COUNTDOWN: 6 potential toy-styled Masterpiece repaints

Whilst not an official reveal, there are some images of upcoming Masterpiece repaints currently doing the rounds, and needless to say, they’re very exciting indeed!

Yep, it looks like we’re soon to receive both a toy-styled Diaclone yellow Trailbreaker (which might even be a new Decepticon character, based on the pic above!) and a similarly-retooled take on MP-44 Convoy. Assuming they’re both real, it’s a major cause for celebration, especially as the latter release would perfectly complement the outstanding MP-36+ Megatron from five years ago!

We’d just about given up on seeing any more of these vintage toy-styled homages in the Masterpiece line (to say nothing of more Diaclone nods), but hopefully, this is a sign of more to come. With renewed enthusiasm, here are five more designs that would be incredible to see.

#6: MP-53 Skids

The Masterpiece Skids mould is only a little over eighteen months old, yet there have already been four different versions! That’s quick work from TakaraTomy and leads us to think they may take a break from rereleasing it again soon, but that doesn’t stop us from wondering what a toy-styled take could look like all the same. After all, the vintage 1984 (yep, fact-check it!) figure is an all-time classic and oozes charm to the degree that it deserved a better rep in fiction back in the day. Some collectors may pause at the merits of an updated Masterpiece retool, given the almost ‘hybrid’ nature of the initial Skids release. However, one look at the gorgeous head sculpt on MP-53+B Diaburnout will surely show you the potential behind such a notion. Besides, what’s one more release of such an amazing mould, eh?

Here’s how it could look!

#5: MP-47 Hound

MP-47 Hound was much maligned for many reasons, but – bear with me here – it wasn’t a bad design at all. If anything, the majority of the complaints related to quality control concerns, with the brittle plastic on offer tending to snap as a result of even careful handling, leaving the figure with an unfortunate stigma amongst collector circles. That’s a major shame and may explain why this mould remains one-and-done. However, whilst other potential repaints could be mined from it, it’s impossible not to think that a toy-styled take on the original human-friendly Autobot wouldn’t also be exceedingly worthwhile. A darker green, some military star tampos, perhaps even some blinging chrome, and we’re away.

Here’s how it could look!

#4: MP-52 Starscream

What, more Seekers? Well, yes, because this idea could be very different from anything that’s been done in the Masterpiece line before. Whether such a notion immediately grabs you or not, the third (I maintain it’s the third) Starscream design certainly commands a presence in hand and surely would look terrific done up in detailed 1984 style, finished with colourful tampos to complete the look. I’m not suggesting another complete trio of the things is in order, but, at the very least, a Starscream to stand alongside MP-36+ wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, would it?

#3: MP-57 Skyfire

One of the newer Masterpiece toys on release, MP-57 Skyfire only made it into collector hands at the start of this year. The big lug has mostly won everyone over, although naturally, it will never stop us from pining over what could have been. I am, of course, referring to the complicated origins of the character in question, who began life as a Macross Valkyrie repaint in 1985, only to have to be overhauled entirely for the corresponding cartoon due to complicated licensing arrangements. It means that new toys will always ape the animation instead of that classic figure, making a toy-inspired release of MP-57 exceedingly unlikely (read: impossible). Equally, given the inherent differences between the two styles, it’s hard to imagine how TakaraTomy could repurpose the mould for such a thing. None of that stops us wondering, however… just imagine it, after all!

#2: MP-25 Tracks

The MP-25 mould is a personal favourite, with all three versions so far ably hitting the spot in different ways. Yet I still want more (where’s my Binaltech yellow version, eh?), and, as unlikely as it seems these days, a toy-styled version would be just the ticket. After all, it’s been speculated about for years, especially after the retooled head released as part of MP-25L Loudpedal, yet it’s never materialised. With the new Convoy now on the way, could it finally be time for them to make Tracks?

#1: MP-39 Sunstreaker

Like Tracks before him, there are few candidates as primed for a toy-styled makeover as Sunstreaker. After all, the MP-39 mould is almost six years old now, and as one of the first supremely-slavish cartoon-themed offerings in the Masterpiece line, it has frequently been the subject of speculation when it comes to a toy-inspired re-do. That only went into overdrive once MP-39+ Cordon was unveiled with a classic 1984 noggin, only for it to never be used on Sunstreaker himself. Again, it feels a little like the ship may have sailed on this one, but the new MP-44 gives us some hope at least, so never say never!

Here’s how it could look!

So that’s our list! Are there any other toy-styled repaints you would like to see?


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