COUNTDOWN: The best Transformers toys of 2022 (as nominated by Twitter)! (part 2)

2022 is at a close, which means that, as ever, it’s time to take stock of the previous year’s new toy offerings and assess which delighted us the most! I will be writing up my list very soon but in the meantime, I thought it might be fun to see what Twitter had to say on the subject.

Plenty, it seems! So for today’s list, we’ve correlated the nominations and presented them here (roughly) in order of how many mentions they each received. How scientific that is may be debatable, but see what you think of the choices either way. There are at least one or two toys that crept in from late 2021, but no matter – here are the best toys of the year, according to Twitter!

Check out part 1 first, in case you missed it.

#30: Ocular Max Navigant



#29: MMC Optus Prominon Servered Geist



#28: Legacy Blaster

“I’m giving it to him. The best red brick boy” – @Shulktimus

“Perceptor is really nice. Rumble (Blue) is just glorious. I’m going with Blaster.” – @transformer_dad

#27: Studio Series Sludge



#26: Magic Square Light of Peace 2.0



#25: Legacy Needlenose

“Needlenose. He’s an absolute beauty 😍” – @w00dimusPr1me

“Not the best, but certainly my favourite was Needlenose. 15 years I’d waited for him, he didn’t disappoint. Even if his Targetmasters did a bit.” – @Drachensturm711

#24: Masterpiece Skids

“my mp skids didnt arrive til 2022 so its my winner and its not even close” – @Eduardolicious

“Biased due to my love for this loser, but MP Skids is definitely my favorite new tf of 2022!” – @CTOmaximus14

#23: Magic Square Meteorite

“I’d say for me it’s Magic Square Jetfire, he’s so fun to pose and mess around with, he’s also Voyager sized so he fits really well with the Legends scaling.” – @CannibalChow


#22: Legacy Minerva



#21: G1 Retro Hot Rod

“New new, or repaint new? Asking for Transformers The Movie – Hot Rod.” – @andrewdturnbull

“Pink G1 Hot Rod!” – @BrassMunkieTV

#20: Studio Series Ironhide

“Seems a bit unfair to say Victory Saber, so I’m going with a more low-key upgrade sort of figure that happened to knock it out of the park- Studio Series 86 Ironhide.” – @mikeszekely



#19: Studio Series TLK Hot Rod




#18: Holiday Optimus Prime

“I didn’t think I was going to, but I really like Holiday Optimus Prime. His legs are kinda baggy, but everything else is pretty cool” – @ElGordoBandito

“Holiday Optimus Prime, no contest.” – @Munesquared


#17: Masterpiece MPM Blackout

“imma have to say mpm blackout, that thing is incredible IMO” – @itsTHEbigfella

“Still in love with this guy” – @tftoy_pics



#16: Legacy Blitzwing

“Personally my favourite was legacy blitzwing. The figure has several flaws (mostly in the vehicle modes) but it’s just a fun figure to mess around with.” – @KazakhV3

“Its a very close 3 way tie for me. But if I dead set have to chose just 1… Legacy Blitzwing. I never had the og toy, and this is just dumb fun. Runner ups: Legacy Armada Starscream / Beast Wars Inferno. Real Close.” – @Creepy_Monsters



#15: Generations Selects Black Zarak





#14: Legacy Armada Starscream

“Armada Starscream, I’m never been this happy in so long and the idea that I have him now makes me super damn happy.” – @SamaTobi

“Legacy Starscream. It caught me by surprise how great it was” – @PIZZROLE

“FOR THE ROYALTY of starscream, starscream is my favorite figure of this year. Place 2 has to go to Meg-tyrano and place 3 to inferno. These are awesome figures all around” – @Starignite7

“In Legacy’s mainline, without a doubt, Armada Starscream” – @itzMaz95

#13: Studio Series Arcee

“I love the Studio Series BB Arcee, as I like her proportions in robot mode but otherwise I’m kinda struggling on my transformer of the year.” – @JoyJoyJenny

