COUNTDOWN: 15 new Transformers toy reveals that need to be seen!

The Hasbro Pulse Fanstreams have become a hotly-anticipated part of our regular collecting experience, especially given how many new toys are unveiled.

This week was no exception, with a plethora of product revealed for the first time, all of which is available soon (some right now!). So today, very simply, here are 15 new Transformers toy reveals that are worth your attention.

#15: Core Class Optimus Prime & Bumblebee

Core Class has proven to be a real draw for many collectors, with its significantly smaller size providing the required levels of enjoyment without commanding too much real estate in your home. Or, indeed, on your desk, given this set was even touted as being perfect deskbot fodder! In any case, whilst Optimus Prime and Bumblebee have been released in Core Class before, they’re given a distinctly more ‘cartoony’ makeover here, with noticeably bolder, more saturated and more uniform colour schemes. However, the trailer is the big draw, especially as it perfectly recreates the classic 1984 design, complete with miniature battle platform and repair bay configurations. Even better, there’s a battle axe and storage for the various weapons in a neat touch. Oh, and did we mention mini-Roller? Because just look at how adorable he is!

#14: Studio Series Ironhide and Prowl

This two-pack had been seen already, but still, it was intriguing to get an update about it all the same, especially as there’s a lot to comment on here! Collectors have been clamouring for an Earthrise Prowl re-release for some time now. However, it’s doubtful anyone expected it to arrive in this guise, as both that and the Studio Series Ironhide overhaul are now retooled to resemble their dying selves from the 1986 animated movie! Dark stuff. Opinion on this idea is fairly split, with some fans baulking at the notion of corpse toys on their shelf and others embracing the concept more wholeheartedly. Whatever your opinion, it feels like we’re in for some very interesting photography attempts once this set lands.

#13: Buzzworthy Bumblebee Troop Builder Multipack

Another set that’s already been seen, this one is a great way of filling out your ranks with troop-building concepts representing different parts of Transformers history. The Quintesson figure is a repaint of a mould included with the War For Cybertron Quintesson Pit of Judgement set, itself a retool of the Earthrise Allicon mould. Interestingly, this new version also comes with the original Allicon head, so assuming you’re keeping up with all these various releases, that gives you quite a few options for amassing a Quintesson army now!

The Generation 2 trooper represents one of the many members of Jhiaxus‘ ruthless Decepticon forces from the 1990s Marvel comic, which is a very unexpected but remarkable nod! Again, a second head is included, making this toy resemble another style of trooper seen on the printed page, whilst the main body is a retool of Legacy Skullgrin.

Next, there’s a new Seeker, and no, that isn’t Thundercracker! A blue jet of this body type could easily be mistaken for the thunder-themed member of the original trio, but in this case, it’s a random background lad from the 1980s cartoon episode More Than Meets The Eye (part 2). Sure, he’s on-screen for mere seconds, but hey, you can own him now.

Lastly, we have an Autotrooper, a concept made popular in Transformers: Animated and one this toy pays homage to, although it originated in the notorious Kiss Players line before that. In news I can’t quite believe I am typing, this figure even includes a spare head as a direct reference to that line, looking exactly like the noggin from the 2006 ‘Autorooper’ toy. Now who had that on their bingo card for 2023 mainline Transformers?

#12: VNR Optimus Prime

Since Holiday Optimus Prime first glimpsed, fans have been anticipating the repaints that might soon follow. Whilst most have speculated about a Generation 2 Hero recolour, instead, we’re currently being treated to something a little more traditional but no less exciting. Boasting your classic Optimus red and blue colour scheme in this case, this exceptional licensed Volvo toy looks every bit as good as we might have imagined and will surely be a massive draw for collectors who weren’t entirely convinced of the need for a Christmas-themed figure on their shelves (as fun as it was!).

#11: Studio Series Mirage

If you’ve seen Rise of the Beasts, you’ll likely have fallen in love with Mirage! Though much of the pre-release discourse centered on this Porsche-flavoured Autobot not being named Jazz, none of that truly seemed to matter whilst enjoying the film itself, and collectors have been clamouring for more toys of the character since. Step forward Studio Series and this fully licensed effort, which is still quite a remarkable claim worth celebrating when you consider the franchise’s history with the car manufacturer! In any case, this is the most screen-accurate effort thus far, although it was noted on the stream that Hasbro is still looking to add some extra touches to the face to enhance that aspect even more. Regardless, there’s little denying how incredible the alternate mode looks in this case. A licensed Porsche Transformers toy: I still can’t believe it.

Mirage is available for pre-order now!

