COUNTDOWN: 40 eye-searing Transformers colour schemes (part 2)

I love outlandish, bizarre Transformers colour schemes.

So much so that I was inspired to ask about them on Twitter the other day.

I was hoping for a good response, but nothing prepared me for what I got, including at least a few suggestions that I’d either forgotten about or had never seen before! So now, here are some of the best answers, presented with evidence of just how garish the suggestions are in each case.

Be sure to check out part 1 before continuing below!

#20: Generation 1 / Titans Return Krok

“I think it’s even more ridiculous since he’s supposed to be an animal” – @_demonman

#19: Beast Wars Fuzor Buzzclaw


#18: Combiner Wars Victorion

“Probably Victorion’s original colors. Just…ow” – @OTwentyFourOW

#17: Generation 1 Action Master Elite Omega Spreem


#16: Car Robots Wrecker Hook


#15: Generation 2 Cyberjet Hooligan


#14: Generation 1 Thunderclash

“I’d say Thunderclash – whether the OG or one of the modern iterations – takes the crown with the mix of red, dayglo transparent pink, teal and gold. Absolutely foul yet fabulous at the same time” – @GunFireAlpha

“Thunderclash comes to mind.” – @DannyRayChamp

#13: Timelines Circuit

Picture credit: TFW2005

“He quite literally looks like a dollar store bootleg.” – @TheOddLadyInRed

“Circuit for the win” – @GeoKYZR

#12: TF Collaborative J. Balvintron

“But I love him.” – @Joren_Onirom

#11: Generation 2 Combaticons

“personally, G2 bruticus with it’s very power rangers colour scheme.” – @KazakhV3

“Don’t know if it’s the most outlandish or anything, but an absolute favorite of mine is the G2 Combaticons/Bruticus. Simply can’t get enough of it” – @DarkLordZee

“It’s nearly a four-way tie among the G2 combiners for sheer awful color contrast, but I think G2 Bruticus wins for sheer brilliance.” – @mighty_orbot

“This absolute dudicus.” – @ScoutConvoy

#10: Unite Warriors Megatronia

“Megatronia is the first that comes to mind.” – @DBGTWasGood

#9: Generation 1 Piranacon

“This, and it’s making me sad that it’ll cost two kidneys and at least half a limb or two to put together the rest of the new ones. The originals shown here are a magnificent eyesore and I loved them.” – @drhicks76

#8: Generation 2 Stunticons (unreleased)

“G2 Motormaster still takes the cake for me.” – @stevepeconi

#7: Generation 2 ‘Tiger Stripe’ Grimlock (unreleased)

“The best one I can think of is one we never got, although I wish we had” – @TheSilentG

“A lot of G2 on this list, it was the one time TF wasn’t afraid to be as gawdy as possible and i feel it’s very underrated” – @HailKingCrimson

#6: Prime Dead End

“My favorite is Prime Deadend, hands down. Thats mainly what I like about him.” – @Killerewok76

#5: Generation 2 Go-Bot Soundwave

“I love him, and want a CHUG Soundwave redeco like this very much indeed.” – @auto_thots

#4: Masterpiece MP-10DC Convoy (Atmos Safari Duck Camo ver.)

“And you know what, the pink tyres, the print on the outside of his shins, the pied chest, it all somehow works! I mean, c’mon, PINK CHROME smokestacks‽ what a joy” – @ArrvlFrmCybrtrn

#3: Toys’R’Us Japan Exclusive ‘Giraffe Prime’

“I love him but his colours are cray cray.” – @tikgnat

#2: Generation 1 Action Master Exo-suit Thundercracker / SG Thundercracker

“Action Master THUNDERCRACKER feels like the designers simply shot a giant colour bomb on him and called it a day, and I love it.” – @TFone84

“Action master thundercracker comes to mind” – @John_0696

“The one I fought like HELL to get a modern version of out there YOU’RE WELCOME” – @MSipher

“Whatever was going on with SG Thundercracker.” – @_Kiehran

“Action Master Thundercracker surely?” @BoastfulManfish

“You know the correct answer is SG Thundercracker.” – @GuitarGirlAlex

“definitely not an original answer but SG Thundercracker, hes so ugly and horrible and i love it” – @Aphid_Queen

“*Insert joke about Action master Thundercracker here.*”@JKu28858338

“Action Master/Shattered Glass Thundercracker is the first one that I always think of lol Looks like he was a blank coloring page and little Timmy wanted to try out ALL of his new crayons on one picture” – @BreadBear27

“This has been said to death, but action Masters thundercracker. He was our only warning” – @DooM_Wave_

#1: G1 Devastator

“I think nearly any colour scheme becomes… just something you’re used to no matter how eye-searingly weird it was at the start. LIke it’s worth noting that one of the first decos created exclusively for Transformers was this monstrosity that we’re all just used to now.” – @asorohanart

So that’s our list! Did we miss any weird & wonderful colour schemes?


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