GALLERY: Diaclone Warudalegion Ripper – Dark Cathode

Welcome to the full gallery for the TakaraTomy Diaclone DA-87 Warudalegion <Ripper/Dark Cathode Type>. You can get him right now on TFSource!

This incredible figure has multiple mech modes such as the full “Ripper”, or even “Headless” which is exactly what it sounds like, as well as a “Hanger Raider” fighter mode, and the awesome “Flying V”, plus it comes with a Warudaroid pilot and a stack of awesome accessories. The gallery will start with the simpler modes and progress to the fully assembled “Ripper”.

Every image thumbnail below can be opened in this tab, or as a new image for full-size viewing. So, just click to view in this tab, or right-click and select “Open image in new tab”.

Let ‘er rip!

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