COUNTDOWN: 10 Generation 1 toys that deserve Retro reissue makeovers (part 2)

We’re back for the second part of our rundown of classic Generation 1 toys that deserve new ‘Retro’ reissues. What do we mean by that, exactly? Well, observe!

Any excuse to show off ol’ pink Hot Rod there! Yet there are plenty more vintage designs that could be (almost) as gorgeous, so here’s the second half of our list.

Be sure to check out part 1 in case you missed it.

#5: Wreck Gar

I’ll freely admit I was less than wowed the first time I clapped eyes on the 1986 Wreck-Gar toy. It was never one I’d owned as a kid, so I didn’t have that immediate sense of nostalgia to grease the process along. Equally, the specimen in question was unfortunately quite beaten up, with worn chrome, dreadful stickers, chipped paint, floppy limbs and a missing front wheel. Really, was he ever going to make a great first impression? Fast forward to picking up a mint copy in more recent years, and I couldn’t be more enamoured with it, as it’s a gorgeous design that deserves to be seen in tip-top condition! It’s also a terrific candidate for a potential Retro makeover, especially as it’s never been given a re-release or repaint of any kind.

The general look and feel of the toy are already not too far away from the animation, meaning that a few paint changes could seal the deal here. The most significant difference would be having a solid red chest instead of the chromed section, although it would be interesting to see how that would affect the look of the alternate form, too. Oh, and naturally, Wreck-Gar would need his signature moustache and beard at long last, which would surely make such a release a must-buy in many people’s eyes. Come on, Hasbro, dare to be stupid!

#4: Grimlock

The 1985 Grimlock design isn’t short of a few re-releases over the years, mostly during Generation 2, but almost always with a different colour scheme. However, the fact that we haven’t seen any of the Dinobots re-used for decades now has frequently prompted speculation about whether the moulds are even viable anymore, meaning that such a reissue might be out of the question to begin with. Still, I wonder what a modern makeover for Grimlock and the gang might look like, as I think it could breathe new life into this already stunning classic design.

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Again, all the right elements are there to make it work, as Grimlock’s animation model isn’t a million miles away from the basic design itself. Lose the decals, give him a blue visor, add more red on the hips and those signature tri-colour paint applications on the legs, and we’re already well underway! In fact, this might be one of the easier-to-imagine entries on this entire list, which may have everything to do with his origins in the earlier days of the cartoon in contrast to some of the more stylised movie originals. Beyond just Grimlock, imagine a line-up of Dinobots done in this style… including a cartoon-accurate blue Swoop!

#3: Cyclonus

Our first Decepticon on the list, and boy, this one is getting me excited just thinking about it! Cyclonus makes a surprisingly memorable turn in the 1986 film, considering that he barely speaks more than a single line of dialogue, which says everything about how undeniably cool his design is. The vintage toy captured a fair bit of that, even if the design did deviate in a few ways. Still, it wouldn’t take much to imagine how it could be given a new look as a Retro reissue, which would be most welcome considering we’ve never seen a re-release of the design ever since it’s last outing as a Targetmaster in 1987.

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First, the colour scheme would need a few tweaks, including a slightly different shade of purple for the main body. You would also need a slightly burnt pink for the thighs, hands and face, along with lighter, more saturated sections for the forearms and knees. Then, I’d expect to see orange highlights on the chest and waist and purple ‘ears’ instead of the classic grey found on most versions. Overall, it wouldn’t need too much, but the results could still be tremendous! Just no one ask about his ‘armada’, ok?

#2: Scourge

Where there’s Cyclonus, undoubtedly his best beardy weirdy pal can’t be far behind. Let’s be frank; Scourge’s design is ridiculous in so many ways, yet somehow, equal parts undeniably awesome. The vintage toy is every bit as absurd but does a surprisingly good job at recalling the animation to life, including that space soap bar alternate form. Sadly, like Cyclonus, it’s never been re-used or reissued outside of its 1987 Targetmaster upgrade, so the chances of suddenly seeing it happen now feel a little slim, to say the least. Still, one can’t help but imagine such a prospect, as it seems ripe for the treatment!

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On the whole, I don’t think you would even need to make that many edits to it. Lose the decals, give him a darker beard, some greyish-blue hands and thighs, add some colour to the waist and maybe darken the insides of the wings, and we’re pretty much there. Well, except for a few additional pink highlights, of course, including those all too important nails! Yep, I have zero idea how that could be accomplished, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most important features in making this one work. Get this man to a salon!


OK, I couldn’t very well not mention this little bugger, could I? Yes, Wheelie is a memorable enough presence in the 1986 film that leaving him out here would feel like an oversight of sorts. That said, the classic toy is far from one of my favourites. In fact, it has the dishonour of being one of the only G1 toys I can legitimately say I’m not very fond of. Would it be interesting to see a Retro reissue? Admittedly yes. Would I be likely to pick up such a thing? As much as it pains me to say it, yes. Would I be content if it never comes to pass? Also, yes. 

#1: Galvatron

For our final entry, we come to not only one of the most potentially exciting toys on this list but also one with one of the most significant chances of actually being possible! Yes, G1 Galvatron is a fantastic design, and given that it was last used by Takara as recently as 2006, it feels like it shouldn’t be entirely off the table when it comes to receiving further reissue attention. True, the 1986 toy deviates from the animation model in several ways, most noticeably the head design. Yet there is some precedent here, given that we already had an impressively purple re-release back in 2005. Does that preclude a modern Retro take from happening? Well, not in my opinion, as although that version was stunning in its own right, it opted for the more lavender hues often favoured by Takara instead of the deep, almost aubergine-like style seen in the cartoon.

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Otherwise, the rest of the colour palette required speaks for itself, especially touches such as the red highlights, dark greys and the solid orange arm cannon. It may not end up being a million miles away from the previous Takara attempt, but for my money, it would still be a worthwhile effort and something I would certainly love to behold.

So that’s our list! Did we miss any great candidates for a Retro release?


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