COUNTDOWN: 16 Generations & Studio Series toy updates that need to be seen!

It’s been another week of hot toy reveals, especially with the Hasbro Pulse Fanstream providing tons of new information just the other day! There’s a lot to look forward to on the horizon, and with pre-orders already live for most of it, here’s a rundown of the latest Generations and Studio Series updates!

#16: Studio Series Wheelie

One of the smallest figures to be unveiled recently, Core Class Wheelie is likely something that owners of Studio Series Grimlock will rejoice about! Yes, if you were dissatisfied with the pack-in version of the character with that release, this transformable toy may just be the answer, especially considering how well it captures his spirit. It was demonstrated on the Fanstream that the new design is roughly the same size as the G1 1986 original figure, and of course, he features his slingshot as seen in the animated film. Not everyone will be convinced by the robot-mode hands hanging off the back of the car, but considering how small he is, I think he turned out pretty neat.

#15: Studio Series Laserbeak

Revealed on the Fanstream, Core Class Laserbeak is a new mould, despite clearly being modelled after the movieverse Bumblebee. It is, of course, a nod towards Dark of the Moon, where the avian Decepticon inexplicably changes into a more child-friendly pink form. This figure instead transforms into a recognisable licensed Camaro alternate form. Though this is the first official sighting of the new toy, we have already seen a few leaked promotional pictures too, but either way, it looks pretty in pink! Should we expect a yellow repaint? I’d say that’s a given.

#14: Legacy Deadend

One figure we’ve seen a bit of before but got a fresh look at during the Fanstream was Deadend, which will be the fourth in the ongoing Stunticon series to be released. The toy’s approximation of a Porsche 928 alternate mode was shown off, alongside its ability to store the twin hand blasters to the rear. We also saw how the vehicle form can be plonked onto Menasor’s arm and then split apart using the rather nifty combination gimmick, which many are looking forward to experiencing before too long. One element that has caused a fair bit of conversation is the obvious yellow stripe running along the car, which did not feature in the character’s animation appearance in the ’80s. Some have already said they’re disappointed to see it in place, but there’s no doubt it adds a nice pop of colour, too! Just Breakdown to go now, then…

#13: Studio Series Rumble (blue)

Another Fanstream reveal was a new Studio Series Rumble (or is it…) design, now represented in Core Class. It looks as though the arms may not articulate at the elbows but, considering the scale, it has to be commended just how much the team have managed to pack into this one, with the character’s guns and piledrivers all represented. Given the tiny format, it also seems he will work inside the chests of recent Soundwave and Blaster toys, so that’s exciting! Look out for the inevitable Frenzy (or is it…) repaint soon, then.

#12: Legacy Crankcase

We’ve seen shots of Crankcase before, but the Fanstream treated us to a few extra details about this design. Of course, it’s a partial retool of the Skids mould, which designer Mark Maher has explained was especially challenging as he was committed to somehow incorporating the classic Triggercon gimmick. Ultimately, that ended up being a pair of fold-out cannons hidden inside the robot mode shoulders, which nicely calls back to the 1988 toy without needing an expensive motorised gimmick of any kind. Additionally, the front grill pops off and becomes a handheld blaster. Mark has also mentioned that as much as he loved the character’s ‘shaven-headed’ appearance in the IDW comics, he wanted to do the original toy justice here.

#11: Legacy Armada Starscream

Plenty of fans are super excited to see more Armada or Unicron Trilogy influence in Generations, so there’s understandably a lot of hype around this upcoming Starscream toy. The Fanstream allowed us to see more of the design in action, including the twin flip-out cannons and the two swords, where designer Mark Maher talked about how the colour of the red version seen above is likely to change. Meanwhile, Ben MacCrae from the marketing team hinted that this may be the first of many Armada-inspired designs we see in Legacy, potentially with more next year in celebration of the line’s twentieth anniversary. Watch this space.

#10: Studio Series Ratchet

Though we’ve seen images of Core Class Ratchet before, we were treated to a fresh look and some new info on the Fanstream. Designer Evan Brooks essentially confirmed plans to repaint this design into Ironhide in the future (to little surprise!) but also stated how this figure was intended to work alongside other Core Class designs, such as Kingdom Optimus Prime. Evidently, Hasbro likes the scale and plans on filling out a miniature cast as they go.

#9: Studio Series Ironhide

Ironhide has, of course, been seen quite a bit already, with leaked copies making it into various hands and numerous photos and videos being shared online. Still, it’s great to admire the official promo photography and hear more details about the design process behind the figure, especially as the team is clearly proud of what they have achieved. Designer Evan Brooks talked about how they intended this toy to be immediately different from the recent Earthrise release by eliminating the need for partsforming. This also explains why it’s been upped to a Voyager class price point despite not being any bigger in robot form, to take account of all the extra parts and engineering required. It was also mentioned that they wanted Ironhide to be the ‘correct’ height in robot mode, even if it meant the resulting van form was slightly undersized in terms of real-world scale. There’s been an incredible amount of discourse on this design already, but for my money, I think it looks great.

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