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FansToys FT-16 Sovereign

by Fans Toys TFsource code: FT16SOVER
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Product Specs

Manufacturer Fans Toys
Packaging MISB (Mint in Sealed Box), Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case
Out of Stock
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FansToys FT-16 Sovereign
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FansToys FT-16 Sovereign

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Product Details

FansToys FT-16 Sovereign stands 24.5CM/9.6" tall in robot mode. Transforms from robot to cannon and back! Other figures shown sold separately.

Customer Reviews

5 stars based on 7 reviews Write a Customer Review
5 out of 5 stars
Blown Away!
By Hippernicus on February 24, 2017
So I went back and forth on this guy for a long time. He was in and out of my stack so often you'd think he was schizophrenic. ;)
But I am SOOOOO glad I decided to get him in the end. This might be FT's best figure yet. He is MASSIVE. This guy is a solid beast. The transformation is pretty complex, but I don't mind. It's still not as fiddly and complex just for complexity's sake as BC tends to be. The sculpt is perfect in robot mode. A little boxier than the animation in cannon mode, but he doesn't look that far off from any real flying space cannons I've seen. And the purple finish on this guy is enough to make you cry. Pictures don't do it justice. I could keep going, but I don't want to sound too gushy. Summary: Fans Toys never disappoints, and this figure is just about as good of proof as you'll find.
Sovereign Galvatron
By BlackWind 009 on February 09, 2017
This rendition of Galvatron is much more better than DX9S version of it except with the nice light up gimmick that the DX9 Tyrant displays
and owning them both shows the difference between them (tho due to a shipping error I ended up with 2 of him)
Excellent figure but not fun to transform.
By Unicron9 on February 03, 2017
I was pretty blown away by Sovereign's robot mode. When I got him to alt mode it looked great too aside from how obviously the struts that support his cannon mode are his robot arms. The shoulders ratchet joints could have used being tighter because they don't support his arm well with the weight of the blast effect part inserted in his arm cannon for display and barely support his cannon mode on flat sleek surfaces. Those little issues aren't a big enough deal to take a full point off his score for me, but what is, is his transformation.
Getting him transformed took using a butter knife to pry parts open, a lot of force to get things to snap into place, some worrying, and ended with sore fingers. It is important to me that transforming a figure be fun, so combined with the arms as cannon struts and shoulders that could have been tighter, I have to give this guy a 4 out of 5.
Still probably the best MP not-Galvatron available though, and definitely a really great toy. Very sturdy, well built, and heavy, with lots of die-cast, and it looks the part so well.
Filled the cup.
By Hail Blade on January 29, 2017
This was everything I hoped wished for and more. Amazing weight and joints. Poses amazingly well.
High Quality and Hefty Not-Galvatron
By Ed on January 24, 2017
Fans Toys Sovereign

This figure is an example of some of the absolute highest quality and production I have ever seen from a 3P. The box is large and deep packed in Styrofoam split into 3 unique sections. The figure has a light protective clear sheet protecting it and all small accessories are individually segmented in their plastic sheath, so they don’t scratch the others.

When I preordered this figure, I did not know it comes with a display stand. So the addition of a custom stand was a nice surprise as it is carefully packed in the 3rd section of the foam box packaging. It’s a nice bonus that is well appreciated. The 2 different arm cannons (one trans-clearant and one Anime orange) are also a nice bonus, as we have a choice as to which to display. The additional angry face is a nice touch and the well done matrix on a metal chain is nice, too.

The amount of die cast metal is the most I’ve ever seen and felt. This figure is dense and heavy which makes it feel top quality. Most importantly the feet have metal in them which makes the figure easy to stand and balance. The purple paint has tiny flecks in it to increase the level of quality and chrome red eyes are absolutely perfect. This figure has several trans-clearant red plastic jewels throughout the abdomen, belt and knee pads. If the light catches a facet, the level of quality can be seen through the entire figure from top to bottom.
The figure is expertly molded, detailed and painted, with rounded upper shoulders, broad chest and bulky tubular boots. Face and helmet are great with chrome red eyes and small grey beard, as well as tiny red accents on the crown. The figure has the perfect amount of details and paint balancing between G1 anime and modern Masterpiece styling. And even though the anime cannon is in molded orange plastic, I still think its painted orange, which looks amazing!

The articulation is second to none. Fingers are delicate but strong with tiny pins running through individually segmented digits. With a ball jointed thumb and rotation on the wrist. The forearm even has a swivel which allows the wrist an additional pivot. There are strong ratchets ever where you need one. Shoulders, Hips, knees, Waist all robustly ratcheted. Head is well jointed and the feet are good as well, with a toe bend and rotation. The feet are built with much die cast metal and the ankle tilt is good but not strong, due to the weight, although all other joints are solid and tight.

The cannon mode is good. The feature of tilting the cannon up is nice, as the tail stabilizer is highly articulated. The red side accents are very nice and once again we can swap out the orange cannon barrel for the trans-clearant barrel. It rolls well on several small wheels…

I am so impressed by the high quality, die cast metal heft, perfectly balanced sculpt, metal flecked paint and production of this entire figure. I would give it a 9.75 / 10. The only area that I could possibly think to make this figure better is a light grey paint on the face, feet and arm backs, as it is currently panted a light white. Well done Fans Toys. Keep up this high level of production and you will always have a paying customer from me…
Fans toys sovereign
By Scott on January 22, 2017
Figure is wonderful absolutely love the transformation the build quality how solid it is I do have one small problem is missing a small part from one of the shoulders it is a small purple plate the covers screw holes. but all said awesome figure fans toys did it again can't wait till I get my next fans toys transformer.......
Fantastic with an an overly complex transformation
By Half Pants on January 21, 2017
Amazing figure with high quality plastic and quite a heft to him.
The arms/hands in particular have some of the best pose-ability around right now.
Also you get a lot of extra stuff making the price seem more worth it.

Mine has a little paint chipping on the eyes and the transformation is pretty intense and involved. But other than that this guy is probably my new favorite.