COLLECTING THOUGHTS: Building your own Masterpiece Fort Max!

Without a doubt, one of the most ambitious Transformers-related projects in recent memory is the upcoming FansToys Fortress Maximus!

Supposedly clocking in at around a gargantuan 47-48 inches, the behemoth figure will stand significantly taller than any previous official or third-party effort in the world of robots in disguise. It’s almost unfathomable that such a thing is even in development, yet here we are!

Whilst some remain sceptical FansToys will ever follow through with such a thing, they have cracked on and released his head for now, at least, in the form of Hannibal. That’s already quite exciting as it is!

Hannibal represents Fortress from the Japanese series Headmasters, although most Western fans will likely know him better as Cerebros. Seeing this figure standing head-to-hand with Masterpiece-scaled toys is a thrill as it is, although you can’t help but wonder just what the full Fort Max might be like in person…

Well, what to do if you don’t fancy waiting? Build your own! This is exactly what Singapore-based collector Robin Tham has done! Behold!

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you – that’s the MP-sized Maketoys Iron Will and Cupola down the bottom there!

It’s fair to say that a project of this scope is well beyond most of our imaginations, so we caught up with Robin to see how he approached it all, and he was kind enough to share lots of photos, too!

What inspired you to make such a thing, and how did you go about it?

I was surfing online and saw a shared post on Facebook showing someone who had made a body for FT-40A Hannibal using cardboard.

I had previously been tinkering about printing and modifying the Scorponok designed by Printformers and thought perhaps I could upscale his print files for a Masterpiece-sized Fortress Maximus.

So I contacted Marcin from Printformers and asked him how big his printed Maximus design was. He showed me a rough estimate using a tape that it stood at around 24cm or 9.5 inches. Armed with the information that the FansToys big boy was going to be approximately 1.2m or 48 inches, I went with the ballpark figure of upscaling the files by 500%!

I then explored the neck joint of both Marcin’s design and that of Hannibal and started thinking about how best I could do it.

So with my limited skills and access to CAD design, I figured I would go ahead if I first were able to design a connector for the head. I then also asked Marcin if it was OK for me to remix some of his files for this behemoth of the project.

Throughout the process, Marcin from Printformers was really supportive and offered advice on areas why I could improve upon. I have also designed some parts to make it more cartoon accurate through reference material based on the Transformers SCF PVC figures.

Most of the files that I have designed through my building course and I have also shared them with Printformers to be included in future updates.

As for electronics, I initially used a remote control LED lamp in the left shoulder tower, although this was eventually removed.

At the end of the day, it is an enjoyable process seeing the fandom enjoy my work, and well, what’s an Autobot without his insignia?

How tall is the result? How much does it weigh?

The end result saw the figure come in at about 1.15m or 47 inches. I have not weighed the figure when it is complete, but at the intermission stage, where the top half of the torso was completed, it was weighing in at around 16kg!

I would say if I take a stab in the dark, given that each leg is approx 4.8kg, the whole figure comes in at approx 35-36kg.

How did you complete the design to be so cartoon accurate?

For cartoon accuracy, I would have to say it is a potato-potatoes situation. I grew up exposed to Fortress Maximus in its Japanese fandom, so to fit its accuracy, I actually chose work using the files designed for Grand Maximus.

Many claimed that the head is too small, but I felt that it was just right, given the aesthetic of how it appeared in Headmasters.

How articulated and poseable is it?

The original design of the body by Printformers was meant to be well articulated. However, when a design is blown up by 500%, a 0.5mm tolerance gap becomes a whopping 2.5mm, and the ratchets that were designed failed to work as intended.

Given that I went crazy on the structure with thick walls and heavy infill, the figure could barely hold the weight in its arms. I probably can get simple poses at best, but as it stands, it makes an awesome statue!

Meanwhile, there have been some recent updates, using ToyMakr3D’s hands from their Devastator design, upscaled to fit Fort Max.

Where do you keep such a thing, and what does your family make of it?

The robot finds its place in my toy room, where all my Transformers reside. While my spouse is generally supportive, she did warn me about making a Scorponok!

What’s your next project?

I’m currently printing the sword and gun for Fort Max, but here is a preview of what’s next…

What an epic thing! A big thank you to Robin for sharing the photos and information, and we can’t wait to see more about how this and future projects develop!


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