COUNTDOWN: MP-57 Skyfire – everything to know! (part 2)

We’re halfway through 2022 and one thing is certain: it’s an exciting time to be a Transformers Masterpiece collector.

I say that without a whiff of hyperbole as the sheer range of incoming product is simply breathtaking at present, with all manner of exciting robots soon to descend on us (although perhaps our wallets may not be so happy about it!).

Of the current slate, one of the biggest standouts is surely the previously-teased MP-57 Skyfire, a high-end representation of one of the largest non-combiner Autobots from the 1980s cartoon and a character that has gone on to become a fan-favourite in the years since.

So today, let’s take a deep dive and check out everything this hot new product has to offer!

Be sure to check out part one first, in case you missed it!

#12: The transformation appears to be quite straightforward

Masterpiece releases often get critiqued for being overly complicated to transform, but something tells us that won’t be a complaint levelled at Skyfire! As the video above shows, it appears as though this large lad has a reasonably straightforward scheme to move him between modes, so fingers crossed it makes for a fun experience in hand.

#11: The robot mode seems to be similar in height to FansToys Phoenix

As one of the more sizeable Autobots from the original cartoon, you’d expect the Masterpiece representation of Skyfire to be on the larger side of things! MP-57 is touted as being 35cm tall, which at least puts him vaguely in line with the major third-party competition, FansToys Phoenix. That figure is 35cm to the top of the head (with the backpack going a bit over), so time will tell just how the two toys sync up at eye level. I’d expect TakaraTomy’s to be just shy of its unofficial rival but still plenty large enough to make a dent in your display!

#10: The range of articulation appears to be superb

One area where toys like FansToys Phoenix most definitely won’t be able to compete is in the articulation stakes, especially as MP-57 appears to be boasting a far superior range of joints and functional movement. Despite there apparently being no waist swivel on offer, this one is shaping up to be a fun ‘bot to pose overall.

#9: The robot mode features numerous opening panels, including on the head

The opening panels continue to the robot mode where, in a homage to the cartoon episode Fire on the Mountain, you can set up MP-57 as though he’s in urgent need of repair, it seems! This includes the cockpit on his chest and areas such as the top of his head, which is intriguing.

#8: The rifle can be held in both hands

In addition to the superb articulation on offer, one nifty feature that’s always fun to see on Masterpiece ‘bots is the ability to hold a rifle with both hands and look natural doing so. MP-57 has you covered in that regard!

#7: Or mounted on his backpack

We’ve already seen that you can mount the rifle on the top of MP-57’s jet mode, but it appears that the same port can be utilised for some robot mode armament too. Nifty!

#6: The blast effect pieces work with the rifle and backpack too

As expected, those same blast effect pieces seen on the jet mode thrusters can also be applied for a dab of robot mode posing or used on the end of the rifle as another option.

#5: There are some additional faces

Additional faces are somewhat expected on Masterpiece toys, and MP-57 is no different, with three options for the default face altogether. However, the face design has come in for a bit of critique, with a fair few fans not yet convinced that it sufficiently captures the character as seen on screen. Here’s hoping it will win over people in hand!

#4: Including a homage to the original Jetfire toy

Finally, another option for the face is a battle mask of sorts! No doubt most will recognise this as a clear homage to the G1 Jetfire toy (again, a repainted version of a Macross Valkyrie), but another nod is possibly going on here, too. Believe it or not, Jetfire was very briefly seen in an animated form more akin to that original figure in an early 1980s television advert, the head design for which bears at least a passing resemblance to what we now see on MP-57…

#3: He features a switching factions gimmick as a nod to the cartoon

The final gimmick on offer with MP-57 is undoubtedly one of the most memorable nods to the character’s history, as Skyfire (and Jetfire in the comics) rather infamously starts out siding with the Decepticons before very quickly realising that he’s better aligned with the Autobots. In the cartoon, this moment comes towards the end of Fire in the Sky, as he tears the evil emblem from his chest and proudly displays his new allegiance in defiance of Megatron. What a lad.

#2: It’s available for pre-order now!

So, needless to say, MP-57 is looking pretty damn hot! And yes, he’s available to pre-order right now, should you wish. It’s going to be a long wait until February next year…

#1: It looks to be another amazing toy of the character

Finally, the toy appears to be another example of how incredibly well-served Jetfire/ Skyfire has been in toys over the years. There’s already been the usual round of some collectors clamouring to territorially claim one version as being superior over the others, but for my money, MP-57 looks rather outstanding on his own merit and joins previous attempts in setting a high standard for the character overall. Can’t wait!

So that’s our list! Are you excited about MP-57 Skyfire?


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