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KFC - EAVI METAL Phase Four: A - Transistor & HiFi - Pure Red Version

by KFC Keiths Fantasy Club TFsource code: KFC-TRANS-PURE-RED
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Product Specs

Manufacturer KFC Keiths Fantasy Club
Packaging Condition

MISB (Mint in Sealed Box), Case Fresh from a factory Sealed box

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Estimated Arrival:
$169.99 & FREE Shipping

Product Details

The toy in robot mode stands 23.5cm/9.3" tall, the chest of the robot can hold 3 cassettes from KFCTOYS line! Note: Other figures sold separately and only shown for size/scale.

Includes the following:
- Cartoon head *1
- Toy head *1
- Buster guns*2
- Golden trumpets*2
- Blue eye replacement*1
- Comic book & manual *1
- PVC Bio Card *1
- HiFi Cassette Figure *1
- Small guns for HiFi *2
- Cassette clear box *1
Note: (Fader and other cassettes shown but not listed above are not included)

Customer Reviews

3 stars based on 15 reviews
3 out of 5 stars
Best Available
By Oranus on June 03, 2019
If you want a Masterpiece Blaster, this is pretty much your only option. That said, he is pretty well built. The tapes don't pop out like Soundwave's when he ejects them, but he can hold 3 tapes like MP Soundwave. The hands are a little of a struggle and the tab for his guns do not fit well at all. Overall, a good buy.
3.5 stars- good not great
By Ronald Rainey on March 20, 2019
Pluses- Red plastic looks good. No paint flaking to worry about! Great G1 look. Very poseable. Good accessories.

Minuses- Loose shoulder joints. Doesn't quite feel or look in the Masterpiece league due to the quality of all plastic parts. Some parts feels thin, flimsy when transforming.

Worst- Price point is way to high.
ok but not great
By [email protected] on January 25, 2019
He looks really good in robot mode and ok in alt mode. not as hefty as expected.

that being said, the plastic is thin and cheap. I was able to get him into alt mode, then when i tried to go back to robot mode, his entire right arm (including shoulder) came off. One tiny screw/pin holding entire shoulder and arm on thin plastic. Expected better construction and materials. However, I was able to reset arm and shoulder using longer screw since the plastic pin was no longer there. Even with the broken arm, he gets 3 stars because he does look very good in robot mode next to Soundwave but could use stronger points of attatchment for shoulders.
Great - but flimsy!
By Dylanus Prime on January 09, 2019
This is kind of a shame, there's so much about this figure that is great. Transformation is good, the likeness is super-cool, as are the accessories.

Buuuuut, I found the plastic of poor quality and the construction flimsy - to the point where, unfortunately, my Transistor's shoulder broke.
There is a sliding pin / screw that connects the shoulder to the chest piece - that pin breaks very easily. Heartbreaking and expensive. Great display piece, but I'd expect stronger construction and better materials at this price point.
On The Air
By Max Primal on November 30, 2018
Not anywhere near as good as others have stated. Yes, my WiFi hip joints were horribly loose. Guess what¿ With a quarter turn back and then a half turn forward on the screw he tightened right up.
The same with Transistor. I adjusted every screw I could reach and he is just fine.
People need to understand that constant temperature changes in a house will cause these tiny screws to loosen. It comes from the expansion and shrinkage due to heat and cold. Tighten things up just a tad before complaining.
Things are not what they appear
By Steve on October 17, 2018
First, I echo kevaegis - everything he mentioned in his review was exactly the same on the Transistor and Wifi I received. Something must have changed with reissue. The molds still looks great but they both feel cheap in hand. I truly wish I read his review before this purchase.

This is my most disappointing purchase. The Transistor and Wi-Fi I received was nothing like the ones I have seen in reviews. I honestly think the original versions released back in 1985 / 1986 are better made, and that alone should say something. The plastic used along the QC issues are really sub par and make them feel cheap.

