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Make Toys - MTRM-11 Meteor

by Make Toys TFsource code: MTRM11MET
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Product Specs

Manufacturer Make Toys
Packaging Condition
  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)
  • Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case
Out of Stock
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Make Toys - MTRM-11 Meteor
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Make Toys - MTRM-11 Meteor

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Product Details

Make Toys MTRM11 Meteor is the latest figure in their Remastered Series. Figure is approximately Masterpiece Scaled and transforms from fighter jet to robot and back.

Set Includes:
- 1 x Meteor Figure
- 1 x Weapons
- Instruction Manual

Other Figures shown sold separately.

Customer Reviews

5 stars based on 14 reviews Write a Customer Review
5 out of 5 stars
All the reviews are not quite honest.
By NH on August 24, 2019
Every one is Starscream drunk on this guy and I can understand why. He is heads and shoulders better than MP-11 only by color and feet though.

The engineering on the waist is awful, I mean if you hold his chest his lower half just unhinges and this is because it doesn't clip in. So if you start manhandling this figure it just starts folding in half.

I'm not a reviewer and as people say your mileage may vary but the big reviewers are not mentioning this and mine is fresh out the box.

Just my two cents.
a Excellent Not Starcream toy
By FW on August 12, 2019
1, robot mode is gorgeous.
2, alt mode may not be accurate, but is beautiful too.
3, The transform is clever.
4, The face color is too dark.
5, lower knee joints are loose. :(
6, There could be a better back feet design.
7, the back sides of wings are ugly. You have to pay extra $10 USD to buy the aesthetic covers. Maketoys, are you kidddddding? >:(

Sum up, this toy is awesome and is much better than the so-called Masterpiece of crap, AKA MP10.
Best Cartoon Starscream
By Oranus96 on July 13, 2019
I love everything about this guy! He is probably the best representation of a cartoon accurate G1 Starscream. Better than anything Hasbro/Takara has done. My only gripe is that the hands could be better to hold things, but that's about it. Worth getting!
Far superior to MP-11
By Eric Brown on July 01, 2019
This figure blew. My. Mind! Simply amazing and a gorgeous update from Make toys to top the takara mp-11 starscream! So glad I picked this guy up and I really begin to wish skycrow (skywarp) and lightning (thunder cracker) would come back in stock. I want to complete the seekers with this beautiful mold and bold paint applications. Well done Make toys and thank you tfsource for the fast shipping and wonderful customer service!!
A correction for one of the comments below
By Ivan on June 01, 2019
@skeletors_hood, maybe you mistransformed your figure somehow and that was the reason it couldn't stand straight for you? This one has the toughest feet in my collection, even tougher that Warbotron's Bruticus, hehe :) Right now, my figure stands bent 5-10 (!!!) degrees ahead with hands bent in the elbows and raised to depict him saying "Why, Megatron???" as seen in G1 cartoon, and he stands pretty still in that pose for almost a week.

As of the overall impression - hey, can ANY other Scarscream figure do THAT? Nope :)
Surprisingly beautiful
By Big Tasty on March 30, 2019
I owned the other two maketoys seekers and kept this on my wishlist for some time. I'm glad I finally pulled the trigger on this one. By far my favorite of the three. The colors are impeccable not a whole lot of paint but where it is applied it works well. Transformation isnt difficult either. A must buy, I'm all In. Can't wait for the coneheads.
3rd Party Starscream
By McGarrett68 on October 16, 2018
love it, He really looks like Starscream from the cartoon
I love him!!
By TMan978 on June 01, 2018
This figure is awesome. Highly articulated, nicely painted and damn near perfectly Cartoon accurate. I have a review on Youtube for full details.
the down side is he can't really look up. Flying figs should always be able to look up. If there is anything else, he has no real play features in Jet mode outside of just being a jet. lol. Accessories are sparse compared to todays Masterpiece figures.

Other than that, I'm satisfied and can't wait to own the other seekers
Jumped off of the screen!!!!
By Transformers The Bench. on May 23, 2018
This is freaking awesome, it has paint, articulation, heft, and above all, a new mold. I have had all of the seekers, and I am selling all of them to swoop all of these instead, as soon as I got this guy I thought to my self, this could be the game changer, the seekers where always my fav, so when it is done right, smiles , all smiles, and I can look past the feeling of incompleteness in the rear, it looks not finished, but whos going to see it anyways??? Definite high recommend.
make toys meteor
By Kerrick G on April 23, 2018
ALMOST PERFECT! the head is a bit small but the colors and posable legs and waste are incredible. By far it is the best MP starscream and G1 accurate. I love this figure.
Cartoon come alive!
By Ricardo Cauthin Rua on April 14, 2018
I started with the Takare coronation starscream, he's fine... but does make toys blow it out of the water! This guy fits mp36 in style and poses! The figure is sturdy, good weight in hand, nails dynamic action poses and hits key cartoon points for me personally. I shall easily get the other to seekers to complete the set! And the price! All these combos make me give it a five star!
This Starscream is definitely a leader!
By RSB on February 21, 2018
WOW. This Starsream is THE Starscream to have! The red on this transformer......just perfect. Good price for what this figure brings to the table. Good job, Make Toys!
Almost perfect
By skeletors_hood on February 20, 2018
Please understand one thing up front; this is a great looking Starscream figure. The details are great, the paint apps are spot on, and his transformation is not overly complicated. If you don't have the Hasbro or Takara Starscream, this will certainly fill that spot on your shelf.

The one pain point I have though, is the figure's feet. Getting him to stand on his own is a stuggle, as he is top heavy, and his feet are tight, but also if you don't align his feet correctly, he will topple, and when he does, he mostly falls backwards. What seems to cause this more than anything are a couple of points on his inner foot that are slightly longer than his heels. You can move his heels (the jet thrusters) around to help him balance better, otherwise he topples on those spurs. If those spurs were not there, he would stand on his own just fine. It is for those feet that I only give him 4 stars.
Best starscream made by far !!!
By Cylent on January 13, 2018
I waited for Someone to make a better starscream than Hasbro or Takara and finally maketoys has done it. The price is great and the figure is amazing. Some people said from the photos that the face looks to dark. In hand it's not, it's dark but it's cartoon accurate and a lighter dark. IMO the figure is close to perfect. Beware of my only complain, there are some sharp points. Paint is great, details are great and very impressed with poseabilty. Plastic is solid and die cast parts give it a good balance.
If you don't have a starscream this guy will make you very happy. If you have Hasbro or Takara than it's time to upgrade.
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