!" ~ They're hardly as bad as some reviewers are making them out to be.. They do come out easy, but not so easy that it's an issue. Scrapper holds any pose just fine, and mine hold Devastator up just as sturdy as the originals.

6) "The guns don't fit in their hands!" ~ Mine do. They're snug, but I had no problems getting them in.

7) "The instructions are useless!" ~ The instructions are actually quite poor, and probably more of a formality. I didn't even use them. You don't need them. It's pretty easy to figure out what goes where.

8) "This kit looks like garbage!" ~ It doesn't!.. I'm particularly impressed with how well they matched the colors up. I can only imagine how tough it was to get that green right, and they did so flawlessly. There's even a few silver paint apps. They added the exact amount of detail to fall in line with the rest of the figures, and it all looks really great installed. I love it.

Don't buy into the negative hype, peeps. This is good stuff!... If you had the money to shell out on the Takara version of Devastator, then you won't want this set. This is geared solely toward the Hasbro Devy owner, who wants their individual Constructicons to look as great as the Gestalt himself. PC-07 suits a specific purpose, and I'm thankful for it.. It delivered on everything I wanted, giving no reason for complaint.
It's ok but..
By Stink93 on February 06, 2016
I bought this set with PC-06. The pieces all look cool and fit well but like another reviewer said, id rather if there was a set that had the guns and a couple of pieces from the other kit. I much prefer to have my figures combined as devastator which makes this upgrade kit pointless. I guess it depends on your preference.
By Studio tk4 on January 08, 2016
The guns are awesome. With the exception of Hook, (which isn't needed) the arm upgrades are great. Unfortunately, Hasbro's qc failed and got me two left hands for Mixmaster, so I wanted the upgrade. The two sets together cost about $90, which in my opinion is not worth it. If they mixed and matched the two sets into one great one and charged $20 less, it would be perfect. If you waited this long to get a Devastator, you're probably better off using the extra money to get the Takara version over the Hasbro version.
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