COUNTDOWN: Yet more gorgeous Beast Wars repaints

Just a little while ago, we were celebrating some truly wonderful Beast Wars repaints.

There’s just something about seeing an already familiar toy design rehashed in a bold new colour scheme that really gets the motor running. There’s often no better way to fully appreciate a particular mould than to admire it with a different look.

Well, now we’re back with some more, presenting another five terrific repaints for your consideration. And if you think this is a flimsy excuse to show off some recent acquisitions, then you might be right!

#5: Tripredacus Agent (2001)

Essentially completing a loose trio of toys that started with Takara’s Beast Wars Shadow Panther in 1997 and directly follows the much-hyped Metals Jaguar from two years later, Tripredacus Agent is also a criminally overlooked recolour of Transmetal 2 Cheetor. Whilst none of those releases have similar names, they are all (sort of) intended to be the same character to some degree. Although it may have resulted from trademark issues at the time, it’s still fun to see the toy line paying such a clear homage to the accompanying cartoon with how this final effort is identified.

True, the mould itself is a weird one, and honestly, I might well admit to it being somewhere in the lower half of my ranking in terms of Beast Wars toys overall, but still, there’s plenty to admire about this revised effort. Firstly, it’s not just any old black repaint, as the silver paint adds something extra to the proceedings, and the supremely shiny gold chrome is lush beyond belief. Overall, it’s eye-catching enough to make this one worth your consideration and has given me a new appreciation for what is otherwise a very divisive design from this era.

#4: Armada Predacon (2003)

Long after Beast Wars had concluded, the toy designs were still merrily doing the rounds in unusual ways. Chief amongst those examples are the recoloured moulds spun out into Armada, and even if they were fairly transparently a means of bolstering the product line a little, there’s a surprising amount to appreciate about them. That’s never better exemplified than with the somewhat awkwardly-if-not-inappropriately-named ‘Predacon’, which is, at face value, sporting a rather absurd new colour scheme for Transmetal Megatron. Yet as much as the idea of brown, off-grey, dark orange and no less than three different shades of green might sound turgid beyond belief, somehow – against all odds, mind – it comes together quite beautifully! Like so many of the Universe releases that also dropped during this era, it absolutely *should not work*. And yet…

#3: Dinobot Strafe (2014)

Undoubtedly one of the more bizarre Beast Wars repaints from over the years, this blue boy came out of nowhere as part of a two-pack Age of Extinction release, intended to represent the big-screen Pterosaur who was, in turn, an obvious nod towards G1 Swoop. Here’s the thing, though: it wasn’t only unprecedented for a new Beast-era recolour to randomly pop up in a line of movie toys, although yes, that is also about as peculiar as it gets. However, what was truly unexpected was how it used the original mould for Terrorsaur from 1996, which had been presumed lost after its final appearance for 1997’s Botcon exclusive Fractyl. As we may have mentioned as part of a previous list, Lazorbeak, Hydra, and every other release of this design used an entirely separate mould based on this one, and seeing it crop up for another outing was on precisely no one’s 2014 prediction list. That it also happens to be a hugely striking example is but the blue-coloured icing on top!

#2: Beast Wars Neo Black Big Convoy (1999)

Of all the many Japanese Beast Wars characters that frequently come up for discussion as part of potential Legacy speculation, Big Convoy is surely one of the most touted. It’s not hard to see why, given that he’s a huge (in every sense) and very memorable presence from 1999’s Neo, although here’s the thing – the classic toy is *so good* that any remake of it feels sort of superfluous somehow, and especially when you throw in the outrageously stunning repaints. Step forward Big Black Convoy, which does exactly what it says on the tin and presents this much-celebrated mammoth design in dark tones. But wait, there’s a twist! Instead of copying the teal highlights from the prior year’s Black Lio Convoy (which itself would become the template for twisted takes on Autobot leader toys), this gorgeous specimen mixes it up with a showstopping gold trim, making it retrospectively stand out in a roster that has become a little formulaic in the decades since. It’s so instantly breathtaking that, frankly, it should be illegal.

#1: Botcon Windrazor (1999)

When putting this list together, I noted that I now have a habit of throwing a Botcon figure in at the top spot every time, which almost makes me feel bad. Almost. Really, though, when they look as good as this, who can blame me for wanting to show them off a smidge, eh? After all, whilst Takara was going Big with their black repaints in ’99, the beasts of the Western Hemisphere had taken a most peculiar turn, leading to some freakish but astonishingly good-looking results. Fuzors may have been the oddest duck (no pun intended) of them all, but I don’t believe anyone could legitimately quibble the amazing use of colours seen on examples such as Windrazor here. This is top-quality paintwork and solidifies this exclusive release as being wholly worth your attention.

So that’s our list! What are some of your favourite Beast Wars repaints?


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