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Transformers Masterpiece MP-05 Megatron

by Takara Tomy TFsource code: MP05MEGA/70AR
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Product Specs

Manufacturer Takara Tomy
Packaging Unmodified Masterpiece Megatron Figure, MISB (Mint In Sealed Box), Weapons and Accessories, Mini Kremzeek Figure, Display Box
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Transformers Masterpiece MP-05 Megatron
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Transformers Masterpiece MP-05 Megatron

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Product Details

Note: This is the official reissue of MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron.

Perhaps the hottest toy of 07', following up on the success of the ever popular Masterpiece line, MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron delivers on all accounts! Now your Materpiece Prime can enter the fray against his arch nemesis Megatron! Highly articulated and with a level of attention to detail only known to be present in the Masterpiece line, and includes many accessories this is a must have for every Transformers fan and collector!

Customer Reviews

4 stars based on 6 reviews Write a Customer Review
4 out of 5 stars
not a masterpiece
By Sid Sigma on May 13, 2016
bad proportions with short weak arms and long skinny legs
"Such heroic nonsense!"
By G1skooler on November 07, 2014
Been waiting for MP Megatron to return and he's back! But extremely good and bad timing comeback with my laptop down for repairs and (I) down with the sickness.

Megs looks points accurate to his animated self. He does look taller than Prime (from other reviewers) and can be sized up to MP Grimlock. While his skinny legs, fusion cannon, waist and pelvis are reminiscent to his original G1 figure. His other weapons;
energy mace (from G1 animated series)
laser sword/saber (from Transformers the Movie 1986)
laser pistol (from gunning down Prime in Transformers the Movie)
Kremzeek figure
add much to the Transformers nostalgia.

Overall, Megatron looks grand in detail minus the decorative art inscription across his chest from his original G1 figure just like on a real gun. And yes, have a micro-fiber cloth available to keep him shiny and new. If you love the G1 era as I have, he's worth adding to your collection.
Size and toy itself
By Collin Hamilton on January 10, 2014
This figure has more of that luxury feel. The only thing I have to say that I dislike about this figure is how tall it scales with masterpiece optimus prime. It's just too big. I'm a stop motion movie maker and want to have more accurate sized figures. If some one could shrink the figures size to match the prime figure that would be great. But other than that overall the metallic paint the cartoon alike shape really puts you back to the 1980 G1 series. I'm giving this figure four stars because of the size but it would get five if it just was not so big.
By RDprime on April 23, 2012
I think the best word to describe this figure is "Elegant." The shine that it displays just gives it a feel of superiority. Takara nailed this one. A lot of people will say the figure breaks easily, seems flimsy...Well it's not. There are pieces that can be removed to help in transformation, the joints are stiff in places, but just require some forethought before just forcing it into position. This figure does get a dingyness to the chrome on his feet which is common with this figure (otherwise known as cosmic rust). Simply wiping with a micro fiber cloth every once in a while will keep it looking great. Overall this figure is perfect and is the only one that is the same size as MP-01-MP-04S.
"Peace through tyranny!"
By Stefanos Roussos Molfetas on June 02, 2011
A truly "masterpiece" in TF collection.

The transformation of this figure is prety tricky but easy to handle after the first transformation(be sure to check the instructions while you transorming him)

To the point Megatron comes in the clasic Masterpiece Black Box and includes
Fusson Canon
The Pistol Blaster that killed Optimus Prime in the Movie of the 80's
The Energy Dagger
Energy Mace(from the classic scene of the early episode of Transformers G1)

The robot mode is AWESOME with great detail,but at least for me is a litles bit fragile because of the skiny steleton of the legs and the very strong joints and here we got the 1st minus.

Ading the mace on him or the Fusson Cannon is great fun and ofcores reliving some classics scenes ;)

The Fusson Cannon is takeing the most of the weight toward the figre and that is a litle bit a problem when you want to keep him steady but is not that much of problem and it can be solved easely, the Cannon for me atleast is a litle biger then in orignal cartoon but is a matter that is over with, after a few seconds by witnesing the greatnes of Megatron!

Now the Gun Mode is based on the modified Walther P38, it is oversized ofcorse(This have to do with some law when it comes to toys guns but Im not sure), in this mode is hardly to bilieve that you see a Transformer and if you get the upgrade kit for him by Justitoys then you will have an perfect replica of G1 Megatron.

It gets 8,5 to 10(Minus 1 for skiny and frigile legs and 0.5 for oversize cannon)

Its a great figure and it will be perfect with the Masterpiece of G1 Optimus Prime
A great improuvment over the original toy and a "must have".

All Hail MEGATRON!!!
By Galvatron on April 20, 2011
This guy was the first of my Masterpiece figures. When I was a kid, my friends had these figures and that was as far as I got to playing with one. At first, I was hesitant to buy this figure because of all the reviews I read of about him being hard to transform and pieces braking off but I had to snatch one of these guys up! To me, the price was a bit up there but once I got well spent. As advertised, Megatron came very well packed thanks to TFsource.
Just like a 1st addition comic book, care has to be taken when handling this guy when transforming this guy. I recommend watching as many of the You Tube videos on him as you can before you transform him so you don't unmistakingly break him. Takara Tomy did a great job with this figures but transforming this guy the first time around requires patiences....a lot of it! I watched the Transformers the movie (cartoon version) hundreds of times and it was great to see that Megatron came with gun he used to take Optimus Prime down (thanks Hot Rod) and the long Mace he used to battle Prime with on so many occasions. So I definitely recommend this figure to any transformer collector that would like to relive their childhood with Masterpiece Megatron.
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