Wifi's joints are horribly loose and he has a difficult time holding his weapons (either the hands are too small, or the pegs are too big) I have never been a fan of the KFC tapes, but Rewind and Eject both looked really good, which is their main purpose in my collection. However, getting WiFi into a pose that he can hold is nigh impossible due to the loose joints. Again, it’s not because of the mold, it is due to the plastic quality and joint tolerances.

I always thought Keith and KFC got a bad rap and a lot of flak. Mostly because I am a huge fan of the X-Transbots line his sister company, I own 4 of them and think they are all awesome (Toro, Klaatu, Crackup and Pean) However, now that I actually own a - no kidding, - KFC “Masterpiece” I can clearly see where he earned some of that reputation. The plastic quality and joint tolerances are so bad on Wifi that I almost tossed it in the trash. I know it is only a matter of time before Takara releases their version and I am looking forward to it.

On a semi positive note - they both really look good, so if your looking for something to put on a shelf (once posed) you will be fine. If you are going to manipulate them in any way be weary. If you need a Blaster to scratch that itch and you have $150.00 he will do - until a better one comes along.
Don't let shallow reviews waste your money
By kevaegis on October 08, 2018
I do all necessary research before purchasing third party transformers, but this one was an anomaly because of the high praise from reviewers.

HiFi is loose in almost all of his ball joints, he barely stands as there is 0 friction in his right hip joint. His 2 gold pistols do not fit in his hands, and after trying to jam one into the fist without success, attempting to pull out whatever was already stuck in his fist began to twist away like soft candy cane.

The plastic on Transistor is of equal poor quality, though the bot itself hasn't experienced any breakages, yet. Attempting to store the two rifles onto the blaster mode however, caused the longer part of the sights on both rifles to bend away without even first showing stress marks. The plastic is so weak that any structure that is elongated, trimmed thinner, and without any screw/pin support can easily break.

The robot form stands waveringly, even with the heel spurs out, there is no real heft to the figure and the center of gravity is not aligned with the lower limbs. The alt mode contains panels that don't fit together tightly enough, as well as panels on swivels that don't have any support in design so upon being handled they easily fold back and away from the hollow, unstable structure. In the end, you get a simple box, and it's not even a good box.

This was my first try with KFC. I will not invest in their products in the future. It's a shame; the art and the production altogether were impressive, but the final product most definitely leaves much to be desired.
By Dryxler on September 12, 2018
I have been wanting a MP scale Blaster. This was the only one that seemed to fit the bill. I’ve been burned by KFC Toys in the past, and I was very hesitant to try Transistor. After reading the reviews, I decided to try.
There was a defective part. One of his back panels was identical on both sides instead of being symmetrical, so it wouldn’t turn properly. HiFi seemed ok, some minor paint issues. I planned to ship him back and get him replaced.
Then I tried to transform him. His foot came clean off at the ankle swivel joint. It was connected by a small screw with NO SCREWDRIVER GROOVES. Wth? I fiddled with it for several minutes and gave up. Just got a refund. I was very disappointed. He looks nice, but two issues right out of the box? Gotta say no. I’ll just have to wait. No more KFC for me.
Worth the money.
By Cylent on July 20, 2017
Very cool figure. I'm happy I finally decided to buy him. Waiting on hasbro or Takara is luke pulling teeth, it hurts. I dnt day more than what has already been said. This is a master with having on your self.
Well done, but soft...
By Ed on September 23, 2016
After absorbing all the reviews I finally decided to buy this as MY MP Blaster.

This version is the (non metallic red painted) red plastic and no die cast metal version. So paint chipping, flaking and disintegration is virtually non existent...

The box is a wonderful window box which is overly deep for the contents. And the inside artwork is nicer than the front of the box art. But the window box is striking as you see a fully upgraded Mugen as the "new" Transistor (w mini pal Tapebot).

The main figure is superbly painted. The silver is nearly immaculate and there are so many molded details (even on his back, which gets covered up in bot mode), it is a wonder to behold. The inside leg painted details are refreshingly nice as well.