“My personal favorite was Studio Series (Bumblebee) Arcee” – @KaizokuRogue

“To break the suspense for absolutely no-one, my number 1 figure for 2022 is of course Studio Series Bumbleebee Movie Arcee. Sure, Victory Saber’s nice and all, but this is such a good Arcee, and one I keep coming back to. No contest for me.” – @TheLlamaGod

“Arcee is goddamn perfect. (Because she was a Christmas gift from my little sister)” – @WeirdBlueYonder


#12: LEGO Optimus Prime

“I have so many that I could consider to be the best Transformer, but it has to go to this. The realization of my, and probably many people’s childhoods” – @decepticonaiden

“LEGO Optimus easily” – @idkwhatputhere4





#11: Legacy Tarantulas







#10: Legacy Velocitron Speedia 500 Scourge

“My brain wants to give 5 answers that all contradict each other but if I had to pick one it’d have to be Velocitron Scourge but GS Black Zarak is a CLOSE 2nd” – @CakepanDoughboi

“Despite his color scheme looking more like Nemesis Prime I still love Scourge.” – @GilderoyLkhart

“I guess that rid scourge, very fun to transform” – @Yes61861745




#9: Legacy Metroplex

“It’s a tough battle, but HIM” – @D_Maximus_Prime

“For me, it definitely has to be Legacy Metroplex. This is only one of the two Titans I own, and I absolutely love him. The nostalgia kinda just kicks in, y’know? (Still gotta find Override, though, and build up that Legacy Unicron trilogy stuff.)” – @MasterUltraBall

“Let’s go, Mets!” – @KrazyGuy98




#8: Legacy Velocitron Speedia 500 Override

“For me it was Speedia500 Override, perfect update of the original toy.” – @TheVacuuminator

“I just got into the fandom this year, I think my favorite figure in my whole collection is SS86 Hot Rod but in terms of what came out this year, probably Override. She’s really cool.” – @vivivindicator

“Of the ones I bought? Override!” – @DaveMarrrrrr

“Out of what I’ve gotten, Velocitron Override and good ol’ Dragstrip have been some of my fidgeting favourites” – @Junelikesrobots

“Very close race between Cosmos and Override for me!” – @BitSocket



#7: Studio Series The Fallen

“For me it has to be the Fallen. I just love him so much, he’s fantastic” – @ahriman_c

“Im collecting only ss so its 91 The Fallen” – @patr24611495

“It would be between the fallen or ss core ravage if you ask me, but i’ll go with the fallen” – @Botreview10






#6: Legacy Jhiaxus

“As weird as it is to say, from the figures I have I gotta say jhiaxus is probably my favorite. He’s got pretty great posability, great weapons, a fantastic transformation, and a pretty ok alt mode, though it looks better when you don’t bring the wings down.” – @SteamedToast2

“My vote is Legacy Jhiaxus for best original and all around toy.” – @plumzaplook

“After all these years they FINALLY did right by this dude.” – @RankingRobots

“Dragon Megatron if he didn’t have the butterface
Victory Saber if his shoulder pads weren’t static
Blaster dropped last year…
Guess it’s Jhiaxus for me!” – @CryptidsCustoms

“My brain has a tough time picking just one, even though VS is technically my personal figure of the year, voyager class really kicked it out of the park so inferno & jhiaxus get honorable mentions from me 😅” – @HailKingCrimson

“Only one choice for 2022 release” – @Colesnor

“Jhiaxus. All around tight figure oozing with style. Not too big or hard to get. Only downside in my mind is if you don’t like that style” – @machtackle

“Retail wise? Jihaxus straight up a damned good figure.” – @DrGodotnik



#5: Legacy Velocitron Speedia 500 Cosmos

“Cosmos the best deluxe figure” – @retroaktive10

“Cosmos is my favorite, I love him so much” – @AshnodWatt

“Cosmos for me. He lived up to the hype, and the fact that my partner went out of her way to get him for me means there’s sentimental value on top of that. Motormaster and Skids aren’t too far behind, tho.” – @EsdeemWrites

