COUNTDOWN: 175 Transformers tweets from May that need to be seen! (part 1)

Can you believe it’s pressing on towards June already? Summer may be almost upon us, but in the meantime, we have plenty more fabulous Transformers-related tweets to celebrate from the last month!

As ever, they’re presented vaguely in date order, although only very roughly. The idea is to showcase and celebrate all the creativity within the fandom, so it’s really not a competition or popularity contest of any kind. Enjoy!


Let’s kick off with a biggie! Don Figueroa is a legendary Transformers artist who surely needs little introduction. The great news is that he’s back on Twitter and already pumping out an incredible amount of eye-catching art that simply has to be seen. There are a couple of examples here, but go give him a follow for more… much more!


That insurance advert gave us a glimpse into a world that could have been.


I mean, how could you not be?


I love everything about this. It’s perfection.


Josh’s Beast Wars art never fails to amaze… especially when the subject is as glorious as this!


A necessary part of any collection, surely?


No lies were detected.


I just recently acquired the Japanese version of Crosswise myself and it has to be said that this art slaps hard!


Toy-style Megatron is always a delight!


OK, so the pose on this is astonishingly good.


Can you name them all?


Tell me you didn’t look at this and hear “The Touch” almost immediately.


Also fairly adorable.


See above. Bless him!


It doesn’t transform? Well, that takes the cake.


Sat here genuinely pondering this now.


It works!




I love toy shops like this.


Something about red, white and blue, eh?


Rampage, is that you?



But why?



I see Omega Spreem, I share it.


Line-up shots like this are surprisingly hard to do and this is excellent.




One of the best Primes.


The Skyfire picture really got me.


Speaking of! And yes, it’s very cute.


G2 Starscream’s colours are always welcome.





I can remember laying eyes on this cover when it was first released and it’s still nightmare fuel all these years later.


See above about group shots!


Who doesn’t love Arcee?



No, but they should!




Oh yes, please!


I could stare at this for some time and still find things to be impressed by. Amazing.


Who’s the real royalty?


Robots with capes… there’s something about it.

Be sure to check out part 2!


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