COUNTDOWN: MORE Transformers tweets from OCTOBER that need to be seen!

As it’s been yet another bumper-packed month of robot-related creativity, we’re back for more Transformers tweets from October! And yes, I know it’s not called Twitter any more but we’ll stick with it for now.

As ever, they’re presented vaguely in date order, although only very roughly. The idea is to showcase and celebrate all the creativity within the fandom, so it’s really not a competition or popularity contest of any kind. Enjoy!

Be sure to check out the original list in case you haven’t seen it yet.

CONTENT WARNING for potential bad language!


Now that… is a thing of beauty!


Gorgeous death chicken!


Wow, these just keep on getting better and better.


So much adorable.


Oh, it’s perfect.


What to get the TF: Animated fan who has everything.


But how does he fit in there?


It’s them!


Why does this work so well?


A perfectly-timed cut.


Those ‘dead’ ’86 lads are coming in handy, I see.


Oh, I know that guy.


Somehow it works.




Don’t make him cross.


OK so these are epic.


Excellent work!


Woof, what a sight!


Dull surprise got nothing on this lot.


I did know this but it’s always nice to have a reminder.


So many questions.


Heyyyy, congratulations!




This is so well done… open the pics.


No notes. None.


This is refreshing.


He would as well.




See, I kinda miss the old days of comparing Hasbro and Takara releases.


The most powerful of the ’84 Decepticons!

So that’s our list! Did we miss any great tweets?


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