COUNTDOWN: 25 MORE insanely awesome Marvel UK covers (part 2)

Despite the many and varied forms of Transformers media we’ve received in the decades since, the classic Marvel comic storyline continues to live rent-free inside my brain.

Why? Because it’s still one of the most epic depictions of the robots in disguise to this day, as evidenced by the wealth of fantastic cover artwork glimpsed over the 332 issues in the UK extended run. To prove that today, we’re running down 25 more insanely awesome examples on the back of our original list from a few years back.

There will be some SPOILERS ahead for the whole of the Marvel UK comic run!

Be sure to check out part 1 first in case you missed it.

#13: ISSUE #160 (Bryan Hitch)

Ultra Magnus is finally dug out from underneath a ton of solidified molten rock following a battle to the death with Galvatron. He quite clearly has some PTSD to contend with following his ordeal. So, of course, the Marvel comic portrays this in the most Transformers way possible by featuring a comic showing him being melted alive. The results are undeniably fantastic, especially with the legend that is Bryan Hitch on art duties!

#12: ISSUE #167 (Jerry Paris)

Part 1 of this rundown featured some awesome early Transformers art from industry heavyweight Jerry Paris. He’s back again for this epic showdown between Springer and the zombified corpse of his former friend and colleague Impactor, although the results are very different to his previous work! The Marvel Transformers comic was frequently full of stuff to give you nightmares, and this is no exception.

#11: ISSUE #172 (Bryan Hitch)

Another Bryan Hitch masterpiece here and a rare feature on this list for a cover only showcasing Transformers characters in vehicle mode. However, everything about this is just too wonderful not to give a second look, even down to the presumably intentional implication that Cyclonus and Scourge just decimated the GI Joe (or Action Force, if you’re British!) Sky Striker. A note inside the comic assured readers this wasn’t the case, but I dunno…

#10: ISSUE #200 (Lee Sullivan)

This 200th-issue extravaganza landed smack in the middle of the Time Wars saga, so it had to be suitably epic on both fronts. Lee Sullivan does not disappoint, as he expertly summarises the salient plot points in one beautiful wraparound cover. The front page is incredible, with the chest-bursting issue number being the kind of thing that doesn’t escape your memory during childhood. However, the more subtle touches, such as the Megatron shadow, make this one sing!

#9: ISSUE #203 (Andrew Wildman)

Time Wars boasted an incredible hit rate for amazing cover artwork, exemplified by our previous list also featuring two entries from the tale. This one might be more understated than some, but somehow it remains firmly lodged in the noggin for how superbly realised it all is. Andrew Wildman really was fantastic at showcasing some detailed robot body horror! True, the events depicted may not play out quite like this during the story itself, but this one still rocks.

#8: ISSUE #237 (Geoff Senior)

If we haven’t yet demonstrated it enough, the results are incredible any time Geoff Senior is on pencil duty. This beastly battle isn’t the most memorable moment of Transformers history within the pages of the issue itself, yet the cover makes it a full-blown epic worthy of your attention.

#7: ISSUE #240 (Andrew Wildman)

Whenever lovable rogues Darkwing and Dreadwind are involved, you know it will be a story worth checking out, and this cover sells precisely why. The hapless drunken pair spend this entire B-story entirely unaware of the looming return of the Mecannibals, as showcased here. Terrific, as always.

#6: ISSUE #300 (John Marshall/ Staz Johnson)

Another landmark issue, another gorgeous wraparound cover that looks like a poster! This grand scene takes loose inspiration from the storyline within and presents a sweeping battle between the good guys and the bad. The results are every bit as majestic as you’d hope.

#5: ISSUE #306 (Staz Johnson/ Robin Bouttell)

Towards the end of the comic’s run, the UK covers became more experimental, as demonstrated by this contemplative piece of Optimus Prime doing his best impersonation of Rodin’s The Thinker. Marvel’s Optimus was generally more cerebral and reflective than his cartoon counterpart, and this captures that beautifully.

#4: ISSUE #311 (Andrew Wildman)

Another trope of the latter-day UK covers was reprinted artwork used for the initial US run but recolouring it to look even more majestic. Where this Andrew Wildman beauty had already made quite the impression on #71 of the American book, here it’s given a lot more depth of colour and subtle shading, which is most noticeable in the background. It also no longer features Scorponok’s looming leg to the right, allowing the sombre moment of Optimus’ surrender to fully shine.

#3: ISSUE #319 (Geoff Senior)

As with our previous entry, this grand image originates from the US run, having been featured on the landmark #75. Here though, it’s given an entirely new colour job, and the results are night and day! You already knew this would be a story not to miss going into this one, and this cover immediately confirms why…

#2: ISSUE #328 (Andrew Wildman)

With just five issues left before the end of the run, the comic wasn’t losing steam at all, with this gorgeous Andrew Wildman piece showing you precisely what I mean. True, it may be a bit spoilery considering the story’s content, but who cares when the results look as great as this?

#1: ISSUE #332 (Andrew Wildman)

Our last entry (for now?) is surely one of the most enduring covers of the original run. As before, this has been recoloured from the US print of #80, although the differences are more subtle here. Either way, it’s a bold cover containing all the right elements to entice you about this story’s final chapter.

That’s our list! Did we miss any other amazing covers?


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