“I don’t know if he’s best, but he’s my favorite❤️” – @AHuman2021

“Cosmos, a Perfect round boi” – @cody4897


“Cosmos was excellent, a massively satisfying transformation and pleasingly heavy in-hand” – @housetoastonish





#4: Legacy Inferno

“If we are talking mainline, non-3P releases I think i might have to give it to Legacy Inferno – how can you say no to a face like that? It has been a banner year though” – @dawfyddkelly

“For me it might be Legacy Inferno” – @megaphone5959

“For me it’s between legacy inferno and cosmos, two of my favorite characters, finally receiving fantastic toys. I really can’t decide they’re both phenomenal” – @Primekelly414

“He burns the competition to the ground” – @Maloney4playz








#3: Legacy Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Megatron

“May be recency bias but this lad is GOAT (Would’ve been Haslab Victory Saber but mine had some bad QC issues)” – @kursedkey

“Legacy Transmetal 2 Megatron, without a doubt.” – @Jamesotron

“I don’t do very well breaking down the lines by year but I have to say (this) squeaked in and left me breathless” – @anguirus42

“Not even debatable” – @RhettLarsen6

“Dragon Megatron, hands f***ing down. It’s everything I could have hoped for and more, a faithful update to the OG figure that’s basically perfect bar the toy-accurate face. But hey there’s a kit coming out for that.” – @smug_coffee_man

“I keep coming back to Legacy TM2 Megatron. Such a solid figure.” – @Twitchythe3rd

“For me it has to be transmetal II megatron. Amazing robot mode, fun and unique transformation, a damn near flawless beast mode, the works! I haven’t been able to put it down since I got it” – @TruBluHue

“This sexy dragon, yes…” – @BladeGnome









#2: Legacy Motormaster (/ Menasor)

“Commander Motormaster. Hands down. Not even a fair fight.” – @MemphisR56

“For me menasor” – @Tobyn_17

“Legacy Motormaster. Undeniably the best out of all the Stunticons by far, and one of the best commander classes. I can only hope Ultra Magnus and Armada Prime live up to his standards” – @UncleClunk

“Genuinely impressed with Legacy Motormaster. I found myself audibly going ‘ooh’ a few times when transforming him between modes. My only gripe is the ‘turret’ kibble.” – @nykgeta

“Has to be menasor. Proportions are 🔥” – @Samuraisknwbest

“Motormaster is the best for me. Even without the other stunticons he’s very impressive.” – @SMSudin

“The King himself” – @OTwentyFourOW

“I’d have to go with Motormaster, with the caveat that I’ve yet to get my hands on Inferno or Starscream” – @BrickBotGuy

“Motormaster. Hands down” – @OniSpectre

“My vote is for Motormaster.” – @tf_starfire









#1: Haslab Victory Saber

“Star Saber I think takes it for me. MP Trailbreaker is a (very) late contender though!” – @locustreignuk

“Not sure if it counts, but I’m gonna have to go with HasLab Victory Saber.” – @Joe_Kach

“Mainline would have to be Motormaster, but out of everything I’ve gotta go with Victory Saber” – @UnderscoreZeus

“For me, hands down Victory Saber. Minor QC issues aside, it’s a dream come true for me. Bring on Deathsaurus!” – @AShortTanker

“Victory Saber without a doubt. Even with the messy QC issues it’s still the most impressive and simply wonderful TF I got all year.” – @Pooko212

“Has to be Star Saber doesn’t it?” – @UkShadowdragon

“Starsaber. No doubt about it.” – @Chaos6413

“Definitely Star Saber! ^_^

Let’s Say Go!” – @ShinKuro127



















So that’s our list! Did we miss any great tweets?


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