COUNTDOWN: 40 eye-searing Transformers colour schemes (part 1)

I love outlandish, bizarre Transformers colour schemes.

So much so that I was inspired to ask about them on Twitter the other day.

I was hoping for a good response, but nothing prepared me for what I got, including at least a few suggestions that I’d either forgotten about or had never seen before! So now, here are some of the best answers, presented with evidence of just how garish the suggestions are in each case.

#40: Titans Return Sentinel Prime

“Titans Return Sentinel Prime; Gawd damn, that’s a lot of orange!” – @Victormademe

#39: Beast Machines Silverbolt

Picture credit: TFW2005


#38: Knights of Unicron


“Knights of Unicron is a great set – I picked one up for the Conjunx for her birthday when we were first dating. Completely bonkers. It’s a shame we don’t get that sort of inventiveness from the convention exclusive sets these days.” – @TheLlamaGod

“Same answer with the Knights of Unicron. I was fortunate enough that a local store had one so I was able to pick it up without having to go hunting for it.” – @wereshnefer

#37: Generation 2 Breakdown

“G2 Breakdown. Thing is literally hard to look at.” – @FantogemeDan

#36: Generation 2 Megatron


“G2 megatron, the green I get but purple, where does that camouflage into?” – @ari_nutt

“I REALLY hate g2 Megatron. It wouldn’t be nearly as bad if his head fit with the pallets but it doesn’t and it drives me MAD” – @Sekhmet45257820

#35: Generation 1 Shining Magnus

“The Yellow Ultra Magnus. It’s just weird. The toy nicknamed P**s Magnus. You guys know the one I mean…” – @G1jfanclub

#34: Masterpiece MP-10ASL Convoy (Atmos Safari LEBRON ver.)


#33: Costco Energon Overload

Picture credit: TFW2005

“First thing that comes to mind for me (also kinda love it)” – @chrisjparvin

#32: Universe Menasor (unreleased)

Picture credit: The Spacebridge

“This Menasor, that’s actually supposed to be Motormaster/Motorbreath because of rights issues, repaint of Thunder Clash. Tfwiki describes it as “…a diametrically opposite kind of distasteful from Thunder Clash.” – @Ace_Requiem7

#31: Fall of Cybertron Bruticus (2012)

“I agree with the g2 and the Actionmasters, but I haven’t seen this brought up yet” – @borbprime

#30: Superlink Custom Grand Convoy

Picture credit: Transformers At The Moon

“at first I thought of that one Thundercracker toy… but then I remembered THIS thing.” – @TrueSwift56

#29: Timelines Toxitron


#28: Botcon Cindersaur

Picture credit: TFW2005


#27: Generation 2 Ramjet

“i have him still very bright” – @Tobias882795721

“For some reason, this color combination is one of my favorites – there’s just something about how it’s simultaneously a very dark and very bright scheme – making a cool color almost burn. It’s striking.” – @JasonSSchneider

#26: Universe Silverbolt

Picture credit: Transformerland


“If we were talking about inexplicably beautiful colour schemes then he’d be #1!” – @TheHauntedRobot

#25: Robot Masters Custom Colour Convoy

Picture credit: Transformers At The Moon

“Robot Masters Optimus Prime Lucky Draw” – @DiaBraveSid

“It’s a draw for me between Lucky Draw Robot Masters G1 Convoy, or Binaltech Meister ~MAYUKO IWASA Edition~. I suspect both were colored with crayons.” – @Pandacronic

“Crayola Convoy has to be up there” – @ToolalaJ

#24: Generation 2 Protectobots (unreleased)

“100% G2 protectobots. I am the biggest fan of garish colours but the way none of them match as a team really throws it off for me. The other g2 combiners have more colour cohesiveness” – @BeasBotBonanza

#23: Armada Terrorsaur


#22: Transformers 2010 Desert Ruins Brawl


#21: Universe Soundwave


Be sure to join us for part 2 soon!


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