You can swap bot heads from white G1 anime to (a mix) comic head. I prefer the silver head as it matches the rest of the expertly panted bot mode.

My figure is VERY softly articulated. Over 80 percent of all Transistors joints are flaccidly soft. The inside hip ratchets are strong but I will have to screw tighten one as its a tad wobbly. Arms are very soft but feet are strong, which is a plus. Standing is no problem.

Mini Tapebot is amazing. So tiny and tight. Very well painted, too. I have concerns over plastic cracks on the most delicate pieces with screws drilled into them, but so far so good. Just be gentle with the little guy...

I want to give 5 stars for the amazing effort, transformation and impeccable paint apps. But with the floppy joints I have to kick it down a star.

TY to KFC. Keep it up. Tighter joints on figures over a hundred bucks, please...
Great Toy
By dw_rtr on August 09, 2016
My first time trying a kfc toy and I was very impressed. I got the pure red version which looks just like the g1 cartoon come to life. some say it is a panel former and it is but it is a smart way to transform. accessories are A+ and the only thing I wish it had a little more heft to it
Unacceptly loose
By mistercadillac on July 20, 2016
I really wanted to like this figure a lot. He looks like he stepped straight out of the G1 cartoon and scales well with my Masterpiece collection. However, QC stinks. His right arm won't hold a pose and neither will his head. They are both very loose. I think this is unacceptable for a $150 collectible.
A Pleasure To Transform
By AlexReynard on May 28, 2016
You know that feel when a figure's hinges and tabs have that 'just right' snugness to them? Transistor has that all over. I'm so glad I waited for the red plastic version because it just feels fantastic. Plus he looks more like my G1 toy (and stands just about the same height!).

Any problems I have with this are minor. A coupla bits of plastic flash. The heads are a bit tricky to swap out due to the neck piece clicking in so well (though that means no wobble-neck, which is good). Hi-Fi's extra heads are unpainted on the back so they're a bit useless for tape mode. And his golden guns look good but fit in his mitts so tight I think I'll just leave them in the box for now. And his damn-near-microscopic chest flaps feel potentially-breakable, but you barely notice if you leave them out anyway. Same for the stunningly-ultraknuckled hands on Transistor: if you're terrified of trying to shove them in or pry them out for transformation, just DON'T! They're perfectly hidden anyway! Finally, a transformation where I don't have to do the lift-the-flap-rotate-the-hands-in thing!!

Boombox mode looks stellar from the front and sides, and who gives a slag if there's gaps in the back? Plug 'em with the guns and you're good. Robot mode is super-well proportioned, has all the articulation I could ask for, and just generally makes me happy to look at. Plus, I love the thoughtful touch of giving us the choice of painted eyes or light-piping for his cartoon head. Aww. If there were problems with this toy in its early releases, I think they're all well-fixed now. Bravo, KFC! (If only DAI Stack was this good...)
Couldn't ask for a better Blaster!
By Shempdog on January 26, 2016
I received this figure over the weekend and I have to say that I was really impressed with the quality and the level of detail this figure has to offer.
I also held off from the metallic version due to numerous reports of paint chipping and I definitely feel like a made the right choice!
transistor stands about the height of MP 10 and has an extensive amount of paint detailing. The molded red plastic is nice to the touch. Since there is no diecast that IU can perceive, the figure is extremely light, I would call this the Only drawback. (Personally the articulated hands and alt mode weapons storage more than makes up for it.
If you are a fan of the character, this toy is a definite must have!
red plastic perfection!
By skywarplives on January 22, 2016
Held off on the metallic version, and I am glad that I did! This version is beautiful in the classic red plastic coloration. I really wanted a toy accurate version of Blaster (silver buttons!) and KFC sure delivered.
No QC issues or loose joints, an all around satisfying figure.
Also, the fixes to his front hip skirts and Hi-fi's improvements are also greatly appreciated.
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