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Transformers Masterpiece MP-27 Ironhide

by Takara Tomy TFsource code: MP27IRON
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Product Specs

Manufacturer Takara Tomy
Packaging Condition MISB (Mint in Sealed Box), Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Box
In Stock and Ready to Ship

Product Details

MP-27 Ironhide is now revealed! Features the famous cherry vanette first revealed in the diaclone line, now reborn in masterpiece glory!

Includes a concealed arsenal as well as jetpack as shown, stands 8.3"/21 CM tall in robot mode, much larger than a standard MP car yet he can fit in Optimus (MP-10's) Trailer! While in van mode Ironhide is approximately 7"/18CM long.

Note: Other figures sold separately.

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Customer Reviews

5 stars based on 13 reviews Write a Customer Review
5 out of 5 stars
Great Figure: Mine had a few issues
By AdWalla on October 02, 2019
This figure is great. If you want an MP Ironhide this is the one you want. His transformation is solid and complex while not being fiddly. Everything comes together to form an excellent vehicle mode. The robot mode is also great. To address the complaints about proportion, If you look at the G1 cartoon, his proportions are accurate, and he also scales nicely with MP-10 and the other larger MPs. On my copy, the elbow joints are rather loose, and are pinned. I could probably sneak some sort of thickener in there, but it is something to be aware of. I do not regret this purchase. If you want an MP ironhide, or are just looking to expand your MP collection, this is definitely one of your best options
Worth it!
By TheLastWrecker on July 09, 2018
There are some figures that have always seemed to just not have the look and feel that we as fans have always wanted, but it didn't take long for me to fall in love with this figure. It's clean just like the G1 look, and I don't mind the hip flaps at all. The rest of the figure screams IRONHIDE. The alt mode is spot on and the transformation isn't a headache. I love it and glad I took the plunge and brought him home.
Leakin' Lubricant!
By Autobot City on May 17, 2017
This Ironhide is probably the closest thing to a perfect Transformer I've received to this date. After having him for a couple of months, he's very sturdy with very good poses and he transforms well.
Worth picking up.
By Bill on April 09, 2016
Nice transformation. Fairly easy, nothing feels like it's going to break.
Little homage to the awful G-1 figure if you look in the windshield in van mode.
Posability is decent, not as good as some, but above average.
Cartoon accurate
Sturdy. No loose joints. Easy to switch hands and faces.
The only con, and it's not much of a con, is the weapons platform could be a little better. If they wanted to include it, why not make it usable as a platform like the G-1 figure had. As it is, it keeps your extra bits organized.
By Patrick Burns on March 03, 2016
I've been a transformer fan since 1984 and if your like me you HATED G1 iron hide. Well, they finally got him right this time. This figure is tall, evenly balanced, fun to transform, and comes with a lot of cool accessories! The plastic is great quality and the joints are ratchet. No dicast so it makes for a light figure but that is not a big deal at all. my only concern is when transforming him you have to force a panel on the leg past a tab and though its not a huge issue it does bring a concern over time because you will hit it every time you transform it. That is why I gave it 4 stars. He is fun and you will have a great time adding on the attachments and just gazing at him once you get him in robot mode...I mean your childhood dreams of having a iron hide with a head and real legs have FINALLY come true(ha ha ha)! ENJOY!!!
One of the best Masterpieces ever.
By D-Unit on March 03, 2016
I absolutely love this toy. As someone who was 6 years old when the original toys/cartoon came out, I always loved the character, but was so disappointed by his toy. I've waited 32 years for this figure, and can't wait for Ratchet. Don't listen to a lot of the complaining on here about the stupid hip panels, they don't look that bad, and you can pop them off if they bother you that much. Grab this guy before he's gone.
Don't Judge a Book by its Cover
By Sky-Byte1885 on February 28, 2016
Honestly, like a lot of other people, I wasn't too crazy about MP-27 when I first saw him. The hip flaps and bad case of tire-butt just didn't sit right with me. But now that I have him in hand, I am completely impressed. Not only do the flaps and tires not look that bad in person, but I'm impressed with how a van about the same size as MP-23 Exhaust makes a robot a complete head taller than said Decepticon. Some of the panels on his legs do require a little fidgeting to fold into place, but they stay in place once they are folded. No stress marks yet either. He looks magnificent in robot mode, the paint on that vanette is beautiful, and the plastic sled as a nod to his G1 toy is one of my favorite accessories ever. Get this guy while you can. He's definitely worth the money, his accessories are fun, and he's definitely the most show-accurate toy we're aver going to get of him. MP-27 Ironhide is fast becoming one of my favorite toys ever, and you will like him that much too.
Awesome Bot
By Jason The X on February 24, 2016
I love the Masterpiece line from Takara Tomy with their G1 interpretations of the Transformers I, and many others, grew up watching. One Transformer who has been horribly represented was the G1 Ironhide, but Takara Tomy has fixed that. Not only is he perfectly represented, Takara has loaded this guy with all kinds of accessories.
Way better than expected
By Hippernicus on February 21, 2016
I was on the fence about this guy for a long time, and originally only got him because I'm kinda compulsive about the MP figs. After having him in hand though, I've got to say wow! This is possibly the nicest MP figure they've done since MP10. The transformation is fun, the paint and construction quality is top notch, and the accessories go above and beyond what they could have done. He also looks way better in hand than any of the pictures I saw. I don't even mind the hip kibble so much. Definately a worthy addition to your MP collection!
My first Transformer...updated
By Shempdog on February 12, 2016
Ironhide was the first transformer I ever owned as a kid. So this one holds a special place in my collection. No matter how much I loved the 1984 toy I was always disappointed that he looked NOTHING like his character model. So when I this figure arrived on my doorstep this week I was very very excited.

