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KFC - Mugan Scope

by KFC Keiths Fantasy Club TFsource code: KFCMUGEN/19CM
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Product Specs

Manufacturer KFC Keiths Fantasy Club
Packaging MISB (Mint in Sealed Box), 2 x Head, 1 x Sniper Rifle, 2 x Short Guns, 1 x Bio Card, 1 x Instruction Manual, 1 x Collectible Coin
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KFC - Mugan Scope
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KFC - Mugan Scope

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Product Details

Next up from Keith's fantasy club: Mugan Scope! Has three full transformation modes: Cyber War Macro Scanner, Cyber War Seige Tank and Robot Mode!

Customer Reviews

2 stars based on 11 reviews Write a Customer Review
2 out of 5 stars
By Dryxler on July 17, 2019
This is junk. Broke right outside the box, terribly flimsy. If you need a Masterpiece Perceptor, try FansToys. This is a huge fail. If you just want to pose him in bot mode, and for dirt cheap, then maybe yes? But a giant no for me. I don’t trust KFC.
By Magnus Deacon on January 15, 2019
This is a nice show piece but not one you can play with. The wrists are way too loose and the scope is just barely hanging on by a tiny ball joint. Worth having on a shelf but not much else.
Put in ICU, right out of the box
By RSB43 on December 14, 2018
I bought this, knowing it would be a fragile figure. It was only $16, and yeah, I can fix the looseness in the connections/joints. Be that as it may, this figure doesn't make KFC look good, or garner much trust from buyers. But, KFC lately has put out some great quality transformers. I basically got this, because I am a Perceptor fan, I like his character, and his look in robot mode. I've already completed my Masterpiece scale 86 movie collection, so i needed him, along with Blurr to complete my Deluxe/Voyager scale 86 movie cast. And in Both modes, Mugan Scope looks nice. He comes with some cool looking guns, and sniper rifle! Just don't transform him much, he'll give you the finger, and fall apart, just to spite you.
Nice shelf piece, horrible toy
By Tim on September 03, 2017
Got it for $15 on sale here. Wouldn't spend a cent more. All the mechanics are there for it to be a fine toy and a pretty cool representation of IDW Perceptor but the plastic quality is absolutely trash. The back on mine bent because it couldn't overcome the friction of the hinge on the bottom.
By ExMile on September 02, 2017
I bought this along with Micro Robo. Like Micro Robo, its one saving grace is that it's cool as a bot. As long as you don't try transforming him, posing him, or giving him a dirty look, you'll be fine. Anything else and he'll fall apart on you.

I've had him less than 24 hours and his legs are so loose that he can no longer hold a pose. I still have my original G1 Megatron and its legs are just as loose. The only difference is my Megatron is over 30 years old, Mugan Scope is...not.

He somehow feels MORE fragile than Micro Robo, and that's saying something.

Buy it if you're a Perceptor fan, or if you're curious,or if you have a kid and you want to give them a cheap introduction to a non-mainline figure.

Just be aware. There's a good reason this has been marked down to a price less than a mainline deluxe Hasbro figure.
...not REALLY that bad...
By DrLockdown on August 08, 2017
To be honest, I get a lot of the hate. The back section just won't stay pegged on and the head won't fit into the slot without a pretty easy mod, but to be's not THAT bad. The bot mode is solid and well articulated, and the tank mode might not be as bad as you think depending on how you can handle cybertronian alt modes. The paint is good, he has light piping and he works as a good replacement for TR Perceptor if you don't want him. For the sale price he's well worth it (like $15 or $20). Definitely not worth $75, but in this day and age nobody's asking you to pay that much.
Stay away.
By Justsheem on April 08, 2017
So when I went to transform it from robot to alt mode, the whole back panel snapped off. Had to crazy glue it back on. But now I am unable to tranform it. Sucks.
You get what you pay for
By Sugar Shane on February 25, 2017
Not the worst little figure. But i got him on special for less than $20.00. I wouldnt pay more than that cause this little thing just isn't really worth more than that.

I do like how he looks as a microscope but that is about it. He is a cheap plastic and he really isnt a replacement for other preceptor figures out there.
Very Fragile
By JDawg632 on March 22, 2016
I knew that this was fragile I just didn't think that it was this seriously fragile. The design is cool, but I can't transform it without the risk of breaking it further then I already did. I had the same issue that was reported in Darksteel review. The magnifier/cannon broke off of that extremely thin black hinge and there are stress on that panel that opens up to put the head into. This is all from one transformation. I never did the third mode just to be on the safe side. I didn't pay the way over price for it when it came out just the 15 bucks when it was on clearance so that's the upside. I was hoping that this would be good cause I really wanted the shockwave and soundwave figures, so this was a test run and it looks like I'm going to pass unless they come down in price dramatically.
Extremely fragile
By Darksteel on October 30, 2015
I like the design and the figure but I cant risk transforming it again without it breaking. The magnifier/cannon will not stay attached, the head mount broke folding it back for transformation and the chest feels like its going to snap every time I fold it down. I regret spending what I did on it for the quality I received.
Better then Hasbro
By Dpclass001 on January 13, 2015
A decent figure, but has some quality issues. Definitely NOT worth anything over $50. Does look very nice, but the figure is very base and components/quality could of been improved.
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