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Fans Toys FT-17 Hoodlum

by Fans Toys TFsource code: FT17HOOD
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Product Specs

Manufacturer Fans Toys
Packaging MISB (Mint in Sealed Box), Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case
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Product Details

Fans Toys FT-17 Hoodlum stands 19CM/7.5" tall in robot mode and contains die-cast parts. Hoodlum transforms from robot to futuristic sports car and back! Masterpiece scaled, this figure fits in with other FT & MP figures in either series. TM/Target Warrior Figure Included as well!

Other figures shown for size/scale only and are not included.

Customer Reviews

4 stars based on 11 reviews Write a Customer Review
4 out of 5 stars
By Duke of Metal on June 14, 2019
Looks Great, feels good in hand, compared to the official figure.
I only display my TF figures , dont mess with em too much.
4 stars!!!
By Moe on June 08, 2019
This figure looks good. Out of the box and straight to the shelf it gets the job done but if you into playing around with your figures be careful.
Lazy offering
By Bustedhoodie on May 05, 2019
Probably Fans Toys weakest attempt. Poor articulation, the chrome chips easily and when I removed a reprolabels sticker from the chest it took some of the paint with it. It is even disappointing that someone with the pedigree like Fans Toys would produce such a lackluster and terrible product.
Edges the MP by just a hair
By An Onion on May 01, 2019
There are gaps. The articulation on the shoulders isn't great. the car mode seems just a little off. BUT honestly, I still like this guy. The colors on the Masterpiece Hot Rod always seemed a little dull to me, and the spoiler hinge was flimsy. Hoodlum might be better as a display piece than a transformer, but I still like him.
Disappointing for Fans Toys
By HVP on March 20, 2019
I bought this figure mainly for display. I had read in other reviews that the paint on the chest can easily scratch off so I made sure to be very careful when handling the figure. I attempted to add a repro label autobot sticker on his chest. I got half the sticker on but realized it was crooked so I carefully peeled it off. However, two specks of paint came off immediately. Very disappointing from a brand that normally puts out quality products.
Solid Figure
By TAG76 on February 27, 2019
I had the MP version of Rodimus Prime and got rid of it because it felt too big. I have the MP version of Hot Rod and it felt too small and definitely didn't work with the scale of the other Fans Toys bots. This one fits in great if you have the other Fans Toys figures like Arcee, Kup, and Springer. It fits with the other MP figures well too.

My only complaint was when I transformed the target master into a gun the head broke off. I had to glue it back on.
By TFstorm2032 on February 10, 2019
He does look great. But because they didn’t take the time to have the shoulders attach better it is the worst Fanstoys product I have purchased. They are redoing FT21 and 25 so it is disappointing that they had a year to fix it and didn’t. They had to know it was an issue. Hope they do better on the upcoming releases. The calf also won’t close all the way and I don’t dare to push on it because of other people’s breaking. I gave it 3 stars because he does look great.
This Hot Rod is awesome!!!
By davkyski on February 08, 2019
So much griping and complaining from everyone...the nitpicking on this toy especially from video reviews is hilarious, give me a break. I love this figure, it's awesome in both modes. Fans Toys is superb and this release is great. Maybe the wait gave people some ridiculous expectations.

Before transforming look at a video so that it's done properly...there are a few nuances to be careful with. And if there's a QC issue then tfsource will make it right. The Hoodlum I received is perfect.
It LOOKS great but once you pick it up the magic is gone
By jSiggs on February 08, 2019
He looks absolutely amazing, especially compared to the official release. But the execution just isnt there. It feels like this was an early mold that was shelved, then revisited later to finally be released. This is not what we expect from Fanstoys at this stage.

The collar latch doesn't work, the whole robot mode is held together by a small single peg which comes undone at the slightest bump. Both arms and legs produce a horrifying screech when moved around. If I ever decide to transform him he will never again return to robot mode.

Paint is good, diecast is good. If you're going to sit him on a shelf and admire from afar it might work for you. If you were hoping this was the end-all be-all mold for Hot Rod....its not.
A Fanstoys Letdown
By Robodork on February 04, 2019
Right out of the box, the left calf came loose and snapped off. Ironically, the left calf had a “passed qc” sticker on it. The articulation is bad - especially the head - certainly not as good as the MP. I will be carefully scrutinizing future FT releases.
hoodlum let down
By KERRICKG503 on February 01, 2019
Major letdown even after the 2 year delay his chest flaps open doesnt clamp down well,has NO neck cannot look up,gaps in his back/waste area ugh just a mess. joke MP is way better i just liked the extra face and the pivot feet.
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