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Fans Toys FT-10 - Phoenix

by Fans Toys TFsource code: FT10PHX
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Product Specs

Manufacturer Fans Toys
Packaging Condition

MISB (Mint in Sealed Box), Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case

Out of Stock
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Fans Toys FT-10 - Phoenix
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Fans Toys FT-10 - Phoenix

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Product Details

FT-10 Phoenix stands an impressive 35CM/14" tall in robot mode and 38CM/15" tall from floor to the backpack! This is the fanstoys figure everyone has been waiting for! Masterpiece scaled, this figure towers over and scales to your MP cars in robot mode. Transforms from robot to space jet and back. Includes his photon rifle and an adapter to allow FT-05 stand to be used with Phoenix; for displaying in jet mode!

Figure Includes:
- 1 x FT-10 Phoenix Figure
- 1 x Rifle
- 1 x Stand Part

Customer Reviews

5 stars based on 21 reviews Write a Customer Review
5 out of 5 stars
Great seller, Great Product!!!
By Brewer75 on July 03, 2019
Item came packaged great, and fast shipping
Fanstoys FT-10 - Definitve Version
By Skullder on June 25, 2019
I missed the original and the special edition version the first time around. Thankfully I was able to get in on the pre-order for the reissue. It absolutely lives up to the hype. The engineering, transformation, scale, sculpt, heft, and design all add up to this as a definitive version of what a Masterpiece should be. Truly, this may be one of the best figure Fans Toys has ever produced at this scale. If you're able to get one reasonably, you will not be disappointed.
fanstoys ft-10
By ceas on June 14, 2019
This figure is an absolute grand slam by fanstoys!!!! i missed the reissue thinking the hasbro/takara seige jetfire would fill my need and i was dissatisfied. after seeing fanstoys reissued jetfire i pushed preorder and the rest was history. fanstoys is definitely the company to keep your eyes on!!!!!!!
The figure that I thought we would never get!!!
By Optimus Fred on April 18, 2018
Hands down the best third party Transformer ever made. Awesome size, detail and articulation. A must own for TF fans.
It's the Skyfire toy you've always wanted
By Gaermish on March 14, 2018
FT-10 Phoenix is massive. It's awesome and I've ran out of adjectives to describe this great toy. If you can afford it, buy it. You won't be disappointed.
By Dspectre on March 08, 2018
Love this figure. Fanstoys have an awesome design team. The attention to detail, construction, and the materials used are top notch. Definitely worth the investment.
By Moe on January 24, 2018
I really slept on this figure wasn’t really wanting it because photos and video really made it seem dull or boring but I was wrong. In hand this piece is on point.! The only thing I wish it had a little more on the ankle rocker it’s there but limited. All in all excellent!
Best Transformer/Toy Ever!!!
By RedKev on January 02, 2018
This is truly a masterpiece. Best toy I've had in my entire collecting career (42 years). The attention to detail and the scale of this version of skyfire/jetfire is amazing. Now just need the battle armor!!
By Jetfire on November 09, 2017
Awesome transformer to have in my collection.
By Dylanus Prime on August 10, 2017
This Dude is HUUUGE.
Pretty basic transformation for something so big, but its great having a robust, to scale and cartoon/comic styled version of Jetfire.
Gone are the confusing Macross references!

I would've loved the red clip-on armour though and maybe some batteries for my dollar, but all in all another good job from FansToys
The bigger they are, the bigger the screws are
By whataboutninjas on July 29, 2017
Really just nitpicking but I prefer not to see giant size screws on any "mp" figure. In alt mode, it looks like a big toy. Wish there were more details in the backpack. Bot mode is impressive. The head sculpt and body proportion are probably the best things about this figure.
By Monkeysee on July 27, 2017
Best Skyfire (Jetfire, etc) hands down. Master piece quality, easy, intuitive transformation. Landing Gear!?

