COUNTDOWN: 10 more potential MP-44 repaints

In case you didn’t know, I love Optimus Prime repaints. Love ’em.

It was one of the many reasons I enjoyed collecting all the weird and wonderful versions of Masterpiece MP-10 Convoy, as you legitimately did not know what colour scheme would crop up next!

With fourteen versions to choose from, we’ve certainly been spoiled for choice (although if I had my way, we’d still get a few more!). However, there’s a new mould in town these days, so it’s time to turn our attention to MP-44.

With the freshly-unveiled toy-styled MP-44S next on the plate, it leaves us wondering what could be next in line for the third Masterpiece Optimus design, including a fair few options that MP-10 never got around to. Let’s have a look at some ideas!

#10: Ultra Magnus

Admittedly far from the most original concept out there, but still, this would doubtless be a bit of a fan favourite all the same. The MP-10 mould left the white Prime nod until relatively late in the day, and even then, it happened under the guise of a 711-themed offering, all of which felt at odds with the colour scheme being served straight up with MP-2 the first time around. Of all the choices on this list, this one feels like a relative shoo-in at some point down the line, so the real question is, how long will it take to happen?

#9: Generation 2

Some may turn their noses up at the idea of a Generation 2 MP-44 repaint, and to be fair, I can sort of understand why. After all, the main robot isn’t necessarily *that* different from a standard Optimus Prime colour scheme, save for a bit of a brighter, more saturated blue. Still, if some effort went into overhauling the trailer and equipping the Autobot leader with a set of ridiculously oversized guns, we could be cooking something worth serving! Perhaps a great way to set the robot apart even further is to adopt the black space around the eyes in a nod towards the Marvel comics series.

#8: Action Master

OK, I know, I know. But seriously, would it be the worst thing in the world? Action Masters may have a very unfair reputation amongst many franchise fans, but I can’t be alone in thinking this could be a neat overhaul for a Masterpiece release, right? RIGHT? I mean, it’s not like I’d be expecting it to come with a gigantic converting battle truck or anything. Although…

#7: Fire Guts

Fire Guts God Ginrai is one of those releases that need to be seen up close to truly believe it’s real, and even then, your eyes won’t truly let you comprehend just how orange it is! To say it’s a delight is a true understatement, leaving this Tango-flavoured repaint as a criminally-underutilised option for Optimus Prime moulds over the years. True, it would look absolutely bizarre on MP-44, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be worth seeing!

#6: Korean G2

Opinions remain divided about the true nature of this obscure 1990s Korean curio, but by and large, it’s been adopted as an awesome piece regardless of being a legit Transformers item or not. What makes it even more interesting is just how astonishingly similar it is to the 2019 Ghostbuster MP-10 release, raising serious questions about whether the modern figure was an intentional homage! Either way, this is an incredible colour scheme and would look stunning on the MP-44 mould, either bustin-themed or otherwise.

#5: Hate Plague

I promise you this is the final ‘white Prime’ on this list, but given what a conspicuous absence this nod has been on Optimus Prime toys over the years, surely it’s about time it finally happened, eh? It’s all to do with the events of The Return of Optimus Prime from the G1 cartoon’s third season. The Autobot leader must protect himself from a savage hate plague sweeping the galaxy, so he coats his entire body in a resistant alloy to avoid infection. The result was burned into the brain of anyone who grew up watching this episode during the ’80s, so much so that a whole generation of kids thought the vintage Ultra Magnus toy was some weird tie-in. Maybe it could finally happen with MP-44!

#4: BAPE

The three flavours of BAPE released on the MP-10 mould are all beautiful in hand, although it’s not the first time we’ve seen the tie-in on an Optimus Prime design, either. The G1 alternatives are equally lush and leave me wondering if MP-44 couldn’t be another option for a partnership with the Japanese clothing store. Failing that, plenty of other retail brands might make for exciting collaborations. After all, MP-10 did it with ATMOS, too!

#3: Magna / Powered Convoy

Blue Optimus Prime has long been a thing. It started in the Diaclone days with the pre-Transformers Ultra Magnus release sporting the colour and later carried through with nods such as Legends Magna Convoy. It’s since been repurposed as a Shattered Glass take on the character, but whatever your preference, it looks cool. Rather astoundingly, though, it’s never been used on any Masterpiece mould so far! That’s a crime that needs solving with MP-44.

#2: Shining Magnus

Speaking of outlandish colour schemes that have never made it to Masterpiece, let’s not forget this utter beauty, shall we? Yes, the toy that everybody commonly knows by a name other than Shining Magnus is often remembered for its clear plastic trailer, but the cab robot is no slouch either. It presents a perfectly yellow version of G1 Optimus Prime, and something this splendid (eh?) deserves to be seen on the MP-44 mould, too.

#1: Pepsi

Optimus Prime has never been afraid to pimp a good brand deal whilst pursuing freedom for all sentient beings. That explains why he’s commonly associated with a popular fizzy drinks brand, obvs. Really though, who’s quibbling the logic of it all when he looks this good whilst doing it, eh? Whether it was this OTT 2005 effort or the most subdued classic trailer look, this tie-in would surely be popular on a potential MP-44 release down the road.

So that’s our list! Are there any other colour schemes you’d like to see happen?


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