COUNTDOWN: 125 Transformers tweets from JUNE that need to be seen! (part 3)

It’s the end of another month which can mean only one thing – it’s high time to round up the very best that Transformers Twitter had to offer!

As ever, they’re presented vaguely in date order, although only very loosely!! The idea is to showcase and celebrate all the creativity within the fandom, so it’s really not a competition or popularity contest of any kind. Enjoy!

Be sure to check out part 1 and part 2 in case you haven’t seen them yet.


Good golly, this is just exceptional.


Fantastic stuff.


OK, I chuckled at Sgt. Onslaughter.




Agreed, the potential for these was never quite met on-screen, in my opinion.


Classic Dev.


Who doesn’t love a scale chart?


I’ve never seen anything more precious than that Snarl!


Something about these two.


Through the mask though?


Where else can you learn about the teachings of Primus?


Cracking work.


I’m surprised we all made it through a week or so with no TFWiki!


Strong suggestions.




Oh, Jazz.


Notes of sarcasm detected.


It was definitely Goldbug’s month.


This movie had a lot to say.


I mean, I can’t argue.


This happens but once every forty years or so!


Exceptional custom work, as ever.


I didn’t think I could anticipate Masterpiece Shouki more…


Oh, SS Brawn interacts with Diaclone Dia-Nauts? And suddenly he’s essential.


It’s mad to me that Detritus isn’t more of a staple repaint.


In an alternate universe…


The funny thing is that if you run a podcast with him, he never bloomin’ stops speaking about it.


Attn 3P companies.


What year is it?






This entire thread is a must-read.




He always was a pick-up truck.


I love this style of this.


Good night, sweet prince.


Compelling viewing.


Dialogue for the ages.


This is a nine-second clip and I lost count of the animation errors.


OK, so SS Brawn is really essential then, huh?




An idea that I never would have thought of!

So that’s our list! Did we miss any great tweets?


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