COUNTDOWN: 6 potential repaints for Legacy Shadowstriker

We learned from the most recent Hasbro Pulse Fanstream that a Legacy Evolution Shadowstriker figure was on the way as a new take of the character, as seen in the Cyberverse cartoon.

Well, thanks to Sonic Bomber-Core, we have our first look at the Deluxe figure in all her glory!

Picture credit: Sonic Bomber-Core

Both modes look very exciting, although, as many have pointed out, this is clearly a stylised take on the character as shown during Cyberverse. That head design is unmistakable, however!

Picture credit: Sonic Bomber-Core

What’s also been immediately apparent to plenty of fans is that this new figure feels like a definite ‘pretool’ for a potential Legacy Evolution take on Robots in Disguise Side Burn from 2001, with many of the design elements being a clear nod in that direction. With that in mind, let’s have a look at what potential repaints might be in store for this mould…

#6: RID Side Burn (2001) / Car Robots Speedbreaker (2000)

Yes, first and foremost, fans of the 2001 Robots in Disguise series will undoubtedly be hoping for an updated take on signature character Side Burn at very long last. Released initially as Takara’s Car Robots Speedbreaker the year prior, the now-vintage figure is the only cartoon-faithful toy of the Autobot ever released, existing alongside a small Spychanger nod and a repaint of Classics Hot Rod from 2011. Still, there will likely be a lot of buzz about a more faithful take, which the Shadowstriker design is seemingly heading towards.

Rocking a classic Dodge Viper vehicle mode, Side Burn has gone down in legend as one of the more intricate and fiddly toys to transform of the era. In reality, it’s been surpassed in that regard many times over in the decades since, but still, it’s an incredibly unique figure that always deserves more love.

#5: RID Super Side Burn (2001) / Car Robots Super Speedbreaker (2000)

From back in the days when repaints only needed an excuse as straightforward as a simple power-up, the ‘Super’ re-release of Sideburn (and his 2000 Takara equivalent) is every bit as eye-catching and just as irresistible. The hot rod red of the main body and the singing flame motif on the bonnet are clearly nods to the franchise’s original turbo-revving young punk, but Side Burn makes them his own here. Interestingly, this was also one of the first-ever licensed car modes of the franchise, now proudly wearing the Dodge Viper emblem on the bonnet. It would be impossible for me to tell you whether the red or blue version of this toy is the best; they both deserve your undivided attention. If Sideburn is to get a Legacy makeover soon, expect a red update to be not too far behind.

#4: Car Robots ‘3 Kyodai’ Speedbreaker (2000)

Released only by Takara as part of their astonishing ‘3 Kyodai’ Car Robots brother set, this clear take on Speedbreaker is just too impressive for words. It’s essentially the Super version of the character inside a transparent plastic shell, which no doubt some will immediately have nightmares about, despite its beauty. Still, there is some precedent for it beyond just being a treat for your eyeballs. It’s meant to represent the character’s transformation between his regular and super modes, as briefly shown in the accompanying cartoon. I don’t foresee Hasbro homaging this one within Legacy, but the inspiration is there for the taking!

#3: Universe Side Burn (2004)

The 2004 Universe line was a veritable treasure trove of awesome repaint ideas, and it gifted us yet another delicious spin on the classic look for Side Burn. The robot mode is essentially again the Super colour scheme inside a new shell, but this is worth it for the updated vehicle mode alone. The Viper was given the appearance of a carbon fibre finish, which would be a mighty swish alternate release for Legacy.

#2: OTFCC Universe Roulette (2003)

One-half of an exclusive giftset available at 2003’s Official Transformers Collectors Convention (which replaced Botcon at that time), this was also the first ever example of a toy with newly-moulded parts created specifically for a con. Roulette is the Autobot of the pair and features a highly distinctive silver, black, burnt yellow and blazing purple colour scheme. Something about her almost reminds me of the new Rise of the Beasts take on Nightbird, but regardless, this would be a worthy candidate for a Legacy overhaul.

#1: OTFCC Universe Shadowstriker (2003)

It’s her! Yes, Shadowstriker may now be more synonymous with Cyberverse, but this is where she got her start, back in the day. The other half of that OTFCC 2003 set was purportedly planned to be named ‘Silhouette’ (to work alongside her sister release, Roulette), but trademark concerns led things down a different path. The original take on the character is quite a departure from how we now think of her, with a jet-black body offset by striking (eh?) blue, orange and gold highlights. Sure, Shadowstriker may already be making her Legacy debut, but why not give us another version which pays homage to her roots?

So that’s our list! Which of these would you most like to happen in Legacy?


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