#10: Studio Series Optimus Primal

Alongside Mirage, Optimus Primal was undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable characters emerging from Rise of the Beasts, and again, one that many fans are clamouring to see represented on their shelves. There are quite a few options already, but now Studio Series has given you another, with this detailed take on the Maximal leader sure to delight. Looking reasonably accurate to the screen, boasting several of his signature weapons and even including a miniature transwarp key accessory, this could be a good bet for anyone who feels their beast need to rise.

Optimus Primal is available for pre-order now!

#9: Core Class Snarl

Most Transformers fans love the Dinobots. After all, what could be better than giant hulking robot dinosaurs? Well, how about teeny tiny adorable robot dinosaurs! That’s essentially the concept of Core Class, and Snarl here demonstrates it perfectly. Oh, and he’s also the last of the team needed to complete your full combined mode Volcanicus, so that’s certainly something.

#8: Legacy Shadowstriker

We knew this one was on the way already, but it doesn’t make the updated take on the fan-favourite Cyberverse character any less exciting! Shadowstriker may have originated as a retool of 2001’s RID Side Burn. However, she truly became her own thing during the latter series, with the Legacy toy cannily attempting to homage both elements. This is a mould we can fully expect to have further outings down the line, but still, it’s great to see different parts of the franchise’s history being incorporated for now.

#7: Legacy Bombshell

With Shrapnel and Kickback already represented, it was certain that the final member of the classic Insecticon trio would make his way into the Legacy line-up at some point, and so it’s come to pass. Bombshell appears suitably creepy for the character in robot form, although that insect mode is just adorable. Opinions will vary on whether the G1 toy-styled purple chest was the right way to go (versus a more screen-accurate grey), but it certainly adds a welcome pop of extra colour to the proceedings, that’s for sure.

#6: Legacy Strongarm

Hoo boy, this one has caused some commentary online already. Whilst it felt like a Strongarm retool from Legacy Elita-1 was a near inevitability somehow, the results have been met with a distinctly mixed reception so far, with a significant critique from some circles being that the mould just isn’t bulky enough to do the RID 2015 character justice. Strongarm indeed appears somewhat more slender here than her classic guise, whilst the vehicle form is noticeably trimmed down too, but still, it’s fab to see her represented and, dare I say, I actually think this works pretty well myself. If anything, the bit that’s slightly strange to me is seeing her with a nose!

#5: Legacy Detritus

Wait, who? Yes, the deliciously-named Detritus is a bit of an obscure one, having first originated as an e-HOBBY exclusive repaint of the G1 Hound toy in 2004. The story is that he’s a Junkion who abandoned his home to work as a mercenary for both Autobots and Decepticons alike, which explains why this toy has the two faction symbols represented in his varying modes. He’s also sporting an attempt at the trademark goatee that made the classic figure so much fun, so this one feels like it’s gone the extra mile to pay homage to such a weird and wonderful deep cut.

#4: Legacy Bludgeon

Bludgeon here is that rare thing: a retool of an existing toy that you somehow just know is coming yet still manages to surprise when it finally does! I’m sure most fans anticipated a re-do of Legacy Tarn in these colours at some point, but that doesn’t take away from just how absurd it all is. After all, he kinda looks like a very menacing fruit salad. None of that is to say it’s not awesome, however, especially as the newly-moulded head is a great take on the classic character, although there’s clearly a bit of a Cyberverse flair to this outing, too. I love it.

#3: Legacy Trashmaster

Garbage truck Transformers are a rare but growing breed, and the aptly-named Trashmaster is sure to be another worthy entry! Expanding the roster of Legacy Junkions with aplomb, this also feels like one of the most appropriate alternate modes for the subgroup there is. Seriously, how did it take 37 years to think of this? Whoever came up with the idea deserves a raise.

#2: Legacy Dreadwing

Another repaint of an existing toy that is of little surprise but still looks undeniably awesome! TF: Prime fans have been excited about a Dreadwing repaint of Skyquake for a while now, and this one looks set to deliver with its updated moody blue and striking red colour scheme. Again, it’s an amalgamation design, incorporating elements from the G1 Skyquake mould. However, it certainly does the more modern series justice, especially with a newly-moulded cannon accessory that makes him look very menacing indeed!

#1: Generations Selects Antagony

We’d heard this one was happening, but wow, the reveal does not disappoint! This may be a straight-up repaint of the existing Legacy Inferno mould, but never underestimate the wonders of a sultry black and purple makeover, eh? Yes, this is a clear homage to the classic 1998 Botcon-exclusive Beast Wars toy, but seemingly with even more saturated colours than before. She also comes packaged with a newly-tooled head homaging Transmetal 2 Scavenger in a neat twist, and it was mentioned on the stream that there is some moulding inside the chest that recreates the detail from that toy, too – apparently, no one noticed! Overall, this is a very tempting Gen Selects overhaul that should prove popular with lots of fans on release.

So that’s our list! Are you excited about the new reveals?


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