Only nitpick is, for a high dollar figure, only including part of the display-stand for jet mode is odd. Still... would buy again!
By nnotis on July 23, 2017
Apart from limited hip articulation and a cockpit not quite large enough for Spike, this toy is close to perfect. Both modes perfectly capture the essence of Skyfire, while updating the cartoon look.
Skyfire/Jetfire mp the best
By Nimbus on July 13, 2017
One of my best 3rd party figures i have bought and own. Love my other figures some have qc issues i can live with but this figure stole the show in my case. Xtransbots,dx9,maketoys and other 3rd party figures are good but this figure really,really did steal the show. Mp-36 and mp-10 are great in their own right, this is built bad to the bone, i mean bad to the bone. FT really did a great job on Phoenix/skyfire/jetfire one of my favorite gi toon. Short lived in the series he would of been great with omega.FTshould have gave him a face shield no complaining he's great as is. Don't miss out on him i didn't.
This is Jetfire
By J Sigs on July 06, 2017
This figure is nothing short of amazing. Beautiful quality and just looks perfect with the rest of the Autobot Masterpieces. If you don't buy this one you are truly missing out.
Hands done the best so far!!
By Cylent on June 06, 2017
Man... This figure is gorgeous and well made. This is my favorite from fans toys and in my top... You know what I think this is my favorite mp from 3rd or Takara..
I can stop starring at it. This figure is making me a stalker. Lol. Every mp collector has to have this. I'm starring at it again. I think my other figures are jealous.
G1 toon design shines through like a phoenix!
By Amethysted on June 05, 2017
Just received mine.


The jet mode is gigantic. And hefty. They even covered up the screw holes with intentionally designed panels which are molded on the opposite side of the nose. Brilliant! Although the side is kinda clunky with bits not truly forming any aerodynamic design, the toon design shines through like a phoenix.

And even though the toon design is the goal, I would like a few more painted areas. Like the side jet vents under his wrists should be silver (gun metal or silver).

I love the details painted silver then inlayed a transclearant plastic over them (blue / red), I wish there was more of that quality detailing...

Bot mode is a terrific nod to the G1 toon. Perfect. The lack of a waists swivel is a slight disappointment, but this guy is so huge and stoic, I doubt I'll pose him fighting anyway... He'll be scientifically pondering space and the sky...

The gun is nice. But why not paint a bit of it? Or atleast collapse the barrel for jet storage? Or even find a use to mount under the jet? Oh well, they seem to release parts after the initial production run. Lets see if FT gives us a better thought out gun... :)

My score: 4.8 / 5
Finally the "Phoenix" rises from the ashes of "Kronos"
By Al on June 03, 2017
The best representation of Skyfire on the market today bar none. Hefty, sturdy, NO QC ISSUES, fun & easy to transform a all around awesome figure I highly recommend getting this figure you won't be disappointed a must have in any masterpiece collection.
The Best made transformer for your MP collection
By Tim on June 02, 2017
Phoenix is the most well-made action figure out of all the MP figures that exist.

His construction is solid. He feels 2x to 3x as sturdy as MP Ultra Magnus.

I just about guarantee that Takara will not produce a Skyfire. FansToys nailed it—end of story.
This Phoenix sets the Sky-a-Fire, Ah-huh?
By Sugar Shane on June 02, 2017
I have to say this guy gave me a partial chub after I got him out of the box.
He is huge. I mean like combiner size huge. But boy howdy is this guy amazing. You can pose him like none other of his stature. He is one for your collection that is for certain.

I do wish they could of given us his own stand though which is a little disappointing. Still I cannot recommend him enough.
Finally, Jetfire/Skyfire/Phoenix is Here
By Ultra Magnus 74 on May 31, 2017
This is a masterpiece. The design is solid and much better than Kronos. All I have to say is that it is worth the money, but I do wish it came with mini-autobots that can load into Phoenix in jet mode. Other than that, it is perfect.
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