Ironhide contains no die-cast, but for a figure this size, and with the heft he has this is more than forgivable.

His alt mode is perfect. Keeping up the officially licensed standard that has been developed with the other car bots, the Nissan Cherry Vannette looks beautiful. I nice glossy paint is applied all around and the seams are barely noticeable. He rolls quite nicely. I especially love the visible G1 toy face in the window. Just to remind me how much better this figure is than the original.

Transformation is smooth and clever. Everything has a place, and leg transformation is especially pleasing. There are a couple of spots where you have to flex plastic panels around some hinges which scare me a bit, but so far I have not seen any issues.

His robot mode is nothing short of spectacular to me. Like many others I was skeptical of the hip panels and the butt tires. But I have found that in hand they quickly fade from my priority list as the rest of him looks really really good. The head sculpt is really amazing, This is the first figure I have owned where I display him with his alternate face. Yes, its that good. The gloss paint extends to his robot mode as well and the detailing is spot on. Some have mentioned the fact that his bumper shouldn't be there. Well it is, and you will not ever notice it. He is quite large standing a good 1.5 inches above the other car bots.

I am not one who needs a lot of accessories, the accessory tray is nice, and the amount of weapons he has is impressive, but the only ones I will use are his main pistols and MAYBE his jet pack.

All in all, the piece is wonderful, I would highly recommend picking him up as any adult collector will instantly fall in love with him. Bring on Ratchet!
Truly a Masterpiece
By Lethas on February 11, 2016
After receiving Masterpiece Ironhide I got to see in person how well done he is. He is spot on with the character model, and the transformation is intuitive. All of his included accessories are a nice plus. Highly Recommended.
By fosterchild on February 11, 2016
With unlimited add-ons and great options to pose....I am in love with this figure. There are so haters that dislike the waist, but honestly the figure is gorgeous. Ironhide had a rough start in his G1 figure line-up, he had a sticker for a head and horrible articulation. However, now in this masterpiece figure all has been forgiven for the past. If I had to suggest 1 one to honor the transformer line Ironhide would be it. Im still floored at how amazing this guy is
MP Ironhide doesn't fail to deliver.
By OCareyInfluence on February 08, 2016
MP Ironhide is a great all around figure. Very G1 accurate in both forms. I don't see how he could have come out better and still been a transformable figure.
He's also stocked well on accessories which is always nice. Plus he comes with a sled that actually holds them all so you don't have to find a place to keep them secure. Very happy with him.
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