COUNTDOWN: 5 more gorgeous Beast Wars repaints

Just a little while ago, we were celebrating some truly wonderful Beast Wars repaints.

There’s just something about seeing an already familiar toy design rehashed in a bold new colour scheme that really gets the motor running. There’s often no better way to fully appreciate a particular mould than to admire it with a different look.

Well, now we’re back with some more, presenting another five terrific repaints for your consideration. And if you think this is a flimsy excuse to show off some recent acquisitions, then you might be right!

#5: Universe Optimus Primal (2003)

The original gorilla Optimus Primal toy stands up as one of the best takes on the character ever produced, even after all these years. Aside from anything else, it’s one of the most successfully gimmick-laden figures in the Maximal leader’s back catalogue, cramming in an unprecedented amount of fun in a manner that still manages to delight even now – who can say no to pop-out shoulder cannons, after all? So, what could be better than this post-Beast Wars makeover for the mould, now realised in a rather inexplicable new colour scheme with dark green, burnt red and bright popping yellow? It’s every bit as ludicrous as it sounds, but somehow manages to sidestep the obvious pitfall of being slightly horrendous and sail straight through to undeniably awesome. It shouldn’t work, and yet it works so well!

#4: Botcon Japan Barbearian (1998)

Fun fact: this was very nearly the colour scheme used on the original 1996 Polar Claw version of this design, back when the toy was in development under the immortal name ‘Grizzly-1’, although the equally groan-inducing ‘Barbearian’ was also considered at the time. So, when an exclusive repaint was required for Botcon Japan, the idea was brought back in style, and everyone unanimously rejoiced (at least, I assume so). After all, it’s a fabulous design, again chock full of play value and featuring such choice gimmicks as a spring-loaded handheld missile shaped like a bat. The yellows and browns on offer may not make for the most showy of colour schemes, but there’s little denying the appeal of this convention figure, not least because it brought back an idea that would’ve been a shame to waste.

#3: Walmart Transmetal Rattrap (1999)

The Beast era had plenty of over-the-top store-exclusive repaints during its run, although this blue vacuum-metalised version of Transmetal Rattrap ranks amongst the most talked about, and it’s not hard to see why. Firstly, the shiny finish is beyond gorgeous, standing out as the perfect alternative to the original’s blazing red and making the two together feel like a suitable double act. Secondly, the robot mode holds its own by dialling up the saturated palette and offering eye-searing greens and yellows to great effect. It’s utterly bizarre in the best possible way and puts a welcome fresh spin on an otherwise classic design of the time.

#2: Beast Wars II Flash Lio Convoy (1998)

Flash! Ah-ah! Whilst that might be the theme most immediately popping into your brain on hearing such a name, this lad is just as much a saviour of the universe after he powers up to defeat the evil Majin Zarak in the Beast Wars II mini-movie. Takara, being the good sports they are, naturally saw fit to immortalise this seconds-long animated appearance in toy form, the results of which speak for themselves when it comes to being all blingy and eye-catching. It’s a drastically different spin on what is already one of the best Japanese toys of the time and makes for a fantastic third alternative alongside the original and sultry black version. Unfortunately, it’s also one to handle with a bit of care, not least due to all that clear plastic but also because the joints on both this guy and his sister-release, Burning Convoy, are a little lacklustre, to say the least. Still, he’s worth a look, even if it’s accompanied by a gentle touch.

#1: Botcon Transmetal 2 Arcee (2001)

How could this not pop up during a conversation about amazing Beast-era repaints, eh? Firstly, I could say just look at it and feel like I’ve already provided enough cold, hard evidence for it to easily nab the number one spot. Secondly, it’s the first transformable Arcee toy. Like, ever. Oh, and it was limited to just 1,200 pieces. True, it may not feature the character’s classic automobile alternate form, but still, it’s a vital piece of Transformers history if ever there was one. Besides, it’s a jaw-dropping design anyway, but the new pink and white colour scheme takes everything Blackarachnia did well and amplifies it somehow, never failing to catch your eye in any display. If you don’t rate this, then you probably didn’t understand the situation.

So that’s our list! What are some of your favourite Beast Wars repaints?


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