COUNTDOWN: Haslab Omega Prime – 20 things to know!

The rumours were true – Robots in Disguise Omega Prime is set to be the next Haslab Transformers project!

As we (and many others) correctly surmised, the sizeable combined effort from the 2001 series will be next up for the high-end crowdfund treatment, with the process already underway and set to conclude on 14th March 2024!

Reactions to the reveal have come thick and fast. Still, there’s plenty of excitement going around for what is perhaps a leftfield choice in some regards, though undoubtedly also a fan-favourite design! Whether you intend to get behind this project or not, there’s plenty to discuss here, so let’s dive right into 20 things you need to know.

#20: The set includes 3 separate robots

Firstly, this set is stuffed! Included for your money are three separate robots, with both Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus (known as Fire Convoy and God Magnus in the original Japanese series, Car Robots) clocking in at Commander class overall, and a smaller Deluxe class companion to boot. That puts it well ahead of both recent efforts, Victory Saber and Deathsaurus, regarding what you’ll find in the box!

#19: It’s a sizeable set!

The above point is perhaps best exemplified by looking at the actual physical size of each component, along with the knowledge the combined Omega Prime form is a whopping 13.75 inches all in! That puts it well ahead of the vintage equivalent toy, which was roughly 12.75 inches or so, making it only a little larger than the new Optimus’ individual super mode.

It also means that Optimus Prime and Magnus stand not far off Haslab Victory Saber and Deathsaurus in height, so this will surely be an impressive set to behold.

#18: It’s being worked on by a legendary TakaraTomy designer

One noticeable thing from the reveal is that this set looks very similar to the 2000/1 originals, although clearly refined in some crucial ways! Fans may consider this unsurprising given how they ape the look of the cartoon so closely, which, in turn, was already quite faithful to those classic designs, yet there’s another important reason it may seem somewhat familiar!

Yes, TakaraTomy designer Hisashi Yuki, who worked on the originals, is also one of the key designers on the new Haslab project, having recently led the development of both Victory Saber and Deathsaurus. He’s previously been involved with Beast Wars II/ Neo, Unite Warriors, various movieverse lines and individual projects such as Masterpiece MP-24 Star Saber. Knowing he’s back to refine his work from over two decades ago is quite something!

#17: Omega Prime was chosen as it’s a ‘dream toy’

Although there’s plenty of joy about this reveal, some have wondered just why the turn of the Millennium series was chosen as inspiration for a modern Haslab effort. Well, we already know that Hasbro tests ideas for these projects with various focus groups and such, and it seems this was one which repeatedly came up in conversation and was cited as a kind of “dream toy” for many collectors who were unable to get hold of the originals back in the day. It’s true that the 2000/1 releases have been admired by many fans for decades, even beyond those familiar with the corresponding cartoon. Hopefully, this dream comes true!

#16: There are some notable differences to the originals

Although the new and old toys look very similar, the two sets have some key differences. Obviously, they’re noticeably larger, but much was made on the livestream about the proportions having been tweaked to work better, and naturally, the articulation is also much improved, too – Optimus’ super mode even has ankle tilt now, which is great! Besides that, the tyres are now made of ABS plastic instead of the classic degradable rubber, which is a choice some may be sad to hear, but at least it means we don’t have to worry about them cracking! Similarly, features such as the electronic sound effects and spring-loaded ladder missiles of the 2000/1 toys have been left out in favour of better representing the characters without these additional elements needing to be worked in.

#15: The finish should be spectacular

It’s worth noting that although we have only seen grey prototypes and digital renders so far, much was made about the intended finish to these toys and how they should look quite special! There will be numerous vacuum metalised areas across both larger robots, akin to what we saw on the classic releases, including areas such as the eyes and Ultra Magnus’ blue bumpers, as well as embossed Autobot logos and plenty of paint. Given how spectacular Deathsaurus has proven to be up close, we expect this one to be quite something!

#14: Optimus Prime’s fire truck mode has some nifty features

Turning our attention to the individual toys, Optimus Prime looks incredible in his vehicular form, with the fire truck design perfectly recreated for a modern spin. Anyone familiar with the original toy will know the front half makes up the robot mode whilst the rear separates into the armour. As before, the ladder can be articulated and includes flip-out cannons at the front, although the hidden missiles are now no longer spring-loaded, as we mentioned above. Additionally, where the ladder section’s seat was scaled to work for classic Diaclone minifigures on the 2000/1 toy, here it has been cleverly upscaled to house Titan Masters instead, which apparently will also fit in the ‘bucket’ in a neat touch! Finally, the smaller robot form’s handheld gun still forms the additional wheel found at the front of the fire engine mode, which is a small thing but highly faithful to the original design.

