COUNTDOWN: MORE Transformers tweets from MARCH that need to be seen!

As it’s been yet another bumper-packed month of robot-related creativity, we’re back for more Transformers tweets from March!

As ever, they’re presented vaguely in date order, although only very roughly. The idea is to showcase and celebrate all the creativity within the fandom, so it’s really not a competition or popularity contest of any kind. Enjoy!

Be sure to check out the original list in case you haven’t seen it yet.


There have always been Seekers of every colour so why not put them all together?


Someone’s ‘Bee’n busy.


Megatron always did enjoy playing with Optimus Prime.


Haunting stuff.


In some ways, this was the most believable bit of the film.


There’s the boy!


Any Bruticus is good Bruticus.


Bumblebee is at his best when hanging out and being adorable.


It’s nice when hobbies bring people together.


This entire thread is worth your time.


Perfectly executed – just check the pics!


He makes some excellent points.


Weird to think this is where that dialogue originated.


This is a rubbish explanation and I love it.


What did I say? ADORABLE.


I never knew.


These just keep getting better and better!


“Owlbear” totally sounds like something we could have had in the ’90s.


Why does this work SO WELL?




I adore the style of this!


No official name, but I love the suggestion below…


I would love to see this toy made.


If you’re gonna ride…


I was totally not expecting this.

So that’s our list! Did we miss any great tweets?


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