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EAVI METAL Phase Seven: A - Ditka - Mighty Version

by KFC Keiths Fantasy Club TFsource code: KFCDITKA
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Product Specs

Manufacturer KFC Keiths Fantasy Club
Packaging Condition MISB (Mint in Sealed Box), Case Fresh from a factory Sealed box
Out of Stock
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EAVI METAL Phase Seven: A - Ditka - Mighty Version
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EAVI METAL Phase Seven: A - Ditka - Mighty Version

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Product Details

In robot mode stands 24cm/9.5" tall and is approximately MP scaled. Ditka Transforms from Robot to Mig-25 jet fighter and Mitsubishi 74 type Tank. Material is abs & die cast. Includes light up sword, diecast parts and much more! Replacement parts for the knee QC issue will be included.

Includes the following:
- Light up sword
- Diecast joints
- Diecast Feet
- Long Extendable feet for stable standing and pose
- Masterpiece scaled (Towering at 9.5" /24cm tall!!)
- Clear jet mode stand
- G1 foldable gun (under wing storage)
- Silver comic head and cartoon head included
- On-sprue missile and racks for custom and DIY
- Football from cartoon scene
- Missle with shooting gimmic
- Turret can be dismantled if like to swap with Ditka Maniac Ver.
- Bio card
- Manual instruction booklet

Customer Reviews

3 stars based on 8 reviews Write a Customer Review
3 out of 5 stars
Worth it
By Devastator43 on August 14, 2019
Just received this figure today and I am very impressed with it. All three modes look exceptional, and are very G1/toon accurate. The only reason I didn’t give a 5⭐️ rating is because the ankle joints are loose and it’s very difficult to get him to stand in a good pose without wanting to fall over. I am currently working with TFsource on getting the replacement parts need to fix the issue. But all in all a awesome figure. Although it might get replaced when fanstoys decides to release their version Bezerker.
Get The New Joints - And This Will Be The Best Blitzwing
By Mark Briski on April 02, 2019
Many people who bought this figure tend to give it 1 - 2 stars. I think I may be one of the few to give it a solid 5.

As a collector, I don't tend to move this figure that often. But, before buying I contacted the seller to see if they would include the replacement knee joints from KFC. I was pleased to see that they gave my replacement knees and ankles.

Once these were replaced it became much more sturdier. The biggest fix I did was place strips of clear tape in the mushroom pegs of the thigh joints. Do this, and Blitzwing will never be loose again!

This now towers over my collection in the living room :)
Going Long!
By Max Primal on April 01, 2019
I recently sold my Gewalt and ordered a Ditka and I have to say it was a great decision for ME.
The Ditka you receive now has had the ankle and knees fixed! I personally love him because hit tank mode is incredible and he has a more accurate look in jet and bot mode. I have zero issue with this figure and his styling just fits my collection better.
Buyer beware
By Matt Hart on April 23, 2018
Blitzwing is my favorite character from G1 so it hurts to do this but I loved him right up until I tilted his ankle normally and his foot broke off. So now I'm out 150 bucks
By Spanish on September 28, 2017
Such a great disappointment, for an item i payed a lot of money for, I loved it at first until I transformed him, wow so much weight this item has, and does not even stand, what a crying shame, i should have gotten my money back. Just cant believe i cant stand him, and now i am stuck with the item, now my item just sits in his case, i don't even want to look at it.
Not Worth the Cash or Headache
By You let me down KFC! on May 18, 2017
This figure has been a huge disappointment. Like many collectors, I have been waiting for a cartoon accurate masterpiece Blitzwing for some time and after the recent KFC releases I figured this would be a great figure. I was wrong. The early colors of this figure were sharp and appeared to be up to par with the masterpiece market. The actual release colors are dull and are not much to look at. Maybe the worse part is not having a spot for the Decepticon sticker. The biggest problem is not being able to stand the figure on its own two legs; not even in a simple stance without it toppling over. I was sent replacement knees and feet parts from KFC to fix the problem. It wasn't a big deal replacing the parts but when you open the legs and thighs you will find a tremendous amount of stress marks on the pegs that connect the pieces together. The replacement knees worked like a a champ but the figure still topples over due to the lack of rigidity in the feet even with the new pieces attached. To make matters worse, I ended up breaking the small piece that attaches the foot to the new foot part simply by moving the foot away from where it attaches to the bottom of the leg. Again, KFC is sending a new foot but I will still not be able to stand this figure the way I should be able to for $150. If you are up in the air with this figure, wait until better options become available.
I like....but!
By Botboy on May 14, 2017
My experience with Ditka was a little better than Autopod Decepticast's experience. The accessories are cool; all the additional weaponry makes for a good looking jet/tank mode! He is big and heavy! Lots of diecast in the treds and feet. the tank mode is heavy and solid! transforming him to jet mode is almost identical to G1. One reason I took away a star is the clearance of the wing flap over the jet fins; it will chip the paint eventually!! I just bought similar color paint to repaint it! The other reason I took a star is the lack of standability! the dble jointed legs make it unstable due to the amount of weight in the upper body due to all the heavy backpack. as far as fun, he is an adventure to transform. If you got the money spend and your like me been waiting for 2yrs for him to come out, pick him up but I too am waiting for fans toys
Incredible Disappointment
By Autopod Decepticast on May 06, 2017
I should have listened to the reviewers. This is an un-poseable piece of trash.

Sure, it's handsome, with great colors, and generally screen-accurate. It's even a fun transformation. But, like some pretty things in life, this figure is incredibly shallow. Alone, it's inability hold a basic A-stance make this a contender for worst TF purchase I've every made. For $150, why should we have to wait for (or pay for) a kit to repair this?

Articulation is extremely limited in all the worst possible places. Because of their proximity to hip and back plastic, the thighs can't move more than a click forward or backward and do not rotate on the hip balls well either. Some are making modifications (shaving the top off the upper part of the thighs) to repair this, but I didn't pay $150 for a fixer-upper.

The upper arms suffer a similar lack of mobility due to the shoulder's closeness to the backpack. From the shoulder, Ditka cannot raise its arm to be parallel to the ground--not without scuffing and scarring some of the backpack plastic, anyway.

I can't wait to get rid of it. Every time I look at it, I feel the shame of haven been duped by this plastic poser. If you like Blitzwing, wait for FansToys' version.

I hate this toy, and I hate myself for having purchased it. Don't buy it.
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