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Mastermind Creations - Ocular Max - PS-06 Terraegis

by Mastermind Creations TFsource code: OCUMTERR
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Product Specs

Manufacturer Mastermind Creations
Packaging MISB (Mint in Sealed Case), Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case
Preorder Item   
Estimated Arrival: Restock coming July

Product Details

Next up in MMC's Ocular Max Perfection Series is Terraegis! Terraegis is MP scaled and features: Incentive :PS-01 Sphinx's battle mask head, shoulder launcher(optional as arm cannnon) x 2, foreshield projector (mounted to shoulder or behind head), instructions, bio card, tech spec decoder Bot height: 8" (20 cm) tall in robot mode. chest is collapsible for toon accuracy, or widened for a retro look.

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Customer Reviews

4 stars based on 8 reviews Write a Customer Review
4 out of 5 stars
Not bad at all
By ClrDaLane on October 08, 2017
The transform is fiddly and there are parts that are EASY to break.

Great robot mode.
My First Third Party TF
By kingphilbert on August 11, 2017
As my first third party figure, I made the decision to choose a model based on my first ever Transformer. I did my research to compare similar builds and ultimately settling on the Ocular Max Terraegis.

I was very pleased with the quality of the build and materials at first feel. The bits of cast iron used are well balanced. However, the transformation was a little difficult to start not knowing the strength of the figure.

Unfortunately, I found out about the discoloration between the bed cap and body blacks after ordering. As well as the knowing the dull grey plastic was used on arms and legs in place of silver. For me these are overall non-issues as the figure is a fantastic entry into my masterpiece collection.
simple little design choice can pay off big time
By whataboutninjas on April 30, 2017
This figure edged out its main competitor because of the simple option to make his torso look slimmer. Would give 5 stars if weren't for QC issue with one of the hands.
Don't Beleive the Hype!
By Comanche on March 10, 2017
This is a great figure! I don't get all the hate. Its way less complicated to transform than other 3rd party Trailbreakers! Looks like he stepped on the screen right to your shelf. Fits in perfectly in your MP collection. The transformation is easy and repeatable as well as enjoyable! Great Figure! Great Price!
Pretty nice
By Mkaose on March 10, 2017
It would seem that QC was an issue with this guy. A lot of people seem to have different issues. For me, the only problem I had was that the rear tires don't tab in well, so if you roll him, then the hinges will eventually splay out and the legs will drag. This is my first MMC figure. While it didn't turn me off to them, it certainly didn't make me excited to grab a bunch more. The look is great and he is hefty. He holds together pretty well in robot mode, which is where he will remain for the most part in my display.
Extremely Disappointed!!
By Wayne P on February 13, 2017
I would like to start off by saying this is my 8th product from MMC. The quality of this product falls short of their previous offerings.

The feet wobble and do not stay in place.
The windows fall off when transformed. CONSTANTLY!
The peg for the hinge for the leg transformation is too thin. It was thinner than the lead in a pencil, and about as strong. One is already broken.
The hands are a pain to get out. The weapons are made with some of the flimsiest plastic ever. While attempt to remove the back of a weapon, it too broke off in my hand.
The plugs to attach weapons in robot more are too big to fit in the slots.

In closing this is will be my final MMC figure until they show me they can do better. The product feels like it was rushed to beat Fantoys version.
I Really needed some paint !
By Duke of Metal on January 10, 2017
Interesting transformation, looks good in robot mode,
Rather bland finish , a dull black , grey,black colour in places.
Screaming out for some glossy black paint apps to really make the figure "Pop"
Hardly any Die Cast in this one either, compared to
MMC BackDraft. 3.5 stars...
An Excellent Version for Any Masterpiece Display
By Unicron9 on January 10, 2017
I can't say I was ever an especially huge fan of Trailbreaker in Transformers G1, but he was cool enough, I did have the original figure as a kid, and he was a part of the season 1 cast.
This figure is an excellent representation of that character's look in both modes, and like other Ocular Max MMC figures, it strikes an excellent balance of original toy and cartoon accuracy, fitting in with official MP figures perfectly.
Transformation can be a bit fiddly with the panels that have to line up and come together just right, but it isn't too complex. He has lots of accessories so you can make him more G1 cartoon or toy accurate depending on your preference, but there are some tiny parts to keep up with as a result.
I can't really imagine a much better version coming out for a very long time.
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