COUNTDOWN: 10 live-action Transformers threezero should tackle

In case you weren’t aware, I’m a *huge* threezero fan. So, imagine my excitement when they recently unveiled one of my most anticipated designs from the live-action Transformers movies! Yep, it’s Bumblebee Arcee.

Just look at that, eh? Perfectly recreated from the film, the Autobot warrior has rarely looked better in 3D form, so much so that I’m already far too excited about getting the figure in front of the lens and seeing what awesome poses it can achieve.

Arcee is available for pre-order now and joins an already impressive back catalogue of super-detailed, hyper-articulated figures from the licensed toy manufacturer. Sure, some will always knock the fact that they don’t transform, but as I always say, that’s a surprisingly small compromise once you see everything else these things can do. Oh, and did I mention they’re flipping *gorgeous*?

In any case, with Rise of the Beasts soon to hit cinemas and threezero having already teased the premise of recreating some of that robot cast, what better time to look ahead and consider which characters from across the movies we’d love to see given the treatment? Here are some top picks.

#10: Wheeljack (Bumblebee)

Considering it barely amounts to three minutes of runtime, the opening Cybertron scene of 2018’s Bumblebee has been an extraordinarily rich inspiration for toys. Despite appearing only for mere seconds, all Autobots present have been granted transformable interpretations in lines like Studio Series. Fans regularly cite them as some of their favourite live-action takes on these classic characters, but there’s no better example of that than Wheeljack. He has just one line of dialogue and graces the screen long enough for what amounts to turning around, yet it’s commonly held as the pinnacle of big-screen interpretations for the character. With Arcee now on the way, we’d love to see threezero giving him a go at some point soon!

#9: Shatter (Bumblebee)

Sticking with Bumblebee, what about some love for the film’s chief villain? After all, we’ve already seen threezero tackling Act 1 bad lad Blitzwing, so surely Shatter deserves a go! This would be especially worthwhile as the triple-changing design is one that’s seemingly been hard to thoroughly do justice in toy form, so a fully-faithful take on her robot mode with all of the stunning detail intact would surely be breathtaking to see.

#8: Dropkick (Bumblebee)

Speaking of Shatter, if you bring her to life, you would surely want fellow Deception douchebag Dropkick, too, right? Again, this lad sports an intensely complicated design in the film; hence the toys that have attempted it have always had to interpret how it looks in one sense or another. A non-transformable, superbly-detailed threezero attempt is likely our best shot at seeing his robot form brought to life, so let’s hope it could still happen!

#7: Hound (Age of Extinction / The Last Knight)

Yes, it’s the self-proclaimed fat ballerina himself! Hound was one of the more memorable Autobot characters from the last two Michael Bay Transformers movies, and it would be incredible to see him given the threezero treatment at some point. Although there are minor differences in his look between the two films he appeared in, surely most fans would be happy with whichever is represented. Who else is going to take scalps and slit throats?

#6: Drift (Age of Extinction / The Last Knight)

If we’re talking Autobots from the later Bay flicks, no doubt Drift is another design that instantly springs to mind. The triple-changing Autobot is hugely distinctive in both his on-screen appearances, making a threezero interpretation a no-brainer when it comes to seeing the character faithfully recreated. He received a significant makeover for The Last Knight (including a palette change). Given that we’ve already seen Optimus Prime and Bumblebee from the 2017 movie brought to life, it’s that take on Drift which is more likely.

#5: Crosshairs (Age of Extinction / The Last Knight)

Capping off our trio of AOE/TLK good guys, it’s none other than the cranky Crosshairs. Again, this guy has an idiosyncratic appearance that I wonder if any toy take has quite nailed in accuracy thus far. It’s hard to imagine anyone but threezero bringing him to life in such a slavish form, complete with cloak and everything. Again, his fifth film design is more likely to happen, but either way: push, punch, press, release!

#4: Mirage (Rise of the Beasts)

Moving onto our upcoming movie epic, naturally, there are plenty of characters from Rise of the Beasts that we would simply *love* to see brought to life by threezero. Chief among the likely candidates is Mirage, not least because he’s the human-friendly poster boy of the film by all accounts. This is another design that’s hard to slavishly capture based on transformable toys, so a threezero effort could be one that a lot of fans might take to. Besides, he’s your boy!

#3: Arcee (Rise of the Beasts)

With a Bumblebee version of the character now on the way, there’s little doubt that many collectors might also enjoy seeing the Arcee design from Rise of the Beasts made real. Sure, there are some commonalities with the previous film, but they’re still distinctive enough to make this potential follow-up effort worthwhile, especially if they can find a way to give her the feet wheels we’ve seen in concept artwork!

#2: Optimus Primal (Rise of the Beasts)

Various characters from Rise of the Beasts feel like real shoo-ins for some threezero love, and although we’d love to see the entire Maximal crew recreated, it feels like big bot Optimus Primal might be chief among them. The biggest question here is whether we’d see his robot or beast modes represented, as there are pros for both. On balance, I’d likely prefer the former, but either way, seeing him brought to life would be just prime.

SPECIAL MENTION: Megatron (Bumblebee)

File this under things that will never happen, but we can dream! This recently unveiled toy artwork gave us a glimpse of the Megatron design from 2018’s Bumblebee for the first time, considering it wasn’t used during the film. In any case, it’s beyond amazing and deserves a proper showcase at some point, despite how unlikely it is to ever happen. If threezero did give it a go, I see it being a popular one, though!

#1: Wheeljack (Rise of the Beasts)

Come on. COME ON. I know what some of you will say, but this is still a super creative design that could be all kinds of fun to see done in a slavish style. Yes, RotB Wheeljack has effectively broken the internet these past few months but he’s so adorable that he deserves a bit of love. Make threezero Pablo happen, we say!

So that’s our list! What other characters deserve some threezero love?


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