#13: It can also form a base mode of sorts

As on the vintage figure, the rear of the fire engine can be split apart for use as armour or to form a command base of sorts to work alongside the smaller robot mode. Given this aspect was also featured in the cartoon, it’s great to see it included here!

#12: The smaller robot form can be powered up

Likewise, some of the armour sections can be applied to the smaller robot mode to power it up quite considerably, just as was found on the original toy and in the cartoon. Even better, these pieces attach by way of 5mm ports, meaning they will be cross-compatible with many other modern Generations toys, so that should lead to plenty of creativity.

#11: The super robot mode looks incredible!

Perhaps it goes without saying, but the Optimus Prime super robot mode is all kinds of handsome! For many of us, this is a legendary take on the iconic Autobot leader, and the new Haslab looks to be a truly worthy update to an already celebrated design. As mentioned, there are also some notable upgrades to the classic iteration (did I mention ankle tilt?), including how the ladder no longer needs to ‘fold’ at the bottom. This form will also include an opening chest compartment with a Matrix inside, confirmed to be removable for the Western release.

#10: Ultra Magnus’ vehicle form can hold other toys

As with Optimus, Ultra Magnus’ updated vehicle form looks nothing shy of amazing, perfectly recreating the classic look of this car carrier from the early 2000s series. Where the original could hold the Car Robot brothers, this new iteration will be able to stow three Deluxe Generations cars, so there’s plenty of play value involved.

#9: The robot mode also looks very impressive

Much will always be made of Magnus’ leggy robot mode. Still, again, it looks like the designers have done a wonderful job at tweaking the proportions to make them work that much better overall while still remaining surprisingly faithful to the animation. As well as looking fine, Magnus now features an opening chest compartment that can house his own Matrix, as seen on the show, something the original could never claim.

#8: Bluebolts is now a separate robot

As perhaps expected, Ultra Magnus is accompanied by his signature firearm, known as ‘Bluebolts’ in the cartoon. However, in a big twist to the proceedings, this Bluebolts has been reimagined as a separate character, complete with a robot mode! The Deluxe class lad is being touted as a ‘Battle Master’ but follows the popular Weaponizer gimmick to break apart into separate pieces for arming up larger toys. Intriguing!

#7: Bluebolts can work in combined form too

Of course, Bluebolts also turns into the classic firearm assembly so prominently wielded by Magnus in both his robot and vehicle forms. In addition, the weapon can be mounted atop the combined Omega Prime super mode for a spot of extra armament, although the promotional photos so far don’t make much of this so far.

#6: Optimus & Magnus can do “the handshake”

One aspect of the original toys that became iconic thanks to later being popularised in the cartoon was how both Optimus and Magnus shook hands in order to merge into their Omega Prime combined mode. The classic design allows the ‘cuffs’ of Ultra Magnus’ forearm to fold over and wrap around Prime’s, with the hands meeting in the middle. It’s exceptionally clever and clearly something the designer was proud of!

Well, unsurprisingly, this is also a big focus of the new Haslab effort, which recreates the act flawlessly!

#5: The combined mode is breathtaking

Speaking of the combined mode, it’s just about everything fans of this design could hope for, bringing the classic Omega Prime look to life with aplomb! At 13.75 inches tall, this is sure to be quite the imposing presence in a display and once again takes advantage of a modern overhaul to boast improved proportions and stability versus the original figure. It also features some serious design enhancements, such as a better solution for hiding away Ultra Magnus’ head and arms, for one thing. Stunning stuff all round.

#4: 1,000 backers are needed

OK, so how does one procure such an item? Well, as mentioned, it’s a crowdfunding project, so it will only go into production if the target of 10,000 backers is reached by the deadline, which, in this case, is on 14th March. The crucial thing to understand here is that should you choose to back the figure, you will only be charged if it’s successful after this date and not when you actually put your order in!

#3: The first unlock tier is the Matrix Blade

Assuming the project is successful, there are some stretch goals as well! The first of these unlocks at 13,000 backers and is the character’s signature Matrix Blade weapon, which is formed out of the raw power of the Matrix itself in the show. It stands at a whopping 23.5 inches tall, so it should prove quite the presence on a shelf!

#2: The second unlock tier is a set of stands

The second stretch goal unlocks at 16,000 backers and is a set of display stands that also merge together as a representation of the Global Spacebridge from the cartoon! This is the Autobots’ main method of travelling the globe and is prominently featured in the Robots in Disguise cartoon’s opening title sequence.

#1: It’s already 50% there!

Now for the great news – the project is always 50% funded after only a little over twenty-four hours! That’s an incredible achievement and bodes well for this being successful before the deadline. However, if you’re wanting to back it and get an Omega Prime for yourself, there’s no point waiting to see if it’s pans out first – best to get in there now! After all, you won’t be charged till the 14th of March deadline is up either way!

So that’s our list! Are you excited about the new Haslab?


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