COUNTDOWN: 5 more gorgeous Unicron Trilogy repaints

Just a little while ago, we were celebrating some truly wonderful Unicron Trilogy-era Transformers repaints.

There’s just something about seeing an already familiar toy design rehashed in a bold new colour scheme that really gets the motor running. There’s often no better way to fully appreciate a particular mould than to admire it with a different look.

Well, now we’re back with some more! Presenting another five terrific UT repaints for your consideration.

#5: Superlink Roadbuster Wild (2004)

More commonly known as Ironhide to the majority of Western Transformers fans, this guy had the notoriety of being the ‘kid-friendly Autobot’ in the Energon cartoon, which means that interest in the toy is very likely pre-determined based on your reaction to the animation. The figure also has several not-insignificant quirks which might be perceived as roadblocks to enjoyment, most notably the sizeable apparatus surrounding his head in robot mode, not to mention the squished, almost Penny Racer-style portions of the vehicle form. Yet even considering those points, there’s much to appreciate about this design, especially once you mix it up in the less traditional green, brown and blue colour scheme seen with this re-release. It’s a nod to G1 Hound, made more evident by the presence of a star symbol on the bonnet, but whatever the inspiration, it’s wildly underrated and well worth a look.

#4: Energon Six Shot (2005)

Shockwave toys typically have one default repaint, which is wheeled out at every opportunity: grey. Yep, as a perpetual nod towards the origins of the character’s first figure, it seems it’s too tempting an opportunity to pass up whenever there’s re-release potential of any given mould, which is why this 2005 Energon effort deserves more cred. Let’s be fair; the colours are *inexplicable*. Deep, dark purple mixed with a weird beige olive-green body and surprisingly candid red highlights is not a colour scheme I would have imagined working. However, it has a bizarre, almost counterintuitive appeal when you see it up close. A truly outlandish palette for a wholeheartedly idiosyncratic toy design, Six Shot certainly stands out from the crowd.

#3: Micron Legend Ratchet S (2003)

2002’s Armada Red Alert is the kind of toy people talk about when they fondly recall how gimmick-laden many of the designs from this era were. Aside from the rather dazzling LED and sound gimmicks (which I can only imagine your mum hated if you had this thing as a kid), there are firing missiles, a disc launcher hidden behind a secret compartment in his chest, swappable hand attachments, Minicon integration and more… much more besides! Yet as memorable as the classic version is, for my money, this orange, white, grey and red re-do is the one that is genuinely worth your attention, not least for how well it mixes up the more expected emergency vehicle template. He still retains his signature Robocop aesthetic but now with an additional helping of zing.

#2: Superlink Fire Grand Convoy (2004)

Recolouring any Optimus Prime figure in red may seem slightly counterintuitive to some, but who’s quibbling when it looks as good as this? Besides, it’s not like there isn’t some precedent here, with this 2004 limited release repaint of Takara’s individual ‘Grand Convoy’ design being a clear homage towards the now-classic Fire Guts God Ginrai design, looking every bit as blazing even if it is on a much smaller scale. The design is notoriously chunky, with the kind of dadbod proportions that have become spectacularly memeable in recent times and plenty of kibble-related quirks beyond that. Oh, and it’s an annoyingly fragile release, mainly down to using clear plastic on joints such as the knees. Yet none of that takes away from what is undeniably a beautiful figure to behold, as it proves once again that this colour scheme is straight-up fire.

#1: Botcon Timelines Landshark (2009)

Look, there was only so long I could make these lists without mentioning at least one of the Energon Landmine repaints, so here we are. Released five years after the original version of the mould, this is the perfect example of why so many of the Botcon repaints from over the years remain desirable, mixing things up to a surprising degree and bringing back an already-beloved design with new life breathed into it. Again, it’s a palette that takes a second to adjust to, with burnt orange and tan green not making for the most apparent showstopping mix. Yet the blue highlights add all the extra pop needed to make it work beautifully up close, and the addition of the Elite Guard Autobot symbol on his chest brings a welcome bit of interest, too. Honestly, when the inherent toy design is as good as this, I’ll gladly take it served up in whatever colour scheme is dreamt of, but that besides, Landshark is certainly no flounder.

So that’s our list! What are some of your favourite Unicron Trilogy repaints?


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