COUNTDOWN: Remembering Andrew Sorohan – 5 amazing series of concept artwork

In extremely sad news, it came to light earlier this year that Transformers community member and legendary artist Andrew Sorohan had passed away.

Andrew was known throughout the fandom, with his exceptional artwork delighting many of us over the years. He also curated the Obscure Transformers Website, which, though not updated for some time, remains highly worthy of a browse. You will find a lot of Andrew’s own artwork archived there too.

In more recent times, Andrew had built quite a sizeable following on Twitter, where he frequently posted incredible art of whatever occupied his attention at that time, including comic strips and countless exceptionally detailed (and often superbly niche) concepts for new Transformers ideas. He had an unparalleled ability to observe what to anyone else would be an unremarkable background detail and expand upon it to an unprecedented degree, always with outstanding results.

With the recent news that Twitter will be deactivating inactive accounts after a short span, many of us are aghast at the idea of Andrew’s vast library of work suddenly not being available to us anymore. To that end, here are but a handful of his concept ideas, saved and presented in a manner that hopefully does them justice should his account ever be deactivated.

RIP, Andrew, and thanks for all the ideas.

#5: Skyquake

After the recent Legacy Skyquake reveal, Andrew was clearly inspired to conceive what it might look like in all the various colours he could think of!

However, he took things a significant step further by then imagining it paired with the Legacy Needlenose mould, which opened up a whole new stream of creativity.

It says everything about Andrew’s attention to detail that he included both the unproduced Generation 2 ATB Megatron design and Beast Wars II BB, considering how close they are. Animated Jetfire & Jetstorm is another favourite of mine.

#4: Generation 2

The 1990s Generation 2 Marvel comic is a treasure trove of unique designs for Transformers, and Andrew did an outstanding job at bringing that to life as never before seen. Some of these elements feel so familiar from the book itself, yet here they’re fleshed out in a manner I never thought I’d see.

#3: Animated Prowl

It wasn’t just Transformers ideas that Andrew was frequently an expert at exploring, as evidenced here by his many highly creative reimaginings of the new Legacy Animated Prowl design. Did anyone else predict a Noob Saibot reference out of this? I didn’t think so.

#2: Jazz

In a similar effort to Prowl above, Andrew did a wonderful job at exploring the various ideas for potential repaints of the recent Buzzworthy Bumblebee Origins Jazz, including some that were as niche as could be expected from the artist. Particular props go to the cheeky misalignment on Jackpot’s head.

As if that wasn’t enough, Andrew took the idea much, much further…

I never once imagined that this mould could yield homages to stuff like Beast Wars Grimlock or Timelines Side Burn, but I’m delighted to see such a premise, nonetheless!

#1: Constructicons

Andrew had several major rabbit holes that he mined almost exponentially for maximum creative value. Like his attempts to represent every Optimus Prime recolour or his exploration of background Seeker designs, his efforts to depict the many Constructicon animation errors from the 1980s cartoon were wonderful to witness. Just… look at this…

I don’t know of anyone so dedicated to representing the obscure in such a manner or to such a degree. So many of these I would never have even noticed, let alone thought to immortalise in such a fashion. It’s beautifully comprehensive.

Furthermore, here’s Andrew’s attempt to portray the various Constructicon toy colour schemes, too. Again, you must admire the attention to detail in getting the shades of the now four-and-a-half yellow sets correct.

Of all of the above, he then went a step further in expanding on the ideas as presented to add his own creative flair.

First was this representation of the team as shown in the episode Five Faces of Darkness (part 4), where Andrew speculated on what a potential combined mode for these miscoloured miscreants might look like.

Next was my personal favourite of everything on this list.

Yes, having gone to surprising lengths to showcase this very random assortment of oddly-coloured character models, Andrew naturally put them together into a rather fabulous combined form that, I’m sure you agree, would be truly something to observe in toy form one day. Just outstanding.

So that’s our list! Be sure to give Andrew’s Twitter a good look whilst it still exists, and find more at the Obscure Transformers Website. Here’s to you, Andrew.


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